“The economy is hard, it is drained, it is scorching” is all you will hear from people nowadays. In days when the veil was upon my eyes, possibly i would have joined the charade but now that i chose life, even when it is an olfaction of all sorts of fifty shilling coins, i will at-least have a 10k… Yes you berra believe!!

Okay that aside, recently on one of the prominent national tabloids, the headline boldly read “Fresh graduates to offer mandatory free National Service for a year” before they are liable for employment. The brains behind this move state that education as it is imparted in schools, colleges and universities, leaves something to be desired and it is necessary to supplement it with programmes which would arouse interest and the social and economic reconstruction of the country. But you do realize that these very parliamentarians feel that the number of graduates is on a rise compared to the number of jobs the country will ever offer!! Jeez–i feel like a lecturer and i can see your head drop to your side as you struggle to pay close attention. You are wondering when i will make my point. So well here it is (I would like you to feel like you are hearing it over the radio with me voicing 😛 :P) >>

Are you an innovator? Do you have a health solution that’s stuck with you only because it requires funding? Then your preparation has been waiting for this grandeur. The package includes;

  • Funding
  • Mentorship
  • Business and technical training. 


A year ago, young people merged into teams and formed apps called Safepal and GetIN which offer solutions to sexual and reproductive health challenges. Your innovation could emerge winner and seed funding in Dollars (Dallars) could be prologue of your story.

Now that i have given thee background, please feel free to stroll through here–> Up Accelerate and see how best you can nudge your mind to push you forward. I will be on the end that uses your innovation.. Oh btw, Deadline is 22nd December so even if you didn’t have an idea, you have quite a number of days to sleep over it with a group of friends.

P.s Creativity is thinking of new things whilst Innovation is doing new things so go Innovate; go come up with something that people didn’t think they needed *Winks

For More Info Check out the Facebook pages; Up Accelerate and Outbox… Kale bye


His Fudge Obsession or Was I?

He called me his Fudge obsession…*i blushed

He clearly knew how to get me by giving me mention of one of my best delicacies

He saved this on his profile… The one i took at one of those lengthy dates he surprised me with.

He was so unpredictable that i didn’t notice the day i became Mulokoni—If you don’t get it Mulokoni is Cow hooves!!

No i aint getting some pic from google to show you–You either know it or you don’t or maybe google for yourself!!

Because like a boil on butt, that name irritated like the slimy thing that oozes out of those bones…Eeewhh

Okay, i get that it was his best food and could be a whole more of other people’s But TH..

Like Friday ushers in weekend benevolence, Mulokoni fast turned into that vibe line he thought was something i dearly loved because a smile came on my face.. But if he could read, he would know it wasn’t one of amusement.

Mbu my only poop in the toilet…. Dude PAH-LIZZZ!!

That alone had me wondering how some men can totally be dumb…. Aki expressing love.. Love!! Go to the lavatory.. It is where that “love belongs”

It was a few days later that i found out darling Bae had landed himself another chihuahua from one of those lit clubs

He knows i don’t like the club and i have a tendency to go through his phone–Yes *Relationship goals* so he did save her as Pastor Jimu.. Its just that pastor Jimu called several times past midnight and he would sneak off to talk from a place that seemed to have better network than our bedroom.. In those moments, i would be reminded of all the people i had scowled at the entire day and i knew better than interrupt his call lest the “holy man” on the other end spoke loud of my day’s sins. I slept on and to bed, he would join an hour sometimes two after midnight and after his endless loud shower with water continuously flowing *Like he didn’t know NWSC charged a hefty for its wastage*… Its just that when he came to the bed, he still tasted salty… This i decided to not think further or weirdly about!!….

Well i found out when truth like acid on face hit me…. There she was knocking at the door early morning, heavy as a duck would be on numerous tadpoles and rice grains.

“I am tired of sleeping with your man like i am some flower of the night… I have long told him to either break up with you or i tell you myself and since i have, you might as well make me breakfast as i take a shower.. She walked past me like she knew the house…

And as if to answer my disturbed mind, she said “I have been here several times but it only takes a dumb woman to never notice change in her house”

And oh… Pastor Jimu is my best-friend!!

My Lover

I had a romantic encounter yester-night

It wasn’t like the usual ones in the dark

It was in full blown light I worried the invisible would see my blush

We kept moving

At rhythm only known to me and my lover

I felt tingles… I still feel them now

Umqombothi played loud on the stereo

I writhed

He stared from under his lashes at me and shrugged

I shifted alot more for comfort

For Africans have been endowed with prodigality


PhotoCred; Myself and endless filters

The moon shone a certain bright from where I could see him

* Sigh

For many a past have I thought him guardian

Never drifting out of sight

Shedding his light resolute

Caressing only where he knows fit

Complexion shying away from black to a color moony

Conductor, Balancii wange!!

I walked on oblivious my lover still watched from a distance

Luminous that i may not stumble

And when he was sure i was safely tucked in

He still stayed where i could see him until Twilight!!


The Mystery Of Time

There is something supernatural about the aspect of time. Wikipedia says it is the indefinite continued progress of experience and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

I associate it with diversity; I mean imagine the different things people are accomplishing this very hour, minute, second. The universe they say is hinged on time; the ticking seconds of what it is.

I want to look at time as a hollow black hole with different drop offs as it is beckoned whilst it continues on a roller-coaster. Bundles of hours is what we have in every lifetime.

Somebody messed my mind and endeared how we are living in the now and also living in the future but the future self is not stable because the choices we make everyday have effect. To the future, now translates as the past. If you don’t agree, how then do you explain the places you have been to and the events that unfold but seem to you like ones you have seen/been to before??

Time can’t be measured and unless you set it up, you can’t catch it and even if you tried, like dust—it would slip through your grasp at a speed uncommon to understanding. Time is like a blanket of clouds that can not be placed in a single place for it moves …tick…tock!


The beauty with time is it offers you chances to create moments, memories, the best that life has to offer; to bask in the orange sun, to place your feet in the water, to pay close attention to food- as in taste it and chew with extra relish. To watch a child grow, to pay close attention to a certain laugh and its deepness or falseness (haha).Maybe we haven’t paid close attention to the supernatural unfold of time that is why we are late for a church service at a church just a few feet away from home or the timely chance to steal a kiss before hell breaks loose or and or and or…

The saddest thing has never been to lose a million dollars (okay this is beyond sad, I wonder what I am thinking but well), the saddest thing is to lose Time. It is haunting to know that you could have been somewhere a little earlier, just on time or maybe a little later.

Time has a way of letting us experience a certain kind of ambiguity. A certain kind of heaven on earth but only if we let it.. It is more like that old wise brother that has seen all things to the end of life and knows the end so he takes us by the hand (only if we let him) and reveals these mysteries long hidden to eyes, ears and mind.

Trust me, I don’t know what I am going on about—I don’t have all the pieces to this puzzle but I know there is something peculiar about life and time. Like the fall of man after creation ushered in a limitation (which it did) and time and this life is a certain kind of manifestation of that truth. Ages B.C, people lived close to forever, time was defied but now time defies us. We live to only be 120.

What would you do if you awoke to a realization that you missed time? That it passed by you like a speeding 2017 Maserati Levante simply because instead of asking for a chance to be given lift, you were busy gaping! 😛 😀

But seriously, what would you do if you found out that you haven’t lived, that the only memories are the ones that ignite hate, fear and nightmares? That time offered you chances of new days and new years and you still settled for mediocrity?


This is one of those posts that I think are unbaked but I wanna read about Time from someone else. I am intrigued about it now more than ever.

Its Always A Sure Slow Fade

Today second day of #UgBlogWeek and yes I am still going to derive my talk from the Marathon. Not that I really want to be a sadist and all but somethings, you can’t help but notice.<– This is actually a disclaimer!!


So after the sprints, people are spent, their glucose levels waning and bodies only bulging with the water (this is given at the many water points). Among the many reasons people come to the run is to not only support a cause which in this case was “Water and sanitation in schools”, to just hang out with family and friends, but also you can not ignore the fact that some people use this to their advantage— To Exercise. People of all kinds of sizes are running to lose calories and to also improve their fitness. Usually when everyone is back together, trainers do aerobics where everybody interested is engaged in an intensive workout. The trainers who are usually muscled or so freaky fit they don’t get tired receive a lot of praise, applause and ululations once they are done with the session. After such intensity that leaves you anaerobic, people are hoping their reflections will be smaller, slender and possibly more beautiful. These thoughts, you cannot ward off.


Okay hmm; the devil is a liar and walks around in deliciously looking muchomo and countless stalls selling beer and soda and biscuits and this chicken turning in grills to reveal slightly burnt sides that leave you only after saliva is begging to pour out at the sides of your mouth. Like you have no option but buy. It is the slithering sight that steals your made up mind to not indulge but before you know it, a stick turns into 5 oily sticks and then you can not have enough of glasses of a given liquid. It won’t be long Before you are munching like you are having a party. My mom once said to me after she watched me gobble all sorts of food i had found at the kitchen counter right after my morning run sometime back in vacation  “you have eaten twice the calories you lost”.. How heartbreaking can that be? And yet that was the sight after the marathon…


I am actually not only talking about what baffles me at the marathon every-time but I am talking about our everyday. You don’t become fat in a day, you don’t ask out of a marriage in a day, you don’t lose your self-esteem in a day, you don’t lose whatever you lose in a day. It is a sure slow fade. Every small detail leads up to that crumble.

I am not so perfect, we all aren’t. We fail sometimes and it is absurd. We pay more attention to what we want than what we need, what we think more than what we know. There, at that point is when our Titanics start to sink, we lose sight of the shores, of goals, of dreams and delight only on temporary urgency.

It is frustrating to live with a condition we want gone but it is foolish (lacking good sense or judgement) to continue doing the things that lead us down that path. No nobody is stupid (lacking in intelligence) but it is just that sometimes, we are irrational in what we do. We don’t weigh on the benefits of our decisions. You know that saying “Think twice before you speak” maybe it should also be “Think twice before you do”

There is never anything like “The devil tempted me”, stop giving that little man power he has not, whatever happens to you is because you have invested in a habit of letting the symptoms stay, every thing you let go is because you fought none in keeping it and no don’t stop indulging, do so every-time, stop when the bells of conviction ring harder and louder. ♣♣♣

Dreams and Marathons

Break of dawn found me at the Kololo airstrip grounds, as usual the word multitude is an understatement but the entire place is yellow you wonder whether it is an invasion of a yellow visible virus. I am punching the air, stretching to my left and then to my right, i do short jogs— I am the ultimate epitome of fitness let alone runner description. I can see people staring at me and then i see them turn away to whisper.. “Hmm i don’t care; y’all will be wanting to know who i am at the finish line”, i hear my mind speak. i try at push-ups but only do a single because i don’t want to scare people too much!! i am clad in a black jumper, yellow vest, my short shorts, a blue armband and my white shoes. i have a bag with my bottle of water lieing on the ground just close by. I am ready.. I feel ready… So i walk that bossy walk to the starting point.


If you think you have seen people in numbers, you should have been there yesterday. I can actually see myself in this picture

See the weather is always cold, rainy and irritating (it has been this way every other November mostly the day the city’s biggest marathon is to ensue) but today it is oddly shinning; is this a bad sign because I now have to strip myself of the heavy jumper and add it into my already weighty bag. This however is not about to shroud my focus which is in the biggest fattest cheque this marathon could offer- I think to myself. I would bring fame into my family’s door, praises of “woah, who are you? Where do you come from? Who inspired your sprints?” these were the imagined endless questions from various media houses trying to have my photo and interview headlining their news bulletins and cover pages.

I am not too tall so i made for the front line see I knew the nearer to the front, the closer I was to my dream…. The gun went off and i felt like the skies would tumble down but a shout of determination like the one the people gave on Joshua’s Command to bring the walls of Jericho down rang out for the race had been started.. Off I ran like how I have seen Inzikuru, Kiprotich and Bolt do because I have been told a countless times that when you run ahead of the others( when you start with much speed), you have to win, its inevitable. So I was running to my win with bolt in mind, his signature pose my end goal. Lips pressed together, feet lifting me at 180 KPH… I am soaring, I am winning, I am taking this money home, Mama we made it is all I thinking about..


10 minutes or even 7 or even 5 minutes into the run and my chest is burning, my thighs are tearing apart, I am panting like a something that was yet to face creation until I ran, my shorts are up my buttocks, thank God they aren’t tight because they would have given way as I bent, my yellow vest is just there-hanging to my body, I start to slow down, slowly slowly, I look behind me and a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, a group of people are running past me—I keep calm because my mind tells me I should rest if I need to win this race—resting now is your only solution because as the ones that have run past you take rest, you will be the cheetah claiming your victory.

I am still resting, pulling at my blue wrist band and there I see them, a father and his two kids—the ultimate description of rich kids of Uganda, the ones that will be posting updates like “dad bought us new shoes from one of the Nike shops in Miami and we are running with them in this marathon—this is when they are taking a picture with all their shoes… I look down at mine, yes I could have bargained for them from some man downtown but they sure could pass for ones bought in Game. I watch the young boy holding an iPhone and I think back at my own Samsung that heats up sometimes. These thoughts are so lethal I turn around and run, run for my cheque and for my face to be all over newspapers.

My next run tells me how some dreams are unrealistic, how this body is a real Judas. Like if I won, it wouldn’t benefit as well, I stop for all reasons possible- to marvel at how we have freedom of the roads with no interference of cars, I stop at all the stalls, I stop to stare at couples, to stare at every living thing. Meanwhile, hundreds maybe thousands of people have run past me. I meet a bunch of friends but share a few hi’s and hey’s there (my run partner stood me up in the morning when I was half-way to Kololo, I think apart of me is angry, even lonely but I don’t need company—so I keep running..

I have now run for like an hour, good lord, when was 10km ever this long? There are posters that state 2km to go and for some reason, the runners are making stop to take not just a few but plenty of selfies and pictures. Its weirdly annoying but also amusing to watch people do all these facial faces, jump in the air and point their index fingers to their yellow vests–i did that too last year but i guess i was just with crazy company and  since i am alone this year, I walk on. I walk away



I have walked the most than I ran but don’t health enthusiasts say, walking is the best work out. I am quite a distance away to the finish line, I am rounding the independence grounds so I start to run, I run, infact I take off—the determined hero was running again.. I am not going to listen to my aching muscles and the cramps in them, I am not going to pay attention to the cruel pain at the side of my stomach, I just run and just as i am 20 runs like how you would say 20 feet, so I am just a 20 runs to the finish line and people standing at the other end are clapping, some laughing, most of them screaming. Is it all for me? I wonder! But then I start to hear names, names that don’t belong to me—go Agnes, you can make it Senva, you are almost here Nanmuntu, yeeyee fat Janzi…. I also continue running and as I am about to cross the finish line, I jump as high as my feet can bounce me off the ground hoping one cameraman’s been waiting to flash me for their tabloid. I walk in with a smile plastered to my face; I even do a subtle queen’s wave, I was not the fast/first but my cover page dreams are valid. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s newspapers, I have set aside some ka money for them.


Since this was written last night and today is when i have checked the papers, i must state that my face ain’t in any of them not even among MTN’s pictorials. Like i am here massaging muscles, feeling a certain kind of exhaustion and sleep for nothing– I didn’t get the cheque neither was my picture featured on a cover page like any cover page not even on the Rupiny Cover page. Hmmmm 

The Final Arbiter

The world is a stage and we are performers, “something” will tell you when you need to somersault and when to juggle and when to walk on a string from one end of the hall to another and when to just bow down and accept the standing ovation from your audience. This could just about sound as easy as it is written here however, it doesn’t go as easy as we think it does.



There is a mystery about listening to that small voice that is pronounced every time we require to make decisions even as small as how much sugar we should add to tea, or what cloth will suit you just fine or where you should invest your monies. More often than not, we pay attention to it incognito. However this is when we are as young as lilies. Like a voice to help in our discovery of self, it conducts our thought process.



Fast forward to the point when we confess how we are too mature we don’t need help making decisions, we are more rational and rush to decide and ignore the small voice that fights so hard to make certain we stay on destiny’s lane. And then little by little like a candle burning out, it fades into inaudibility.


Its been a while since I wrote but I must say that’s because I read a book that challenged my intellect, my imagination was swung into dynamic motion. This dear book is Paulo Coelho’s The_Alchemist_(novel). I write this post with reference to an except where the King of Salem is seated at a bench with the boy (if you haven’t read it, i am trying to let you know you have spent such a longtime at one end of a bridge-you need to cross over). So yes, the King of Salem is telling the boy how many people have been stung by the bug of conformity and yet I wonder aren’t we all? Usually there is an illusion that when we achieve a certain kind of fame, the bank accounts get heavy, the friends pat our shoulders with praise rolling off their tongues, we have reached! Writing this very statement, I like to think that if we get to this stage in life, if only we could treat it like a step to get to the next (harder) level like the angry birds game offers.

At this moment, the boy and the King are watching a baker who was supposed to be a shepherd but chose to bake because it’s what society calls the “White collar”, it would earn him a sit among the rich statesmen. But everyday, we too are faced with the same darn choice; to either choose what our hearts beat for or to chase what will not make our struggle a prolonged epidemic.

I would bet a dollar if you haven’t heard just too many stereotypes about choice and career; like pursing a music or ministry career is nothing but a waste of effort!!

It is often on paths not strewn for us that we lose ourselves, lose out purpose and lose our being. Life is a long stretch and almost every person that gets to the end of it wishes to have stuck to the path where their passion lay like a bride on white sheets, where struggle would only be met on entry into a door that would reveal daily steps of discovery and growth and prosperity.

Each heartbeat is a mystery of communication and yet we ditch the place at which our destinies come to life, where our lights are unwavering.

If you have to listen for anything in your life, it should be the small voice that speaks within you every single day.. 😉