The Blogger Recognition Award


With my awed and excited self, i will decide to take a seat as i narrate my excitement on first time ventures lest i trip unlike Amanya who took up the stage in a black blazer or tuxedo only my imagination can strike. See yes, i mean to say he nominated me for the award-My first of a kind on these streets. I wonder if i should write about him and yet my inner soul has wanted so much to elate him or rather that i lift my hand to offer him a queen’s wave and yet how he ushers the verses, sonnets and rhymes will ignite the same feeling you get when listening to that oldie “All my Life”. when first i visited his treasures, i fell upon “Tutee“, “Forlon” aah now if you were chewing on candy, i beseech you find free chocolates upon those two for yet still he introduced us to Thusi and Nandi in “Love: From the Phone Side of Life” (the irony therein)… I wonder if the smile alighting my black temples shall fade soon for a decade later, i want to unearth this one!! Thank you @Mpozii

How i started:

Rather interesting because i have loved ink on paper a long time for the beauty of their matrimony is one of mistakes and make-ups, rub, crumble and unwrinkle. However, it is only at the start of this year that this site swayed in my intoxicated mists, the different stories shared by the persons that spewed inspiration a follow from me they got and it got me thinking this is one way i could express my imperatives. My first post was a poem and the next published in the month of lovers (hahaha– i visit often and laugh). *Clicks glasses for the man behind those spectacles– Joel Jjemba (Do you even know you are an inspiration? Webaale munonga musheija for the numerous shares, some hilarious, some real life events, some are just for just but all i have read for their uniqueness) Pheww, better take me for capuchino and Croissants. kekekeke

To new bloggers:

Read twice as much as you write; it not only helps you polish up your works but also exposes you to diversity. Aim to read something different, not only the writers with whom you agree or only with the topics you that are within your comfort zone. Once in a while, write about tech or robots or ants and banana fibres.

secondly, write for self, write with your own charisma, have a trademark. Often, you may be deceived to think your work may not measure up in the streams of other people’s genuis efforts but keep on, don’t lose who you are in a haste.


Okay this is the part where i nominate 15 souls. And i know some have been nominated before but what is the damage in piling their dashboards with gold accolades for their creativity..

  1. rachealkay
  2. radostdinevablog
  3. paulinemary
  4. Isaac Bisoborwa
  5. allanmwasa
  6. ibrahsula
  7. dziva
  8. Kaweesiana

Now the seven more have disorganised my hair so for now, those will do.

Here are the rules:

  •  Write a post to show the award.
  •  Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  •  Give a brief story about how you started blogging.
  •  Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  •  Nominate 15 deserving bloggers.

Thank you very much y’all and now why don’t you have yourself a noble weekend.

*But Amanya, i didn’t get the award though( inserts thinking emoji).. I also want some gold.