The Clean-Up

Its been a while since I last visited here.

I found cobwebs, and I need a brush to untangle them off the walls.

It also smells like old paper and cockroach poop.

Its been a while since the visiting lot checked on me

The clients perhaps found shop elsewhere

It is shameful, rummaging too

But like all fallen soldiers, I rise to face a new battle

This time I promise strength and stories

I have said that before, I know, and my eyes can’t go without the roll

But I shall not give up saying it until it becomes the very definition of who I am

The air that I breathe

I come to clean up, and clean up will I do

Keep around.. This time, it shall be more interesting!



Consciousness: Your Door to Reality.


If I were, in one word, asked to give a reason why some in life seem to walk the extraordinary or transcendent road while others remain enslaved to the dictates of natural forces I would answer –‘consciousness’.

Consciousness is the state of being aware of what is going on around you. Consciousness is therefore awareness.

In the beginning, man was created a living being; with a body outside to contact the natural material world, and with a spirit inside to be in touch with the spirit world of God. With his soul, man would be conscious of either of these worlds to the degree he wills. The human soul, therefore, is the seat of consciousness or awareness.

Taking this a step further, your consciousness is what dictates reality to you. There’s nothing real but what you are conscious of .Whatever you are unconscious or unaware of is unreal to you.

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Are community mobilizations effective?

For the past two weeks, I have been actively engaged in the #iKnowKati activations (you might have come across it if you followed UOT). Apart from salsa flash-mobs and maybe dance-related activities, I haven’t been to anything that would attract a crowd. I have seen them but usually the more I have, the more I turned my eye and paid a deaf ear.

Well just recently in Lira, #iKnowKati started as early as 9th through to 10th whereas Kabale was 16th and 17th. You would ask why there would be two days of It.—that’s what is topic for this post anyhow.

A day before the concert is usually termed the “mobilization day” where a team of skaters, acrobats, peer educators, organizers move through the mentioned town with reason to make people aware of why they seem to be trailing town.

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Before I go any further, #iKnowKati in a lay man’s language stands for “I now know”.         It is a campaign on HIV that emphasizes the sexually transmitted virus; how it is spread, how it can be prevented/avoided and how to live a healthy positive life once a person finds out they are infected with it. Equally the campaign also avails everyone with accurate information that has been mired by myths and misconceptions as well as avail people with information on centres an individual can access youth friendly services like counseling, ART and continued blood tests. Therefore the continued mobilization walk and drive ensure that this happens.

Which brings me to my question. Are community mobilizations effective?

My answer is yes, #iKnowKati has taught me so. See there are many advantages to a community mobilization

First; it has you fit into the community and people in that given community don’t have to look at you like learned professionals who only blubber English that will sound gibberish for them

Secondly; community mobilizations enable a participatory approach. Which community or group of people is going to buy your idea if you don’t have them participate in it or much more have them feel like they are entitled to it?

Thirdly; I wonder how many people will go to hospital for health education which includes; Abstinence, being faithful to your partner or contraception use? Would you? How about if these people that have offices and health centres came to your shop/stall or bumped into you on the road. Wouldn’t you spare just a few of your minutes to listen on what their package entails? I think I would. If not to learn at least to marvel at how young people my age have taken the bull by the horns to work towards ensuring reduction in the prevalence rates of HIV.

Last but one I know not to take for granted is that community mobilizations enable you understand that how we perceive issues based on their sexual and reproductive health is different. I wonder how many times I had heard of HIV/AIDS even recited endless poems about it (it sort of becomes monotonous hearing the same topic) but while in Lira, I watched people scamper for this message, give opinions that were myths conceptualized by culture and society.

I think such drives are commendable for among the people that came up to the tents to take an HIV test, some( if not majority) said reported to have never tested or last tested in a period of 6months back. Therefore what does this mean; that as music booms through speakers, as young people explain this and demonstrate that, as the acrobatics showcase all kinds of spectacular flexibility and the bogey-man (that man that always stands taller than anybody else on sticks oba what… ), the need to actually get out of the cave of curiosity and also the excitement will lead these people to go take a test if at least to be associated with the load of activities taking place.


What amazed me was how thirsty people out of Kampala are also in need of such information seeing that every “free kivulu on HCT/Cancer screening/blood pressure et cetera” is held in Kampala.



As I sign out; I would like to leave marks of my lessons.

  • Number one is closer to my heart. Don’t pass through life but rather experience it. TRAVEL
  • Secondly, the best form of information dissemination is in the community during community mobilizations. People learn more when you physically explain your notions than if you hang posters or did a radio broadcast (they are effective, I ain’t saying they aren’t but they aren’t effective enough)
  • Thirdly, to have the HIV prevalence rates decreased, more emphasis should be put in areas away from civilization. The target group is found in the coldest and most rural with a facade of development outline
  • Lastly, Beware of imposing. Respect people when they decline to your request/offer and LISTEN; not to talk back but to understand and empathize.

Okay in other news, we danced, we jumped, screamed and also appeared on national Tv.. 😛 😛

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Gifted Differently


Today I met a family of four

The wife was equally colored as her husband

Their two boys weren’t

They were introverted and withdrawn and preferred to keep their hands crossed tightly at their chests

Like speaking would have them feed on some scolding

I watched them not out of sympathy

Because I learned sympathy breeds inferiority

I observed them to try and understand their situation

I don’t know whether it’s because the sun rays scorched them past their will,

But their faces were scarred, with skin peeling off like it was disrobing itself of each one of them

I watched to understand why seemingly their parents didn’t bother

The fast gathering crowd revealed their parents were unemployed

“Fell out of employment those two and now these two have been told to forget about school” they almost chorused

The crowd jeered in sympathy and the corner of my eye saw one of them clutch himself harder and bent his head further more

My heart was giving way

Emotion welling up in my eyes

If only I had extra black skin, I would cover their entire white!!

Never on bright or dull days had have i had a crowd deter my analysis

But here they stood and God knows what their thoughts spoke

I stood and inwardly asked for strength

Rescheduled our next meet and asked to take leave

As I walked past the chief whose permission I had earlier sought,

With a senile smile, he asked “oh! How did it go with the “Albinos?”

My heart crushed, my blood rushed and my legs almost sold me out

That word! That term!

God knows I dislike it.

I find it segregative, even sidelining of the beautiful people they are

I raised my head and between clenched teeth, I managed to say

“Handsome gentlemen they are!!”

WORK; Is it Duty or Passion

Every single one of us wakes up to some motivation every day. We purpose to accomplish tasks that we have singled out as priorities or ones we’ve scheduled before hand. And each morning as we hit the showers with the echo of the songs we hum, mime or sing along to, we inwardly promise to be better persons, To build the nation and benefit the people around us— sometimes it’s just the surge of adrenaline I suppose because the moment you work through the day, the week or the year, the enthusiasm to surpass what we are expected of is inflated like a puffed up Tyre. The surge in the nerves eventually turns into pessimistic adrenaline.

Just recently, a friend rummaged my thought train. She asked “Do you remember the eagerness with which you started work? How you got scampering out of bed faster than how your alarm screamed off the bedside table?! How you dressed so flashy but appealing on first impression and Mehnnn, how you always seemed to beat the deadline compared to any one of us!!”

This was just light conversation over how everyone sort of acts weird with “kasigiri” on a first job; but those questions hit home and while she expected me to join along and echo a boisterous laugh, I Stared. Yes I did because these questions sent a message to a part of my cerebrum that had long been left to wither. Now I don’t know about you or how you would react; I wonder whether you would meditate or quickly build up your defense guard and come up with all these excuses!!

As you ponder; allow me ask. “Why do you work? What is in work for you? Do you work because you have no choice or because there is a fat paycheck at the end of the month? How do you execute your work? Are you always delegating your duties so you can sit down and catch up with snap-chat, musically and temple run or do you delve your energies into accomplishing the task together with your teammates? I could go on and on but I will leave that evaluation to you as well as myself.

This here is my whole point.

  • Accomplishing a task starts with the mind. It is a psychological process because you command your mind to not give up on you when you have to beat a deadline.
  • Secondly, every other time you feel like work has become more a duty than a passion, remember why you started; visit the archives—it always helps because aside from showing you how far you either have strayed from the path you set out to walk or what milestones you have achieved, it always puts a smile on your face, releases the tension built up within the body and unfolds the fists intended for the boss/workmate/janitor.
  • Thirdly, how about you untangle your life from procrastination?!! This is a virus that will make one miss all opportunities than saying No ever will. I mean think about all the things that have walked out of your life because of the “I will do that tomorrow syndrome”. Equally stop complaining your work robs you of your weekends or family bonding times if you push it into the weekend.

So someone is thinking… Nawachaaa…. “I have been so diligent at my work but however much I drain my energy, My boss is never appreciative even for my extra hours..” Oh yeah, how about you endure that challenge for like many others, they only come around to test our potency.

My boss usually has those times he comes around and just checks up on everybody or just asks us to have you know—those talks and as we start to throw tantrums and complaints, he emphasizes Never be at work and feel like you are working so hard and now I emphasize Don’t be at work and expect your boss to wear a smile for you 365days.


Read yourself some 1 peter 5:2-11

With this said, I want to wish y’all a lovely new month.. Smile more at work.. Buy some chocolates for your workmates, food houses and cafes have these endless food offers, how about you offer to treat your workmates to a hefty meal on your bill!!

Otherwise ka Jambo..

Dear Mistress

 dearmistressPhoto credit; Internet

With a calmness only known to Venus; the goddess of beauty, she got her inked nib and scribbled what she had long wanted to say on a parchment.

Dear mistress,

I must applaud you in your conquest to take the place that is rightfully mine

In the fate that I may have the affections of my man only known to me,

You won him over


I slide this paper into his side pocket because I know with your slithery hands,

You will find it

In monotone, I write it because I know you exist

You ask how? In what manner do I know this?

The walls have ears, they say but my walls are his sense organs

His eyes have lost the sparkle they had every other time he looked at me

His nostrils no longer etch for the lavender, peaches and daisy scents that linger around my neck and in my hair

His ears pay no more attention to my lush whispers in the night when my body aches for him

His touch is now detrimental, detached, uncaring about how i would hurt and yet unresolved

His lips do not devour my bosom anymore!!

Do I feel unappreciated? Don’t wonder much because inevitably I do

For the effort that I employ with my ball gowns, the smile I wear when we step out from our utmost into the grandeur gatherings, the interviews I sit through on how we have managed to keep the marriage going for this long

For the decor in the house with all of his best colors tailored and draped together and yet he never notices

He now walks with a bounce onward to the library feigning weariness and single mindedness

Ha-ha. I clap my hands and applaud you mistress for you have stripped me of my ego

Slowly washed my dignity, now wounded, soared and belittled it is-my little possession, my only treasure

Possibly you now have a victorious sneer or maybe you are feeling a little remorse

Perhaps you have even heard the whisper carried by the wind

No I am not wasting away; I am not heading to the black hole either– atleast not yet

I should let you know now that the affections of the man we share are dots of a past I may share with your present

Your expectations were mine then, your traps I laid in seductive solitude

If you have any ounce of courage which I presume you don’t,

Because like the mistress you are, you pay heed to when he wants to unzip his belt and quench his muscle rigidity

Have him. When you tire of him delighting in your fervor

Send him back. I will be waiting; for when I thought I was rational, I chose him a worthy mensch

When it dawns on you that you will stay hidden for a lifetime, that no fellow will accept your promiscuous history, only then will you understand what you currently read now dear mistress.


 Written by; 

Lady to the Aristocrat


And when she was finished, she sat still with her veil covering her left shoulder and arm under the cedar tree and gazed afar; this tree had seen both the good and bad times; around this tree had they hidden and sought out each other, around this tree had she wept a several nights when she lost child and still around this tree had she known her husband had his Dear mistress!!

Happy Anniversary Mother



Nine months down the road and Jaaja had you

She says you were chubby and jolly and truly a girl to bid her word

She says you liked to sing and read (I know now why I love to read too

She says you strived to keep the family together

And best of all, you were the only girl among her gentlemen


Your first day at school was unlike the other kids

You held onto your book and pencil and walked enthusiastically

You didn’t cry but instead waved her a goodbye

She forgot to pack you break that day-No she actually didn’t pack you break because she thought the others kids would belittle you about the leftover food

None the less, that evening, like a nightingale you came singing the vowels and consonants and adding 1 to 1

School became an option when grandpa passed on but you kept hope alive

Juggling the gardens, market and school

And now the English you speak still baffles me. You keep wondering why I have a book and pen around you— Well because I always learn a new word


Fast forward, 3 lovely girls to call you mama

15 and still counting cousins that call you aunty

10 awesome uncles that will cross the ocean for you

Village tales that will sing praises about you

Challenges that did and still do deem you a victor

Sometimes I look at you and know  I want to be as strong as you are but you won’t want to hear of it because like you say “ I raised you to be stronger and smarter than I am, I raised you because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did, I raised you because you will make me proud”


Should I shed a tear?

Should I count myself lucky?

Should I borrow megaphones, connect them to  amplifiers and let the whole world know you are the best thing that surely happened to me, to us?

Its high time I did, because God chose you for me

He knew only you would handle my tantrums

He knew only you would make me appreciate this gift of life we’ve been given


So apparently, I write this because its your birthday

Celebrating life, celebrating achievement, celebrating happiness

I celebrate you mum today on your sweet 22 (hahaha) aging

I was still thinking how different this one should be from the previous

And so last night, I hijacked a plane, did wire-matics and so I will be flying to you later today—hihihi

About grandchildren and your son-in-law, we shall talk privately about that and also jot down a list of what you should ask him.

He has to afford those things and arrange for the reception to be at the Louvre Pyramid.  You didn’t raise me on peanuts


Happy birthday Moma

I love you and you know that

Happy corporate aging

Ama hire a band for you as you munch on the pizza

Thank God you have a sweet tooth,I hope you have a cream tooth too, the cake is that legit

Your smile is priceless and its what i long to see today,  Joyous Anniversarie

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****Lastly, I can’t wait for your criticism on this… hihikeke and no I didn’t open up any encyclopedias

Yours truly,

Your first daughter

what you get Cynthia