What If Passion Burns out?

So what do you do if you find out your passion is wearing thin?
Adopt a new routine.
Usually one of the reasons people start to feel a nudging distance and disinterest from their jobs, usually the waves of routine have made their big feet visible.
*Imagine if you have to wake up an hour earlier because 6:30am has to find you enroute to work lest the inevitable hands of jam keep you chained and you keep doing this for a year, by the time the next year clocks, it has become just another job that you show-up at because you want your boss to see your name checked into the attendance book or because you need the salary otherwise the bills shall pile up higher than your laundry basket.
Practice a craftsman mindset
Stop asking yourself whether the decision you made to follow your passion is right or not. If you decided to drop all else for it, it can never be wrong. Now start to change your mindset and that comes with attitude.~~ A craftsman’s mindset acknowledges that no matter what field I am in, success is always about quality and it is my quality. Once you’re focused on the quality of the work you’re doing rather than whether or not it’s right for you, you won’t hesitate to do what is necessary to improve it.
Practice the pause
I saw this as a message on one of the Whats-app groups I am member. To practice the pause requires that when everything is a whirlwind, pause–suck in your breath. When your books aren’t balancing as they should, before you close shop, Pause! Before you break a heart because rumors allege he is cheating, Pause! The pause helps us evacuate irrationality.
Take a trip/Va-cay off your work
Not only do i recommend this, but it is mind relaxing to see something else other than what your eyes are accustomed to. I like to take walks to different places for relaxing’s sake and 2 weeks back, i took a walk through Butabika(no laptop, nothing work related), just a book to jot down a few descriptions and my phone –for scene photography. And i have never felt any freedom, any healing. This calm place calmed my deepest tempests and we all need this very often because meditation and reflection are set more in pace within calm quiet places.
Learn a new skill
Many of these offices have WiFi, don’t watch the movies from back to back. Learn a language, learn a cooking method, listen to these podcasts( surprisingly there are many brilliant people across the globe and YouTube has freely offered to bring them closer to us. Learning something new doesn’t only increase dopamine in your body but also gives you leverage. There is no way you are going to detest your job if each day presents a learning opportunity.
Involve people in what you do/Have a social life.
Lately, all we have is relationships with our gadgets. It isn’t bad but research has proven, we unintentionally become loners. Your passion is probably running thin because you have no physical relationships with people that are going to encourage you o be the best version of you. Behavior is learned, yes that is why many people on these social media platforms have pictures with standing poses of legs as if crippled, the dub and all and yet to behave, to build a better brand of you, to detach oneself from boredom is by relating with actual people–You are single and still you don’t want to mingle, you. About time you had a social life.
Whom or what you set out to love was never a wrong choice. A marriage loses its sparks when both partners stop dancing the tango. Equally, your passion dies if it is not fed. A guitarist will not learn two keys and expect to beat Charmant Mushanga at a jazz maestro.
Have a rage to never give up on your passion let alone say it has gotten boring. If it has, then you let it!! Follow your passions.. Keep them lighting.. It is never wrong!

*If you have anything to add in a blog. Comment with link and i will be very glad to read you!

The 10th Snatch~`Part 2


I have wanted to continue Roland’s story because i feel there is much intrigue to it than meets the eye!! This is part 2, Read Episode One to know the whole plot twist and where you can join in. Its #UgBlogWeek~~Chain stories episode!!



People tend to say, 38 is all you gat and 39 will always get you arrested but hardly half-way through my luck and i am regretting why i didn’t take heed to what the charlies’ had said. I can hear her screaming. Damn woman has been screaming since the flash second i snatched this giggling smurf from her bosom.

I have never been one to abscond to fear but here, running destination-less(well atleast for now), my heart is pounding in my chest, my eyes are stricken and i have started attracting looks of suspense on those faces that seem to never have run with their children on the streets– on after thought, i decide against this whole running idea and settle for walking or else i shall be in a police cell like that camera-obsessed Dilman was last week.

I slow my pace and even stop to thrust the laughing thing into the air just for people watching me to blow a phew. See i am an ordinary person its just that i have girls trailing me like i am a prize to win(which i am but right now i am keeping all these factors constant as i ponder which one of these campus novices would agree to sneak a baby who is now suckling its finger into their hostels. I decide to stop by that new place 2k restaurant to get this baby to eat food–not that i care, [i dislike emotions, they are overrated]. I just want this chubby saliva oozing thing to have its fill lest it starts wailing for its mummy. I wonder whether to stash it under the table but then, i have been promised a good USD. 1000~~ It is flourishing business unusual for me. I snicker because my realistic plans shall be achieved as soon as i hand in “chubby”. I make up my mind to call Regina–she has been sending me sweet nothings and telling me to engage on #PostYourQueen hoping it would be her i post and tell the world about but thing is, on my priority pyramid, she is at 998 but today, i need her and she wouldn’t let me down, atleast not black-short Regina.

As i dial the number and look-up to scrutinize “chubby”, i stop mid-way:

Chubby has pricked ears!! 

Damn—I loudly hit the table a waiter runs up to me. This isn’t going as planned!!



#UgBlogWeek: Memoirs Of Love

The greatest love that has crossed man’s eye isn’t one of butterflies running around your stomach or goosebumps growing on arms.

Much less, it isn’t one that steals kisses in the dark of the night or stealthily touches parts private.

It has never been about enviable PDA nor sharing a glass of wine at the same spot.




Love in all its fullness is the mystery of what beheld the cross

When the person of God inhabited the human form and took the walk of shame amidst squandering words and 5 days hatched spittle.

When blood from a sarcastic beating kissed the very pine, cedar and cypress he had put to existence.

In that moment when Heaven turned away and silence filled the earth.

Love is not the comforting words from a mere human that announces his love to get remarks of awwh and a few tears sprawling down the cheeks of a cheering crowd

Love is not what the public shall feed on, it is the vows of integrity and chastity put to test in private~~ where it is void of light and temptation looms brightest.

Love is knowing that when darkness covered the earth, God cried!

It is knowing that when the Heavens rumbled, it was a sign of a disgruntled lover not willing to give up a part of his soul that had been snatched the day, the council had agreed “Let us make man in our very own image”.

See the most un-debatable truth is this;

It is one thing to stumble upon love but a totally different thing to have molded the person with whom you fall in love with.

With every curve to your being and all the flaws and scars that you keep pinching at in disdain, He said “I will love you to the end of time and not even the gates of hell shall prevail against this love”.                                                                                                                         With His heart, He has unconditionally given us a promise;


Nothing can separate you and I~~Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.  No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.


**At this point, i am teary-eyed but what is a day of Love without a few tears?? If you want to continue this story, go ahead– It is the #UgBlogWeek–Chain stories edition. I will be glad to read you… Notify me in the comments section.. *Hugs











#UgBlogWeek~ I painted my Valentine Red

Continuing this chain after Shanita that Lynn started~~ Part 3


Dear Valentine,

How i Love you

Don’t you make my nuerones tingle

A single sight of you has a way it disorganizes my organisis

You have a way you fold your index finger onto mine

And just that… I swear just that could have me conquer the world.

I heard you sing this morning as you made that omelet with broccoli soup

Then is when i made up my mind;

I needed to share my idea with you!

My sunset lover,

I can almost see the excitement on your face

You are the way you are because you imagine i am about to clutch my stomach and dash for the washroom

This idea is not like the rest.

In-fact, it is going to sup the red out of those roses you hold.

Is that worry embedded in your eyes?

Mppss… don’t worry much

I will be quickly forgotten like grounds on which you stepped yesterday

My idea, amidst these chocolate-y kisses, lavish hugs and endless cuddling is,

I think we can’t go on anymore

Yes i said i wanna be yours forever and i meant every word~~ BUTwoman-walking-away-from-man

You are just too heavenly good for me

Not that i distrust you but i can’t help notice the other girls stare you up while they roll their eyes down on me

I mean look at me,

I don’t know the next thing about mascara, lip-gloss and face lifts

My heels have so many cracks we have attempted to remove

I am sorry valentine but this is me saving myself from a very obvious future heartbreak

You will heal quickly this i am sure of

But if you don’t, remind yourself that if i let you go, possibly you weren’t mine!!

Isn’t red the color of love? It could also be the color for heartbreak… Continue this chain if you may!!

Latte Art

Time check~12:12am. I am insomniatically awake as i have been the past few days. For some reason, my sleep is far-fetched. I writhe and turn in bed sleepless– Not that my heart has been stolen by a lover; Nope! It is just incredulously stubborn-my sleep i mean.

I have been upto alot of writing short-narratives about every little thing that meets my eye. But that has been happening on other social media platforms and not this one!!

So tonight, i shall share with you what is keeping me awake!!– How to make latte art.


This year, i want to have plenty of exclamations coming my way from my family and friends–I want to be the domestic barista!!. Now that i announced that, i can go back to scrolling through these YouTube videos. I shall leave snaps i took here.


The End..