He lays his back onto the grass with hands entangled behind his head. He looks up to the fading blue sky with a splash of white that speaks greatly of the greek mythologies of love..

He shuts his lids heavy not with sleep but what the ordinary man would call fantasies. He visualises himself part of the shakespear times, clad not as the tyrannic machoman but rather as the smooth wordy suitor that knows his way around the maidenheads, oldhags and men intelligent enough to feature in the house of the commons. Part of his datdream entaills him becoming great not by the sword Tsk.. Tsk God knows bloodshed is not his favourite sport but well for him, A man good with the art of language- he gladly smiles on that because such men desrve all the best the land has to offer.

photocredit: Jyvonne-inman

photo by Jyvonne Inman

The people close to him call him the lazy brat.. Aah should he worry?, no he decides against it because unlike his hooligan mates running around looting people’s hard earned monies and pursuing every lass without a care of how cupid would feel, His walk to this place he calls sacred gives his life meaning!!

clearly all the girls he knows have listened to Dolly Parton’s “don’t fall in love with a dreamer” perharps that explains his bad luck with trying to charm even just one- they either just won’t yield or do not believe in happily forever after!!. Today he decides he will not stop the vice, his dreams are his treasures. despite his actual small frame, his muscles ripple in there, the art with which he envisions himself make love to his education, his work and finally to that maidenhead!! Who says he should give up his dreams? Do the people even know how much his mind would cost if it were auctioned?

with renewed annoyance just like it usually is when he walks back to his shack with the orange sky of dusk colouring the environ, he vows he won’t stop,not in this life or the next..

      “close thy eyes dearest daydreamer and travel on to a world far far away”- Unknown


somebody help with this RAT!!

Onto one of our midnight walks with the sky starry and the wind soothingly blowing onto our skins, hands entwined so tightly , his in mine and mine aware of his firm grip onto mine as well. ” The night held too much promise” my mind jammed with only that thought. His stride slowed until he came to a stop and slowly turned to look at me,in his eyes i noticed a promise of love, a love so fierce nothing could hide it as usually he would try to. It was the look of unending love, ooh all heavens know i have waited for his moment all my life- i actually was catching a glimpse of my own vulnerable love bitten self through someone else’s eyes, this i knew was what feeling the butterflies felt like.

The silence stretched on but it felt so heavenly, no words needed here because it seemed our hearts understood the rhythm.. No doubt he thought the same because in that moment, a smile that made his lips twitch as well spread across his facials. Swiftly he leaned forward i could smell his breath-one of those coffee candies he loves so much. i sucked my breath in a sensation ran through my body, so sweet it made the pit of my stomach tingle and a thread of goosebumps spread across my arms.

Hihihi- i heard myself giggle i was becoming silly for the kinds of boys my mom warned me about. Hihihi, something seemed to tickle my feet and suddenly it got more colder, aah my moment is wasting so tentatively, with his cute eyes and blurred face still focused on me,i reached down to pull my blanket over my shivering body…

Wait, BLANKET!!! i sat up straight in my one roomed house on the east side of Bwaise with disappointment running through my system but i was just in time to catch a glimpse of that same bloody rat i have been trying to kill for days run from the foot end of my bed..   Aah fourth time in this “love month” — 😦 😦

my own vulnerable hero

sometimes i feel sloppy not because i cant stand tall or instinctively stand still but because iam not too bold enough to face my pursuit, not ready to have my walls crumbling down like it didnt take a fortune to build them, not ready to have a smack right across my face for not thinking through my actions.. no no i will take a pause to life, stick to my imagination and be my own vulnerable hero.