And MoES said; Let there be nursery school

#UGBlogWeek  #Day1

I grew up in Jinja, matter of fact I studied my pre-primary and primary levels of this education transit there. I will lean more on my time in nursery school. I attended a nursery school there called “Jinja Sunbeam nursery school (any OB or OG here??!)” you’d think the sun rose and set there and yes that is what our dear headmistress fed us on at every class gathering. Now truthfully speaking I don’t know what i did in nursery school apart from deep my tiny short fingers in green liquid and place them on a paper which earned me 95% and a sticker on my forehead, sit in a room with a bunch of many other kids, some playing crybaby mode, some aerating the room with the scent of “pupu” only to be checked and be found guilty of turning their panties into toilets, some would pinch…. Ohh the Pinch….

About that there was this girl, let us name her Nalweyiso. She was terribly short with no future hope of growing taller than an elf, she was beautiful with a baby face; one that endeared the teachers, she had long hair like she was half-blood so teachers still swarmed around her. Now she was the girl that always came to school in her daddy’s car (smiles), ushered out only to show off her kiwi polished shoes, neatly ironed yellow uniform with the new bag hanging at her back. She seemed to want to only make friends with nice looking kids (kekeke). Now Nalweyiso liked to sit at the back of the class and two weeks into middle class, there came a boy, he seemed to be so timid and always showed up in green trousers (not the fitting kind lately) and a green short sleeved shirt—this was his look every day… So mr. green boy was given a seat at the back of the class as well next to her queen self—Nalweyiso…Two days later and Nalweyiso could not keep her hands to herself, they itched for tactility—she was gifted in the art of Pinching… She pinched so hard, she would twist her mouth even her body angle to administer a pain onto the receiver. She also pinched me by the way… mssteeww. Therefore on a daily, Mr. green boy fed on her pinches in all parts mostly his calf, thighs and butt. Bambi poor boy would spend most of his time suffocating the cries he would rather have wanted to scream out loud (Boys don’t cry). When a teacher usually came to seek about his discomfort; the look Nalweyiso cast him was enough to make him shudder and shake his head painfully negative. Mr. green boy decided he had had enough of the bullying so one time as everyone held onto file folders that held their report cards in a haste to find their parents on graduation day as champions that qualified to go to P1, he walked up to her pulled at her white dress (that tore) and punched her in the abdomen. So miss snob me cried all the way home on my graduation day…. (HAHAHA guess I deserved it)

Now for real, I don’t know what I learnt in nursery. Because still in primary 1, we sang A, B, C, D…….. and  a, e, I, o……. (ah am dozing already)… I swear School made me no better… Lately i hear the fees can go as high as a million (hmm this evolution though)—Kale if my parents had given me that money back then, i would have started up an animal farm and at 6years—I would be a Muhanga…… 😛


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