The Harvest Is Truly Great: 12th October 2019; The Home Visit

Prophet Elvis Mbonye likes to reecho the statement “In this atmosphere, you can get whatever you want, this is not just a fellowship but a place of becoming because as Christ is, so am I in this world”. And here is an experience on how I have tasted the powers of the age to come. All it took was for me to be submitted to the Grace of the Prophetic Anointing.


The Date

In July 2018, as the prophet led worship, I kept seeing different beings, majority of them blossomed and others glistened with a marriage celebration and at the end I saw a date—12th October 2019. I wrote this date down, and later shared it with the Bae (Hudson). He is one that does not waste time broadcasting whatever is of God, especially the fact that it was a topic closer to his heart—Marriage. He published it on its social media, and even spoke to his friends about it.. We planned because we had seen the end of the matter, and often during my personal prayer times, I would see a beautiful wedding whose wording I drafted into a poem named “I saw your wedding”.

2019, came as a sweet song, ushering us in both great and trying moments. Month after month, the thought that 12th October would be possible was pushed to the back of our minds, under a pile of other wild dreams.

Along the way, a friend asked me to be part of his entourage, his wedding day was slated for 12th October. All possible signs showed that nothing would happen for us, however in one of our chats, Hudson loudly said “Something must happen on 12th October 2019”.

The Informal Meeting

Between mid and end of September, my father convened a meeting with the rest of the family. Everyone else asked that both our families, Hudson’s and mine meet informally at a venue (as according to the Kinyankole culture) to discuss marriage and the journey that would get us to the wedding. His family chose a Saturday, which happened to be his birthday—the 5th October, 2019.

On meeting, Hudson’s family expressed discontentment for meeting outside of home, they called it “Tusisinkanye mu masanganzila” and requested a formal meeting of both families in a home setting, this to them is what they call a “Kukyala”. They suggested my family should come up with a date on which we would host them at home. When we bade farewell, my family stayed to discuss what day would accommodate this function. I was not given chance to speak because “Chulden don’t speak in an elders’ meeting”, and so I kept silent and watched.

Finally a date of the Kukyala was set and all I did was gape—They said I think next Saturday would be convenient, I instinctively knew what date next Saturday would be. And finally the question was asked “What date will it be?”. It was my Father who said “Next Saturday will be 12th October, 2019“. My first instinct was not to share this with anyone (even though I had prior done so, I was sure they didn’t recall at all). These instincts died the moment that meeting was adjourned.

Daring the Prophetic Anointing `

When I shared this update, it was not welcomed. And this was the point I came to a realization that I am incapable of fighting the Lord’s battle, or enforcing an agenda that He alone set into motion. So I sat back, highly anticipating a cancellation but also holding onto the fact that I saw this date—while the Prophet and I worshiped, and if it didn’t come to pass then I would have no proper explanation.

On Tuesday, 8th October 2019 during fellowship, I asked the Lord for a sign to prove that it would be; and just when my mind had floated away from watching for the sign, as the prophet ministered to a one Julius (born in April, same as I), who had applied to Qatar Airways and his fiancé, he loudly mentions—- Watch, something is going to happen on the 12th October. I felt as though I had been plugged into a socket of overflowing current. The sign had come with a loud mention of the date once more and who was I to not hold onto this word?

Days grew closer and finally talk started to point to its occurrence.

I am yet to process this fact because It astounds me that it happened on the very day that the Spirit of God showed to me— It was, and is still a case of;

Be it unto me
According to Your word
According to Your promises
I can stand secure

Carve upon my heart
The truth that sets me free
According to Your word O’ Lord
You promised Your blood will deliver

Lord, we believe it’s true
You promised us joy like a river
Lord we receive it from You
These things You have spoken

And You’re bringing to pass
This world’s disappearing
But Your word will last
According to Your word ~~~~ Don Moen


12th October, 2019— This is the Day that the Lord has made.

The day started out with a profuse downpour to the point that whatever had to be done was done in the rain, I was all mud and wet preparing for this great feast. My 2 Aunts, and a friend to mom who were sorely in-charge of cooking had to shift several times between shelters. The weather was playing chess. In all of this, my heart was blithe with Zoe melodies’ praise rotation—Lord, this is the day you have made and I’ll be glad in it tuluntulu….

Finally, when my family had gathered and last minute preparations done with, I made my way to bathe and be a ready bride— On this day, it made sense why the Spirit had set me up to read the Parable of the 10 Virgins in Mathew 25:1-13, at 3:00 am on one of the days prior. 

I saw every part of my life play out in what the Lord had communicated to me through scriptures during my devotions—someone may say these might have been impulses, but I am honestly not about to downplay a spiritual experience for logic’s sake.

All this while, the groom kept sending courteous messages to my phone—One asked “can I call you?‘, and the other said “I am on my way”. So cute.

Thank God for the fact that my bedroom window overlooks the gate entrance. into my father’s compound. I could have screamed when I saw an entourage of cars lined up to enter into my father’s compound, I don’t quite recall. I could see that Hudson’s was a diverse company all beautifully clad in Kanzus and Gomesis, these my bako and bakyala were here to state a case—and I was to be the centre of whatever was to be spoken about through the entire time— I am such a big deal people!! (Blush if you may, roll your eyes and you will knock your toe)

Anyhow, Hudson had his glasses on, and I haven’t seen a man so handsome in his cultural clothing. If you asked me to make Luwombo and go serve him on all four, I could have done so, and even sang him praises like “Ayi Sabassajja Kabaka womutima gwange wangala sebbo“– but that was then people, which was then…


When finally they got into my father’s house, I was left to only imagine what kind of conversation ensued, tentatively asking my friends to be my eyes and ears but they must have been admiring and probably choosing men for themselves because they came with no report—real Judas’


Hudson’s Squad— Honestly, this is the humblest I have seen most of them

I could have sat for eternity, my pondering moments interrupted by the Photographer, to do this and that and smile, and push my chest forward— I am not very enthusiastic about multiple shoots especially if I am the point of focus in a single place. I was tired and hungry even before the official lunch moment was called for.

When I knelt to pray, I felt a settling in my heart. In my room alone, I felt as though Christ knelt with me, and smiled through my impeccable joy, my insurmountable tears, and basked in my praise.



There are fine sisters, but this sis out here bombing this beauty standard..


Finally, there was a scuffle, the young men walked out of the house to the cars and came back with baskets and sacks laden with food stuffs.. And when everything had been assembled, I had a rumble of laughter ring out, and then hand claps and then laughter, my father and Uncle’s was most noticeable. They were impressed, I could tell because this was intensely spoken about after the visiting family had returned to their domicile.


If you are wondering about when I write about my unveiling to the guests, and whatever you’d think would be the formal process, I got to peep in time at the Kyembebera emphasize to my father that it is not part of the Kinyankole Culture to unveil— You can imagine my disappoint after I had taken time to dress up and smell as the Victorian Queen.


When the disappointment washed away, I waited for what my Spirit would say and this was what it was; The shift has happened, as was spoken you have made a beautiful ready bride for your groom, your lamp was fueled and because it was not lit does not mean it was irrelevant. It only speaks for your preparedness. And I breathed heavily out and just like that I knew the God of Prophet Elvis had been about no play!!.

I did take some pictures with the family and my father’s Muko.

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The Sight of Abundance

And when we were back to family, I looked around my father’s house and there was not only a sound of abundance but a sight of it… I have never seen so many things, everyone had plenty to take home to their families.

Remember that scripture that says; In my father’s house are many rooms, at this point, in my father’s house was too much food and drinks and such a great harvest.

I wonder how to end this narration but this is what I will say—- Never has it been close to my heart what the process of marriage is about.

It is beautiful, it is overwhelming, it is such an experience everyone should have. The beauty however is if you let the Lord be the driver of this course. Once I shall write about how Hudson met, but ours is entirely been God unfolding His mercy, majesty and beauty.


I am the Seedling

My Vow

As a first timer, I didn’t have a clue on how to prepare for this ceremony, but what I have learned, I vow to help and share with every woman on their journey. I am not ruling myself out as an expert, but you know what, you don’t have to go through this without a hand. I will be that hand if you need one.


Lastly, don’t bow to the pressure— If you don’t want to wear makeup, do not do so because it is trendy or because the photographer said your pictures will look better with it, if you prefer to have your hair natural, have it that way, if you prefer not to have multiple clothing to change into, it is okay, you are not broke, you are being comfortable in who you are.


If you hate make-up, have someone give a subtle touch to your already obvious beauty!!

Whatever you want is what you should do… This is your day, it is your decision, look and feel good for yourself only not for the world. If you need scriptural backup, here goes

Romans 12:2 Amplified Bible (AMP) And do not be conformed to this world [any longer with its superficial values and customs], but be [a]transformed and progressively changed [as you mature spiritually] by the renewing of your mind [focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His plan and purpose for you].

The Lines have fallen for me in pleasant places

Share your story with me, and let us write it together. END