Happy New Year People!!

I haven’t written in a while… Jeez, i feel cheated. Reminds me of the time a friend and i hang out and after agreeing(cognitively) that we would all eat 4 slices of the pizza that was divided into 8, he gobbled my last with a speed i had never seen.. That pizza piece hurts me till now… I mean eat anything else but pizza… Pheew,… Thank God that was last year.

But well this year just started and somethings are becoming distant memories, forgotten habits and those i have decided to ditch.. About time i took on the maturity challenge!!

I am the kind of person that sets goals,, yes that resolution list kind of agenda and January for me is the time to do that.. Many people find it odd articulating that it is just a change in last digit of 2010s but i personally think there is more to that than just a change in the plus 1—There is discipline, growth, achievements, fulfillment and ticking off. I am not the same the person i was last year…ah ahh noo(i can assure you!!)..

I know people that feel the need to remind everyone things are not going to be any different… That even if you tried to block their noise,, it gets louder…How infuriating!!

It is okay to hold a belief about something but it is totally disrespectful to want to influence everyone else along the same path of thought.

If you don’t believe in making resolutions, Great! That is your stand, now go out of your way to encourage somebody that wants to make those resolutions–Don’t crumble the person’s built enthusiasm.

It should actually be what we do most this year, if you don’t believe in something, it is okay but make it a point to help someone achieve that which they believe in.!!

Now lastly to the person on the receiving end of negativity,You have nothing to lose if you shut your ears to pessimism….Or do you?

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Xoxo…..Happiest New Year…(Insert pwaya works)