Daily Prompt: Joke

via Daily Prompt: Joke

He stared deep into her brown eyes

Noticed her freckled blushing cheeks

sucked in her scent that smelled of full bloom lilies

He hit the sidewalk with the heel of his tap-dance shoe

He wanted her like he did the stage for his survival

and yet he was scared she would take him for the joker that he was

She loved to laugh- so loud her eyes glistened

She loved to walk with hands tangled for warmth in these snow filled days

He was out of tricks for at his best, the girls had sneered

Up to no good wasted chap

Earning just a few shillings to make ends meet

He couldn’t bring her to his torture

She looked so fragile and delicate

He smiled for her anticipating self

Made a bow, kissed her knuckles and walked away


She stared at him leave

Her heart stinging with pain beyond the iced morning

With his back to her, he didn’t see why they called her a joke

Wiping away teary drops that would make a begger jolly on a hungry stomach

He toyed with her, making her believe, hold hope

And yet she had sworn she didn’t mind being a joke

At-least he laughed whole heartedly while he was with her

Until he overcame his cowardliness,

She would wait on him, She would pay for a front row seat at his shows

Just to watch his eyes as he spoke

Just to clap loudest

Just to know he will know she came

Just to be his Joke!!


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