Joogoo’s Made It To My Blog!

Today morning, I was awakened by the persistent crow from Joogoo. Joogoo is a roaster. A neighbor’s roaster. Aside from the chairman, this roaster is the most famous. He walks very bossily, showing off streaks of feathers protruding from where he poops. His comb is a fiery red that stands out very boldly when he decides to adopt the crane’s pose.

His feathers are between black, brown, a shade of white and a bit of purple-ish reddish!! He belongs to Mr. Ssali.. Mr Ssali is something close to a farmer, its just that his kind loves to dig. You can tell a person that is doing it precariously and one that will carry his hoe on his shoulder with such pride–Like it is a new found blonde. He asks around to help dig gardens, trim compounds or just care for the banana plantations. He hates it when the garden is “shabby”, dry leaves about, banana fibers protruding just anyhow.

Everyone around home talks about Joogoo and it looks like hens equally want a share of him. He only chases after them for 30 seconds and they will be cloying under him. Mr. Ssali says Joogoo is a pirate of sorts-he has escaped death and kidnap several times. This he usually narrates to kids that attempt running after Joogoo.. They never get him and this has birthed in him a pride very nonsensical. It shows in how he walks, in how he stays put even when someone shows him he is unwanted in a particular place, it also shows in how he crows.. SMH

I am not one to mind Joogoo really because I mean, everyone else gives him such importance like he is kingly. Maybe I would mind as much if he were headless like the historic mike. And I think he has noticed everyone else accords him exaggerated importance but me.. So today’s morning, my alarm didn’t ring at the usual 5:30am and so I slept on until 6:25am but I woke up only because Joogoo crowed like it was the last day he was doing so. Beside my window, he went on and on and freakn on—I wondered whether he had flown over the perimeter wall, squeezed under the gate or just supernaturally found himself there. How in Heaven was he there?

He literally screamed so loud that I thought to myself “Mr Ssali needs to take time off and actually help Joogoo deal with his ego. It is eating him up, slowly he is becoming a nag. Somebody is going to send armed boda boda chicken after him and Mr. Ssali will lose his only companion”.

See Mr. Ssali will eat beans and greens all year long– these he asks from the owners of the gardens in which he digs) than slaughter his Joogoo. I am sure because Mr. Ssaali will not eat him, man people spend their days dozing out… Sleeping out.. Having one lazy day at their places of work!

But look at me writing a full post on Joogoo.. Guess he is famous after all because he made it to my timeline-both in narrative and his award-winning photo.


This is Joogoo. I am sure his pride makes him think he can be a crested crane too!! He won’t run even when you come threateningly close to him!! This Chicken needs a DC!!

Tell Me About Your Prophet!

He who receives a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet’s reward~~Mathew 10:41


My Prophet is Elvis Mbonye. I met or actually got to know about him way back in 2013. Those days, fellowship was hosted at Open House on Buganda road. My mom also got know about him through a friend and when she first went there, the worship took her to heaven. That was her turning point. Never again did she spend Tuesdays fwaa. She had received heavenly plot. So since her daughter was a fresher at Campus and was doing a lot of idling after lectures, she invited her(me) there. Fellowship,in this case the idea of church on a Tuesday didn’t seem fancy or even welcome. I didn’t want to be labeled “thou art soo holy”. So I came up with all sorts of excuses really.

Her next baits are ones that moved me actually. She said this fellowship was frequented by only corporate men and since we were now in the age to date officially, these men sold out to Christ would be an ideal choice(Insert laugh). When I shared this idea to my roommate and best-friend Daisy, her excitement almost blew our hostel roof off. Mom had equally said, every Tuesday, transport and any other miscellaneous charges were on her account. This was a great deal. So the next Tuesday, we were set to attend– to see these men and to get pocket money!!

When Daisy and I walked into open house the next Tuesday, the first thing that hit us was how our clothes didn’t fit in here.. My God, the people that came here were very corporately smart, legit and the English was more Britain than Ugandan. They even looked more taller which made us feel like midgets.. We stayed by the door a while until an usher walked toward us. She smiled so beautifully and asked “is it your first time to come fellowship with us?”, We affirmed. She then hugged us, handed us a bottle of mineral water each, envelopes and walked us to our seats. We felt like VIP. That is when the music started playing.. I have never felt so much heaven in one place… I wondered whether I was attending a jazz concert. This music was so good.. The kind that you only find at pompous concerts and tea parties. But here it was in church!! As a lover of such music, this was the bit my heart was first wooed into this unusual atmosphere.

In walked Prophet.. He took a seat at the front as the choir carried on in high praises and later worship. In all honesty, when Prophet preached first, I didn’t get a thing. People around me laughed at jokes I either didn’t get or didn’t find funny.(Like I missed it like that).. Meanwhile, Daisy had a strong bias. This is a story she even no-longer wants to tell… Like how???

We came not very often, only on days when we wanted that financial boost from mom. We got into service halfway the sermon and in a few minutes, Prophet would conclude. And off we would go.. No word whatsoever. Just a tad more rich to buy promotional pizza. We spent a whole semester void of this place.. We weren’t buying into any profusely tongue-speaking people… However, the next time we went, fellowship had shifted to Labonita and the number of people in attendance had increased. When Prophet preached that day, we wanted more. Back at hostel, we mediated on how silly we were to have spent the time we spent upholding ego and naivety. So when next Tuesday came, we scampered to Labonitah. The numbers of people attending started sky-rocketing. The word every Tuesday became bread so it didn’t matter whether we sat on the stairs or in the carpeted corridor.. (We hoped for a prophesy from the Man of God).

Since then, I don’t remember ever missing Zoe fellowship. (Well save for the times, Internship in Gulu called–those school things!!)

What are some of the things that intrigue you about Prophet Elvis?

His lifestyle…. My God, you should listen to his kind of inconveniences!! 

His laugh… I could hear him laugh and I would go on a roll… His jokes…. My God his jokes are spiritually funny. Like you will laugh with no conviction whatsoever.

I am equally intrigued by how he has sought the face of God diligently without letting obstacles deter him and every Tuesday, he is sharing a principle on how to get intimate with God. Over time we have seen leaders of spiritual institutions keep to themselves certain principles to live a fully satisfied life—maybe because they think when they exhaust everything, their flocks will then leave them but like Daisy likes to say—‘If you know your spiritual stand with God, why should you be worried about people leaving your church? Like why would you care about numbers unless you are motivated by stagnation and selfishness?”

The reason people love Prophet Elvis(ohh yeah, you have no option but love Papa) is because long before, people have been looking for a deeper perspective of who God is and lo and behold—God anoints a man that shall be/is his mouthpiece.

I like when he boasts.. See boasting is not bad,, depends what about or in whom you boast!! I have learnt to boast about the things God does whether for me or the people around me.. Like yeahh… My life is on a another level because I know who I am and whose I belong to.

How has prophet Elvis Changed your life?

First off, I shall state that he is my Spiritual father… Now as a child, you learn by imitation and who better to imitate than a man that has coffee talks with our savior?(If I may put it).

Before Prophet Elvis, I read the bible for religion’s sake. I am quite sure the angels rolled their eyes and told me I was missing the point(Which of-course I couldn’t hear)..Like the scriptures Prophet reads now, I HAVE READ BEFORE but my God!! I missed the revelation they carried. All that while.. It is baffling how he will explain a scripture that you read before… Like my God—I want this kind of spirituality.

I could write forever about my spiritual father because I love him very much♥♥.. he is a gift… And gifts are not to be taken lightly…. My story can’t be written without entangling it to his. I love God♥♥♥♥ with an obsession only known to him and I. It is a good feeling to be in love and its most rewarding if it is with the Lord God most high.

People that bring an impact that forever changes your life are worth celebration and today, being his birthday, I thought back to how I met this man that is very unapologetic about the anointing he carries because this very anointing is shaking the city that once reeked of religiousness or should I say “spiritual” hypocrites that are against the very revival they prayed for!!… For more insight, refer to Prophets and Prophesy and Does The World Need Prophets?

Happiest Birthday to My Prophet Elvis Mbonye. I celebrate Him today!!

Ah me my life is no-longer one of fwaaa…. Everything, I see with the spiritual eyes and this is like the coolest thing ever… I am Heaven’s Spectacle. The very Remnant Of God.

P.S–>> Hi Reader, tomorrow fellowship is on at Kyadondo Rugby grounds, .. bYE!!♥♥♥♥♥

Does The World Need Prophets?~Part 2

In my opinion yes! Very, very much.

The scripture in Ephesians 4: 11 (KJV)says–And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers. ! So yes, if they are mentioned in the scriptures, then Prophets have a role to play in the lives of people.

Like I stated in Prophets and Prophesy, Prophets have revelatory abilities. The Prophet’s office is one of the chiefest because they are men of marvelous wisdom. They reveal that which the Lord intends for a nation, a city and a person.

Prophets in the old age revealed what was to come and saved nations and people’s lives. This statement does not in anyway disqualify the prophets of this new age. If you have been blessed enough to hear from a prophet, you will see that whatever they prophesy, unto people, those things happen.

What if you had chance to know what would happen to you tomorrow, would you?

I have encountered people that do not want anything to do with prophets because these men with the gifting to see past, present and future will reveal secrets they want hidden. True… If you had the ability, possibly someone’s negative side would come to you but is that what the call to prophesy is about?

First off, God never intends doom. Never!.. When a prophesy about an unfortunate event is given, usually it is because God has bestowed upon us a power to change that fate or that it may act as a warning, a sign. If anything, Prophesies qualify Jeremiah 29:11.

Prophets edify, exhort and comfort. And these are the very characters of God. God will not approach you with “I know what you did last summer” on the contrary, God approaches you in Love. He knows what you did but he decides to overlook it. (If you could acquaint yourself to the story of Cain and Abel. God approached Cain in Love, comforting him~ well this was before he killed Abel).

Can you imagine the God that knows all affairs of earth knew that Adam and Eve would eat of the forbidden fruit but still decided to create them? That same God came to meet Adam after the fall and asked him, “Adam where are you? Why do you hide from me? God knew what they had done but he didn’t dwell on it too much so that the very fellowship he had with them wouldn’t fade away. Unfortunately Adam and Eve, like all people distanced themselves away from God. They forgot the relationship with God and treated him with fear. Isn’t this what we do with most prophets?

To know your future helps you align with the path of life that leads you there. A prophet prophesied the killing of J.F Kennedy. This prophet reached out to him but like all people that do not believe in prophesy, he took it lightly and like the details she had tried to relay out to him about his death, all these came to pass—same day!

Prophets are supposed to bring you to a mutual footing with God. Prophets like clouds, tell the changing of seasons. Like I stated in Part 1, the men that came before pertaining to be “prophets” tainted this office and now every man that comes with prophetic abilities, whoever says they met with Jesus, we are quick to call them false.

God’s news is always good news pertaining to His people. He created us in His image, there is no way He would bring doom to us~~~therefore anything that contradicts this fact is a lie. 

 I would love to hear from you, Does the world need prophets? Do you need a prophet in your life? 

Prophets and Prophesy~~Part 1

Who is a prophet?

Often times, people have indulged me with this question and I always shared, a prophet tells prophecies and usually the question that follows is, “how different is a prophet from a pastor?” In the past, I got away with a lot of ummh and you knows but I have come to learn of this difference and please if you may, take a seat as I share my findings.

A prophet has revelatory abilities. He reveals what is to happen in the future. The difference between a prophet and fore-tellers or psychics is that a prophet is the visible voice of God(he/she speaks the mind of God). The latter people(psychics/fore-tellers), I don’t know their tricks… They aren’t my target people.

You realize that in these days, it is hard for people to believe in prophecy or the people ordained prophets(even church leaders) because the people that assumed this title before either conned people dry or all they did was usher out a bunch of declarations>> This explains why people ask as to whether there is a difference between prophets and pastors.


A prophesy is way different from a declaration. To say that “I will be rich in future” is a declaration. For a servant of God to tell you that God recognizes your talent in say writing and says that you should focus on it because it is going to take you places is a prophesy”.

I once was submitted under a pastor who amongst the many growing fellowships in town, warned that we should be careful about them because they were cults. However one thing that he stated that still rings as advise to some of the decisions I make was “Give things time, only time can prove if things are truthful. You wouldn’t want to be on the side that is fighting a revival that God intends—1 Corinthians 4: 5. It stuck! And I must state that time has proved certain things. There are just some people who think have a discerning spirit but what they really have is an overly suspicious mind. Like you see things unfold, things even an unbeliever will call miracles unfold but you still decide to let your suspicion blind you. 

Christians have adopted the habit of reciting scriptures without interfacing with the God behind the scriptures~~ “I have the mind of God, the power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me” but the only description we would give an assessment of their lives is limitations, they hold back…

Now if I may ask, which physical power could raise a dead person to life unless that power be spiritual and supernatural? Which God (the same one that just snapped his fingers, said let there be and creation fell in place) can be limited? Like this God only appears whilst you are in church but shouldn’t meddle in your relationships or latrine business (sadly, some people haven’t acknowledged the fact that God is really omnipresent~~ he is everywhere.. Watching all you do, when you are pooping, when you are praying, when you are eating more pork than you need, whatever you do (Even the things that I haven’t mentioned but are definitely running through your mind,, hehe Yes.. he is present).

The prophetic fraternity has been mired with counterfeits. And the book written by my spiritual father, Prophet Elvis Mbonye clarifies this more. In the book Let the prophets speak, he writes “ counterfeits or fake things are more like the truth. The evil one seeks to taint the evil things with beauty so that Christians can be swayed from the truth”. We spend so much time trying to identify what is right and what is false!

In one of the sermons while we were still at Imperial Royale Hotel, the Prophet said if I may paraphrase, everyone has an agenda. Everyone has a kingdom they represent. Through someone’s speech, you can know unto who their loyalty is. A prophet pursuing God’s agenda will definitely point you to the God they serve whilst the “false prophet” will say and do everything to point you to the god they equally serve.

Yesterday, I went to an office.. I had taken a file to be signed/stamped. The secretary to this big shot had her radio on and she had tuned into one of the radio stations of a one “Pharisee”.. Ehhh… My God!! My spirit rioted. Who boldly speaks the way that man spoke? I spent a full 10 minutes and this very man was explaining how demons rule, he even stated Muyenga people have a demon of lugezigezi (what is this in English?), some places he gave the spirits of divorce, smelly shoes, what what… He kept going on and on. In this sermon, the light who is Jesus wasn’t shined. Not a mention of him. Just a mukama yebazibwe amidst all these telltales… Jesus must be sad for sure!! Well I am aware these things exist because scripture says, we wrestle not against blood and flesh but against principalities and spiritual forces but what about acknowledging the man who gave us the power to trample all of them?.

 If God is the same yesterday, today and forever will be, if that God spoke through his prophets in days before, what makes these days different?

Someone once mentioned that when Adam and Eve sinned, It felt like that was the last time God would speak to man but lo and behold, minutes later, God made clothing for Adam and Eve, He spoke to them and to even their children!! So what makes you think or argue that God can’t speak through his servants? Through you?

Kale Bye… Until the next episode about prophets and prophesy… 

Do you believe in Prophesy?

#HerTale: What(How) does it feel like?

What does it feel like to be a woman in the army?  Enduring sounds of bullets in the morning and late at night, cries of ambush and pain. Watching the little friendships created washed away by death, death at dawn, midday and at dusk. Being miles away from the people closer to your heart, having a sense of uncertainty looming over you because you are unaware whether you will make that trip back home. Are these women fighting for the nation? Is national peace and solidarity all they stand for? Is it the salary they want out of this job? Is it that they didn’t complete school or did all jobs desert them?

What does it feel like to be a woman ensuring law and order as regards proper traffic? Having to endure assault and insults from drivers in the wrong? Having to stand the entire day without rest under the scorching sun and endlessly rising dust? How do they manage swerve away from the car whose driver’s intention was to cause them harm? Don’t their heads ache? Doesn’t their hair smell a day after their visit to the salon? How do they manage to maintain their shirts plain white with that dust?

What does it feel like to be in a relationship with a man whose anger displaces the house roof, ignited quicker than a tingle from a caress, whose presence unnerves the wife because once his mouth is opened, glasses will be broken, slaps and fists effected and all she will be left to do is cry the night away in heart break, How does it feel like to want out of a relationship but be stuck at the exit door because you can’t imagine your babies crying in your absence or them being raised by a strange woman, you can’t imagine being welcomed by condolence messages about them because he has threatened you with a panga in hand several times.

How does it feel like maintaining a cool persona when it is evident he is cheating on you not only with your best friend, Jane and several other girls. To continue to serve his supper, press his trouser, freeze his favorite salad, wash shirts covered with the newest lipstick around town, to ask and be brushed away as irrational? How does it feel like to learn that he has children out of wedlock? Or that on your marital bed, he has extravagantly lavished other women including the maid with fiery lovemaking? How does it feel to know that you now have to share his attention? Or that he never pays attention to you because someone else has become the apple of his eye?

What does it feel like to have it all and one day lose it in a glimpse? To have an envious relationship, all the latest cars in the deportation market and just like that, it becomes no more?, To have to raise children single-handedly. How does it feel like to watch your husband lose a battle to some besotted disease only to leave a bunch of responsibilities to be taken care of alone while enduring neglect from family and friends?

What does it feel like to be wife to a soldier that has been posted to Somalia? Waking up to news like “50 soldiers deployed to Somalia killed”, having to check through the lists of the enlisted dead soldiers, making calls on end to find out if he is safe. What is it like to be a wife to a doctor whose life is unintentionally centred around the hospital? When to spend time together is like once in a million years, what does it feel like?

What does it feel like to watch your child succumb to death because of a drug administration gone wrong, or because you can’t afford the medical bill or food to change the state of starvation at home? What does it feel like for a child to wail through the night of a pain you can not take away?

What does it feel like to be subjected to ritual acts of female genital mutilation? To not only endure the pain in childhood but every other time you visit the washrooms or bring forth life? How does it feel like to feel ugly because the latest breed of men likes their ladies slim and slender? How does it feel like to be pressured into marriage? To be visited by a senga who will go on and on about how to treat a man, only to do as she advises but still be disrespected in marriage? How does it feel like when society jeers at a career woman because she has no children or family of her own?

How does it feel like to hear a woman passed away in labor? How does it feel like to know that on a daily, women lose their lives because of sexual abuse? How does it feel like if you learnt that because your father could not forego his cheating ways, your mother’s face suffered the acid attack? How would you feel if your daughter loved so hard, but a ruthless boy dumped her for another after he had deflowered her?  How does it feel to learn that majority women are still being battered but still manage to put on a strong front?

All this and more is what women face on a daily, have you taken time to respect them? Accord them their full dignity not because you expect to bed her but to genuinely stop her in her tracks with something extraordinarily different? Have you taken the interim position to ensure their stand in society isn’t one of absurd inferiority? Are you treating the women in your life differently?

Okay now, imagine you are a woman,


How would you feel like if for all your efforts, you weren’t appreciated by your spouse? Family, relatives and even your own children?

What If Passion Burns out?

So what do you do if you find out your passion is wearing thin?
Adopt a new routine.
Usually one of the reasons people start to feel a nudging distance and disinterest from their jobs, usually the waves of routine have made their big feet visible.
*Imagine if you have to wake up an hour earlier because 6:30am has to find you enroute to work lest the inevitable hands of jam keep you chained and you keep doing this for a year, by the time the next year clocks, it has become just another job that you show-up at because you want your boss to see your name checked into the attendance book or because you need the salary otherwise the bills shall pile up higher than your laundry basket.
Practice a craftsman mindset
Stop asking yourself whether the decision you made to follow your passion is right or not. If you decided to drop all else for it, it can never be wrong. Now start to change your mindset and that comes with attitude.~~ A craftsman’s mindset acknowledges that no matter what field I am in, success is always about quality and it is my quality. Once you’re focused on the quality of the work you’re doing rather than whether or not it’s right for you, you won’t hesitate to do what is necessary to improve it.
Practice the pause
I saw this as a message on one of the Whats-app groups I am member. To practice the pause requires that when everything is a whirlwind, pause–suck in your breath. When your books aren’t balancing as they should, before you close shop, Pause! Before you break a heart because rumors allege he is cheating, Pause! The pause helps us evacuate irrationality.
Take a trip/Va-cay off your work
Not only do i recommend this, but it is mind relaxing to see something else other than what your eyes are accustomed to. I like to take walks to different places for relaxing’s sake and 2 weeks back, i took a walk through Butabika(no laptop, nothing work related), just a book to jot down a few descriptions and my phone –for scene photography. And i have never felt any freedom, any healing. This calm place calmed my deepest tempests and we all need this very often because meditation and reflection are set more in pace within calm quiet places.
Learn a new skill
Many of these offices have WiFi, don’t watch the movies from back to back. Learn a language, learn a cooking method, listen to these podcasts( surprisingly there are many brilliant people across the globe and YouTube has freely offered to bring them closer to us. Learning something new doesn’t only increase dopamine in your body but also gives you leverage. There is no way you are going to detest your job if each day presents a learning opportunity.
Involve people in what you do/Have a social life.
Lately, all we have is relationships with our gadgets. It isn’t bad but research has proven, we unintentionally become loners. Your passion is probably running thin because you have no physical relationships with people that are going to encourage you o be the best version of you. Behavior is learned, yes that is why many people on these social media platforms have pictures with standing poses of legs as if crippled, the dub and all and yet to behave, to build a better brand of you, to detach oneself from boredom is by relating with actual people–You are single and still you don’t want to mingle, you. About time you had a social life.
Whom or what you set out to love was never a wrong choice. A marriage loses its sparks when both partners stop dancing the tango. Equally, your passion dies if it is not fed. A guitarist will not learn two keys and expect to beat Charmant Mushanga at a jazz maestro.
Have a rage to never give up on your passion let alone say it has gotten boring. If it has, then you let it!! Follow your passions.. Keep them lighting.. It is never wrong!

*If you have anything to add in a blog. Comment with link and i will be very glad to read you!

#UgBlogWeek: Memoirs Of Love

The greatest love that has crossed man’s eye isn’t one of butterflies running around your stomach or goosebumps growing on arms.

Much less, it isn’t one that steals kisses in the dark of the night or stealthily touches parts private.

It has never been about enviable PDA nor sharing a glass of wine at the same spot.




Love in all its fullness is the mystery of what beheld the cross

When the person of God inhabited the human form and took the walk of shame amidst squandering words and 5 days hatched spittle.

When blood from a sarcastic beating kissed the very pine, cedar and cypress he had put to existence.

In that moment when Heaven turned away and silence filled the earth.

Love is not the comforting words from a mere human that announces his love to get remarks of awwh and a few tears sprawling down the cheeks of a cheering crowd

Love is not what the public shall feed on, it is the vows of integrity and chastity put to test in private~~ where it is void of light and temptation looms brightest.

Love is knowing that when darkness covered the earth, God cried!

It is knowing that when the Heavens rumbled, it was a sign of a disgruntled lover not willing to give up a part of his soul that had been snatched the day, the council had agreed “Let us make man in our very own image”.

See the most un-debatable truth is this;

It is one thing to stumble upon love but a totally different thing to have molded the person with whom you fall in love with.

With every curve to your being and all the flaws and scars that you keep pinching at in disdain, He said “I will love you to the end of time and not even the gates of hell shall prevail against this love”.                                                                                                                         With His heart, He has unconditionally given us a promise;


Nothing can separate you and I~~Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.  No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.


**At this point, i am teary-eyed but what is a day of Love without a few tears?? If you want to continue this story, go ahead– It is the #UgBlogWeek–Chain stories edition. I will be glad to read you… Notify me in the comments section.. *Hugs











Happy New Year People!!

I haven’t written in a while… Jeez, i feel cheated. Reminds me of the time a friend and i hang out and after agreeing(cognitively) that we would all eat 4 slices of the pizza that was divided into 8, he gobbled my last with a speed i had never seen.. That pizza piece hurts me till now… I mean eat anything else but pizza… Pheew,… Thank God that was last year.

But well this year just started and somethings are becoming distant memories, forgotten habits and those i have decided to ditch.. About time i took on the maturity challenge!!

I am the kind of person that sets goals,, yes that resolution list kind of agenda and January for me is the time to do that.. Many people find it odd articulating that it is just a change in last digit of 2010s but i personally think there is more to that than just a change in the plus 1—There is discipline, growth, achievements, fulfillment and ticking off. I am not the same the person i was last year…ah ahh noo(i can assure you!!)..

I know people that feel the need to remind everyone things are not going to be any different… That even if you tried to block their noise,, it gets louder…How infuriating!!

It is okay to hold a belief about something but it is totally disrespectful to want to influence everyone else along the same path of thought.

If you don’t believe in making resolutions, Great! That is your stand, now go out of your way to encourage somebody that wants to make those resolutions–Don’t crumble the person’s built enthusiasm.

It should actually be what we do most this year, if you don’t believe in something, it is okay but make it a point to help someone achieve that which they believe in.!!

Now lastly to the person on the receiving end of negativity,You have nothing to lose if you shut your ears to pessimism….Or do you?

Image result for i dont care face

Xoxo…..Happiest New Year…(Insert pwaya works)

Behind Closed Doors: Violence Lurks

Last night around 8:30 pm, after I had cleaned up and ready to settle in on my bed to read my latest book. I was in the midst of clearing my mind of all the day’s chaos and there, I heard it.

First I thought my mind was hallucinating some but after two seconds, I heard it again. A shrill cry that cut through the night. Loud. A scream of pain. I was startled because in a neighborhood like ours, not much happens apart from people that walk past going somewhere and coming from somewhere. Kids playing in compounds, stamping grass that takes a several mounds of water to grow again. And maybe some music from far away wafting on the wind. By this time, a quiet has usually settled on the area.

WaaLaaalaa……. Munyambe(help me)… There it was again, this time asking for help. Speaking of alarm. The screams went on that doors starting banging, people were opening up to see what the trouble was this starry night.

I rushed out my nest, getting a hold of my set of house keys, turning on the lights in the sitting room and then to the kitchen before I recklessly stumble onto anything. I head for the door, turn the keys and unlock the metallic giant. I round the house to the place where the noise is now getting louder and closer, I notice everyone is rushing there too, kids, men, women and I head too.. Well at least now you know how curiosity killed the cat.

I reach to find a man roughly handling another man, I tell my mind to pay attention, “lwaki okubba omukazi bwotyo? (why do you beat a woman like that? The man asking held a stick, thick and possibly as high as my shoulders (yes it was that long and big even) stripped of its bark, shimmering white like it had been glazed with egg white. Further revelation told the story of the man in wrong having used the stick on the woman.

“Can you imagine that woman just gave birth two weeks back and the man is beating her like a child?”.. Reply I got when I asked for detail. I see the woman she has now stood up and is restless, she laments “that man beats me day and night. Today he pounced on me seemingly because he suspected I had put “edagala” (witchcraft) in his food. He has beaten me all swollen. I touch her to allay comfort because well everyone is shouting at the man who is boasting to have beaten her. He continues in his deep voice with the women who have gathered to express their bitterness—some holding stones. Some suggest for Mama Police to be called so he is arrested for this physical assault. The woman I am soothing-the victim adopts the idea and gets her phone that has its torch lighting and amidst tears shouts “yes, I am calling mama police” she says so loud she wants him to hear her threat like maybe it should scare him, give her an edge of fierceness and defense. I keep soothing her, I realize she is bony and the little flesh on her body is swollen.. Her upper back, her lower back.. All swollen.

She narrates he started beating her in the presence of her kids. The young boys who have gathered in their teens are caught up with the moment, they keep saying no actually praising the man, mocking her and then saying “abadde azanya, if it were me, I would beat her to pulp… yes if you are wondering whether what you read was right,, I shall affirm it again…. They were boys in their teenage years…. Say 12 or even younger!!

The man tells the one in wrong “you never beat a woman, there is nothing you can never talk through” but what I collect from the chaos of everyone shouting is it is not the first time this man is beating his wife. He interjects the good advice and shouts “agende, nze namukoowa”—meaning let her leave, I got tired of her”. I want to help, but I don’t know how to so I keep soothing her. I look around, my heart is breaking so I look up from where I came and slowly climb back to where my father’s house stands.

I truly don’t know what happened. I don’t know how the night was spent or how calm made its way among the people gathered. I don’t know what time everyone dispersed back to their homes? I don’t know whether mama police was called. I don’t truly know.

Back in the house, in my room, I wondered what would have become of the woman had she not screamed. We have bullies dressed in the facade of loving husbands to the public eyes; Yes domestic violence is still much alive behind closed doors. Some victims may not have the courage to shout out for help whereas some may but then what happens once everyone that gathered to speak ill of the matter disappears? What happens to the woman who has no source of employment but has to endure physical violence because even if she left, she knows not where money or food or shelter for her children shall appear from?


Many women become emaciated and succumb to death because of the way their husbands are disrespecting them in all forms available. Should we blame the women for enduring this hurt? What happens to the arrogant husband that has the guts to lung out at his woman in the presence of their children or even a concerned crowd? What happens to the nation if young boys as old as 10 think the man should have done better at the beating? Should have boxed like Rambo and jet Li throwing upper hooks and round kicks? What happens to the children that watch this ordeal unfold? Watch their mother scream helpless to the various blows administered by their father? Stick to body with reckless abandon? What happens if we just stare? Stare because we are hopeless; because even if we entrust the authorities with our problems, it will just be another case stashed in one too many files?


The Mystery Of Time

There is something supernatural about the aspect of time. Wikipedia says it is the indefinite continued progress of experience and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

I associate it with diversity; I mean imagine the different things people are accomplishing this very hour, minute, second. The universe they say is hinged on time; the ticking seconds of what it is.

I want to look at time as a hollow black hole with different drop offs as it is beckoned whilst it continues on a roller-coaster. Bundles of hours is what we have in every lifetime.

Somebody messed my mind and endeared how we are living in the now and also living in the future but the future self is not stable because the choices we make everyday have effect. To the future, now translates as the past. If you don’t agree, how then do you explain the places you have been to and the events that unfold but seem to you like ones you have seen/been to before??

Time can’t be measured and unless you set it up, you can’t catch it and even if you tried, like dust—it would slip through your grasp at a speed uncommon to understanding. Time is like a blanket of clouds that can not be placed in a single place for it moves …tick…tock!


The beauty with time is it offers you chances to create moments, memories, the best that life has to offer; to bask in the orange sun, to place your feet in the water, to pay close attention to food- as in taste it and chew with extra relish. To watch a child grow, to pay close attention to a certain laugh and its deepness or falseness (haha).Maybe we haven’t paid close attention to the supernatural unfold of time that is why we are late for a church service at a church just a few feet away from home or the timely chance to steal a kiss before hell breaks loose or and or and or…

The saddest thing has never been to lose a million dollars (okay this is beyond sad, I wonder what I am thinking but well), the saddest thing is to lose Time. It is haunting to know that you could have been somewhere a little earlier, just on time or maybe a little later.

Time has a way of letting us experience a certain kind of ambiguity. A certain kind of heaven on earth but only if we let it.. It is more like that old wise brother that has seen all things to the end of life and knows the end so he takes us by the hand (only if we let him) and reveals these mysteries long hidden to eyes, ears and mind.

Trust me, I don’t know what I am going on about—I don’t have all the pieces to this puzzle but I know there is something peculiar about life and time. Like the fall of man after creation ushered in a limitation (which it did) and time and this life is a certain kind of manifestation of that truth. Ages B.C, people lived close to forever, time was defied but now time defies us. We live to only be 120.

What would you do if you awoke to a realization that you missed time? That it passed by you like a speeding 2017 Maserati Levante simply because instead of asking for a chance to be given lift, you were busy gaping! 😛 😀

But seriously, what would you do if you found out that you haven’t lived, that the only memories are the ones that ignite hate, fear and nightmares? That time offered you chances of new days and new years and you still settled for mediocrity?


This is one of those posts that I think are unbaked but I wanna read about Time from someone else. I am intrigued about it now more than ever.