Memes for Marketing: A Nah or A Yah?

Have memes become a little too much?

The dictionary describes the word meme as;

  1. 1.
    an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2.
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

I will concentrate on (2), and that was what it was when first we got acquainted to memes. Some people going ahead to pronounce them as “Meeme( Like how it would be pronounced in Luganda to mean throat…). Memes served their purpose, and they still do.. They have as much power to leave your eyes welled with tears and your teeth plastered on your face.

The reason I give rein to this post however is how memes have obliterated creativity; especially with professionals and social media influencers hoping onto the wagon. It is rather disheartening that what started as a wave of creativity has now sadly translated into the norm as a way to target audiences.. See when first this kind of approach was introduced to marketing; one looked at a campaign or a poster and immediately- it spoke of minds at work. They were tactical well thought up ideas to communicate to the elite community, and now memes to campaigns feel like a sea of lazy minds.

Well this is my opinion; Memes tagged to campaigns relay the message of un-professionalism— A lot more than you can imagine.
Overtime, I have been keen with the performance of some campaigns I have seen on various social media platforms. They start off on a high note, with people interested, some even going ahead to give the campaign a genuine shout-out, and then as though cold wind from the North, a meme, then two, and before you know it, the timeline is covered in all sorts of text, captioned pictures and videos of humor. It is undeniable how people following, especially the ones the campaign was designed to target, even the ones whose interest was piqued, then withdraw.

Now here is the Ugly truth, the one most people want to tell you but don’t see the reason as to why they should anyway; 

  1. Memes will go before you and communicate of your un-professionalism
  2. Memes most definitely taint the brand’s image
  3. Where is the creativity in memes again? Or lets say, where is the creativity in hoping onto something that is already engineered?
  4.  How often have you attended, purchased, a product, concert that’s been marketed with memes?

I am always about brand perception; What people think about a brand will stem from their marketing, from the appeal they experience with the brand, and (especially in these times) what goes up on their social media.
To taint an image comes easier than building it up. And lately with over the top stats reporting how helpful it is to hit the mainstream audience by using influencer marketing, companies are out-sourcing a bunch of influencers on a low budget hoping they can push their agenda—some are not very conversant with content creation and therefore do as they please, sell the brand with memes, have people like and laugh, retweet and share without as much clicks to the company’s websites or ROI.

Mid last year, I ran a campaign with influencers on board, I sought mileage but also that the campaign accomplishes a set target. I created a whats-app group to ease communication as well as share artwork and text(typically cheating exams for them). When we rolled off the campaign, I was perplexed at how these “renowned influencers” executed– It was funny in the beginning but it got monotonous, irritating and as things turned out, the funny messages overshadowed the content. None of these people used the Website links I shared, none read the articles regarding the product that I wanted to communicate about— Content Vs Memes was 4% and 96% respectively. Much as I called off the campaign, I realized that not many people hold dear a brand’s reputation as they do this influencing. Brand image is such a big deal, whatever a brand is related to in any space can be categorized as either gold, silver, bronze, wood or unfortunately as hay and stubble– very expensive or very cheap!!

For someone that is still wondering about memes– here is where a person gets a funny picture or video, captions it in relation to a campaign or an entity and sends it out, yes– I do not refute that back in the day they excellently marketed however lately too many cooks are adding salt to the same sauce, it is now absurdly bitter and they don’t seem to realize that much.

And much as many people will sell you the idea of brand visibility which is very important for any entity, company, project… et cetera, it is important what the brand is visible for. The growing tendency of social media managers, heads of content, and marketing officers letting jokes related to their brand slide, in the end costs much more than their budgets may intend to provide for— i mean would why would you be casual with a pool of jokes from your influencer’s list much less on your timeline are selling jokes? Visibility is very important but let it leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Again, I don’t underestimate the mind of creatives but like the seasons King Solomon speaks about in Ecclesiastes, the clouds cleared and now it is about time we embrace the sun.
My word of advise is; choose your social media managers/influencers wisely. Recently, an online acquaintance shook a table–in his post, he boldly stated “Lately every unemployed person is an Influencer”, this did not go down well with the majority and some were stifled out of “kamooli” to engage him. Nonetheless, if we get back to the drawing table; social media influencers/managers are people task their brain to create content for the online platforms, and maybe the question should be how many people are geared towards creativity and not settling with the wagon? We can not deny that like other offices, this too was infiltrated with many people that may not fully understand the nooks of social media and because of them, the public then carries a stereotype that denies the creatives their deserved recognition.
Lastly, at organisational level,  do not settle for cheap, expensive is worth it in the long-run. Use every opportunity to communicate for your benefit;  and whoever you choose to do that on your behalf should do you justice.

Always remember, even the smallest choice shall determine how your audience perceives your brand.

Imagine this post full of memes though



Leave me your thoughts in the comment section… I would love to hear them. Thank you!!


Are Boda companies restoring the order that had long eluded Traffic Officers?


Photo by; Pius Enywaru

Safe boda, Uber boda, Taxify and the latest baby, Dial Jack have revolved talk about Motorist transportation around Uganda’s Capital. Want to evade traffic, are you in a hurry?, you are just an app away/ an order away, to say the least.
Over the years, there has been a growing trend of motor accidents, particularly because the boda riders are reckless in the sense they seem to not have the patience to wait until the lights flash green, they without consideration of the passenger will just speed at the junctions as though it is child’s play, and as a result, majority of lives have been lost in a twinkle of an eye.
Social media platforms quicken means as to how people respond to queries through hashtags and campaigns,  and that was the case when Entebbe Municipality MP Tumusime Rosemary lost her daughter, Doreen Tashobya and a one Patrick Businge in a motor accident where the boda boda the two were riding on collided with an Isuzu lorry carrying Sand in June 2016. Social media was awash with heartrending pictures that were taken of the deceased by onlookers. That started the #RideWithAhelmet move and what was initially a cry of the few spread like a wildfire; everyone calling out to youths that were the majority users of boda bodas to purchase helmets.
It was not long before holding helmets was not only classy and trendy but also a result of the #RideWithAHelmet campaign among young people. But a short while after, the consumers then started to complain of how expensive the helmets were.

Simultaneous to the helmet campaign, Uganda Police also intensified arrests of boda men that rode with no helmet and an extra one for their passenger all in a bid to reduce deaths and lethal damages caused by collisions between road users. This is no-longer an occurrence you will see being done by traffic officers

And that is how Rapa Thomson Ricky alongside his colleagues Maxime and Alastair founded  a community of entrepreneurs and boda drivers working together to improve professional standards across the urban transportation industry in Africa.


I speak for Safeboda because it offered me my first experience off this digital motor-boda experience. They picked up the idea; sold it to some boda men, told them of their vision and how they would be benefiting being part and parcel of it and like all marketing downs; some bought into the idea and other boda men shunned it. The community of Safeboda riders has since grown and therefore has there been a birth of several other companies.
And now, at every junction, you will see either light green, orange, or black and white reflector jackets all waiting until the traffic lights permit them to go. And (un)luckily for the freelance Boda Bodas, they have to wait too because more often they are blocked, and now what was a swarm of boda bodas speeding past the traffic lights is an order, an organization and respect of life.

This month last year, I was over in Kigali, Rwanda and (don’t you be rolling your eyes on me already) I was mesmerized at what I saw–the order, the respect, the non-complacency and a people that adhere to the rules. Man, that hit hard, because where I was coming from, you dictated how you sat on a boda boda and whether or not you wanted that helmet on your head–most customers do not!! And yet here I was, in a foreign land and yes, the rules were that if you wanted to use the boda boda, you had to sit with your legs across and with an helmet on– Such a challenge

And now here is Uganda, what the state should have implemented for the safety of its people, the boda companies are and much as they are baby steps, I am very persuaded they will work. If the main intent is to reduce the soaring number of deaths by road accidents, this will work if the proprietors of these start-ups inject as much determination in making it work, when they focus on how much impact they are creating in society, it will definitely work.

Get to Know about the different Boda Companies, and perhaps go ahead and download!

Stranded, how about you Dial Jack?




Access the SafeBoda website

And lately, have I seen an animation with Apass Narrating how Uber works?.. Must have been so.. I have personally not used the app, so I am not in position to tell all about it.. However read about it and download it here–> uber


And lastly, Taxify— Everyone close to me uses this app. I was out there minding my business when a message from a friend from my close circle goes like “Chic, do you know Taxify charges half the price of a normal Boda? A journey that would cost you UGX.4000 would be UGX. 2000? Hahaha,,, with these numerous taxes coming up, check out the Taxify, it might turn out to be your fave app..

Just Incase you have any doubts; These Boda riders are taken through thorough training on how to handle customers. They are given first aid training, customer care and relations training too as well as groomed on issues of appeal. That is why the service provider will email you seeking feedback on how your ride went— you have all right to report misconduct, mistreatment and anything that does not satisfy you as a client.

With that said—get your favorable app today and avoid any unforesightedness..


The Clean-Up

Its been a while since I last visited here.

I found cobwebs, and I need a brush to untangle them off the walls.

It also smells like old paper and cockroach poop.

Its been a while since the visiting lot checked on me

The clients perhaps found shop elsewhere

It is shameful, rummaging too

But like all fallen soldiers, I rise to face a new battle

This time I promise strength and stories

I have said that before, I know, and my eyes can’t go without the roll

But I shall not give up saying it until it becomes the very definition of who I am

The air that I breathe

I come to clean up, and clean up will I do

Keep around.. This time, it shall be more interesting!


Talk To Me About Your January


Hello beloved,

How are you? Thank you for taking a stroll here today.

How is January going for you? Is it one jolly ride or a snail fracas?? This is January for me!!

The Prodigal Customer!!

I had planned not to have the Rolex this month, but like my shallow pockets decided, I did. Last Friday, I just could not afford that fancy chicken Luwombo at Finex’s Restaurant or that cozy desert served at Seven Seas Restaurant. So I walked up to my Rolex guy’s stand the moment I alighted from the taxi. He looked at me, his mouth agape and after a while, I decided break the silence with “gyebaleeko sebbo“. In reply he said— Nga ombuuzeeko, mbadde manyi toli nam’ Uganda eno (translated as, I haven’t seen you in a while, I thought you are not in the country). I smiled gawkily and before i could order, he said leero otwala Chapati billi ne amagi ku bill yange(today you shall take with you a Rolex made of two eggs and two chappatis on my bill). The shock, the inner happiness and the exhaling knowing a miracle however small, happened right before my eyes— If I should add, it is not everyday you meet such souls and therefore this is really me glad I was the prodigal customer whom the Rolex man welcomed back with open hands..

Why’s January so long?

My face scrunched up in shock just last week when I got an alert. In the middle of one of those conversations, a friend mentioned “We have only been a full two weeks into the year??” I have usually regarded people that say January has an entire “360 days” as ridiculous but I might as well agree… 2 Weeks?? People I feel like I Have lived 3 months into this new year; And it is not that it is getting hard in any way whatsoever but honestly…… 2 weeks???

But then, don’t mind me.. That is just my freckled mind and I. Father in Heaven, I thank you for thus far we have gotten into the year!!

Goals and Baskets

So what is it about this year, first off, I am very excited for the kind of posts that will be appearing(featured) here. I feel that the Lord has somewhat placed within me a deep need to expound relationships and the depression that comes from some of them.

We will be reading stories of the people that have walked that path and also getting to know what solutions they offer on how to be happy, content and maintaining a positive outlook on our environments.

I would like to leave a sense of wonder on what to expect from this blog this year, but you can get to suggesting so that we are partly in-charge of the plot twists this year, 2018..

P.S– As long as it is still January, HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!

  1. Talk to me about your January or what you think your year’s going to be like
  2. Speak to me about what kind of posts would you like to read
  3. What topics would you be interested in reading here?

For all feedback, I thank you!!

It’s The New Year!!



The year’s started out, I actually mean to scream— “It is 2018 People”. It is exciting for the fact that we have yet another chance to perfect the art we started painting last year, but even much better, Start Over on A fresh page. 12 Months of lessons, challenges and wins. It is like taking that “amazing race challenge” where you have to wade through mud, below sharp edged fences trying to avoid any scratches and finally make it to the finish in time. Does it matter whether you get there first? May be but mostly maybe not. What really matters are the lessons you receive while the challenge pushes you to tears, to giving up, to straining some muscles and deep scars that will always evoke a pain.

This year is basically about start overs. Failed attempts are never what they seem. Failure has lessons attached to it, hurtful losses and painful experiences however, Success they say, comes from several attempts at failing. Maybe it is true and maybe it is not. Whatever the case—- START OVER!! 

Competition enables growth, but the moment you miss a stair intended to elevate you just so you can be at the same level as someone else is venom in itself.. Missing a stage in your metamorphosis is a definite fall that will influence stagnation at your work place, home, relationships,… it.

Always have it ingrained in your memory that, a missed step is a lesson unlearned. Live through your life’s journey, do not be intimidated. Be a tortoise where you need to, and a cheetah when the time calls for it. Ask to learn from the answers offered even when you risk being regarded a fool—it will only last a few minutes. Walking away with an uncertainty will make you a fool for a very long time, if not forever.


I would like to find out what you look forward to this year. Comment below, share tips you think we should hold onto for a magnificent 2018 ..     


All I Ever Wanted Was You

I have been stuck up in the corner of my mind the entire day

Afraid of wandering because I am sure away from it, I will find you

Before I knew you, I had solace to myself

Never worrying about things that seemed mediocre to my mind

Sadly now, all I have to myself is a corner

You have the entire part of my thought process

Is that fair? Is it?

My mind tells me it shall pass.

It has learned to digest this because well, all my friends have said so

And yet I am not sure

I have never been unsure all my life

All I am now is a wreck, wondering whether I have right to think the way I do..

All I ever wanted was you… And I got a clone of you😭


I decided to take on a challenge in your absence

This is much lesser than what I anticipated I would do on a day like this 6months later

I promised not to think very often of you and yet you are what my thoughts crave for

Maybe I should be moving in a direction opposite but you are my early morning coffee beckoning me

I am fully aware that opposite roads always have a junction

It may not be at the first stop, neither may it be after a year

I know however, that we will end up meeting someday

And I will have my eyes glued on you like you are a visual magnet

You will hear my heart beat like it ran a marathon

At that point, you will know my fears, you will know I want you still as much more than I did then

At your sight, I will wonder how life has been to you; fair, nasty, great or excellent

The sight of you will make me wonder whether I made the right choice walking away from the fire that still burned on the inside

Or worse, it will cross my mind—that dreaded curiosity

On who warmed your bed while I was away soul-searching

Would she be of light-skin or black. They say black is beauty and I know it is your favorite

But I also know that while we were together, you stared at fairer girls

Whose skin you made me envy—sometimes they were slightly Hamisa’s tone

But still you stared as though oblivious I watched you

And while you did—you took my heart with you

See I am now over you like the burger I had the day we went bungee-jumping

Memories of you are etched in a file that is almost facing delete

And yet I know almost doesn’t count… it never counts

I almost caught the bus the night we broke up

You didn’t believe me because you thought I was out cuddling with the guy whose eyes were beautiful

But if it counts, I almost caught that bus

The bus in which I saw over the news crashed.

I still wonder why you held bitterness after you got to know the bus I was supposed to catch to meet you, crashed

But perhaps you wanted me out of your life long before I knew you did

And that more than anything, crashed me more than that bus could ever have!!

She was vulnerable when it came to him… He had crashed through her universe, kissing her soul— N. R. Hart