The Refugee crisis In Uganda: Is Uganda missing the point?

Over the past 2 months, we have seen an influx of refugees into the country.  While statistics continuously change as refugee emergencies wax and wane in different parts of the world, UNHCR reports that Uganda is accommodating the largest refugee population in Africa with an escalating entry each day. These are most times fleeing from torture, death and mistreatment from the neighbors.


An info-graphic from UNHCR shows a rapid increase of refugees and asylum seekers into the country from July last year since fighting erupted between forces loyal to President Silva Kiir and First Vice President Machar. The influx continues to be characterized by a high proportion of women and children (more than 90%). It should however be noted that a refugee is given as much rights to land, resources and access to travel.

Is Uganda capable of handling this crisis?

Right before the borders opened to welcome refugees, the country was finding trouble meeting the needs of its own citizens, especially the people in the Northern region—Several media houses and News publications reported about soaring numbers of people that wasted away and died from hunger because the region was and still is, facing an intolerable wave of drought and famine caused by arid temperatures. And now barely a month from the saddening news, Uganda’s boarders were opened to accommodate over 1 million refugees.

Currently Uganda has 9 refugee settlement camps with Bidi Bidi hosting over 270,000 people at a go, the highest number in any refugee camp across the world.

4000 (1)

Bidi Bidi camp at a distance. It is characterized with homesteads close to each other. Receiving refugees in this camp settlement was closed.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has remarked before “Uganda has continued to maintain open borders, but this unprecedented mass influx is placing enormous strain on our public services and local infrastructure.” Isn’t this a crumble to Uganda’s objectives to achieve the Middle Income Status by 2020?

In Uganda, one qualifies for a refugee status when;

  •  (a) owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, sex, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, that person is outside the country of his or her nationality and is unable, or owing to that fear, is unwilling to return to or avail himself or herself of the protection of that country; 7 Act 21 Refugees Act 2006
  • (b) not having a nationality and being outside the country of his or her former habitual residence owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, sex, religion, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, that person is unwilling or unable to return to the country of his or her former habitual residence;
  • (c) owing to external aggression, occupation, foreign domination or events seriously disturbing public order in either a part or the whole of his or her country of origin or nationality, that person is compelled to leave his or her place of habitual residence in order to seek refuge in another place outside his or her country of origin or nationality;
  • (d) owing to a well-founded fear of persecution for failing to conform to gender discriminating practices, that person is compelled to leave his or her place of habitual residence in order to seek refuge in another place outside the country of origin or nationality;
  • (e) that person is considered a refugee under any treaty obligation to which Uganda is a party, or any law in force at the commencement of this Act; or
  • (f) that person is a member of a class of persons declared to be refugees under section 25 of this Act.

Different countries and officials have offered mixed reactions about Uganda’s lenient refugee policy that requires that instead of refugees being locked in crowded camps surrounded by barbed wire, they are to be given large plots of land in sprawling settlements to build homes or, if they like, small farms.

The pressure from South Sudan is gradually pushing the country’s refugee-friendly policy to its limits. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees, has said it needs $569 million (Approximately UGX. 3 trillion) to support refugees in Uganda. It has received less than one-quarter of the amount so far.


The Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees is underway at Munyonyo Resort Hotel, hosted by H.E Yoweri K. Museveni(President of the Republic of Uganda) and António Guterres(United Nations Secretary-General)

Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Adonia Ayebare, says the international community is set to support Uganda in raising money for humanitarian aid to the refugees it is hosting. He further continued to say that “Uganda requires urgent and robust support to deal with the refugee crisis in a humane and sustainable manner until durable solutions are found for the 1.2 million women,men and children who currently need its protection.”

Often times, The UN High Commissioner Filippo Grandi has endevoured to share the reality that may be taken lightly– “The biggest contributors providing a safe haven to the world’s uprooted people are poorer communities.”

In the same line of thought, here are some of the gaps that I think need filling;

  • How sustainable is asking for funding? How long will it go on? What if much more is needed ?
  • Is the current number of refugees that just crossed into the country the only one the country should expect?
  • Should Ugandans look forward to clashes over land?
  • Will refugees then be sent back to their countries once all is settled? What if they do not want to go back?
  • What is government’s plan for the refugees? (Is there employment set apart for them since they are now receiving education?)
  • Will Uganda be able to achieve “Agenda 2030?DAw1KiZW0AAtqDn

Please note that I have nothing against refugees, they are people that have found themselves in the midst of circumstances that are intolerable. As a host community, we look forward to standing together with them and request all help possible from Government, well-wishers, fellow refugee host countries and Non-Government Organisations!

Do Men Ever Realize They Get Only One Chance?

This is one that has been stuck on the back walls of my mind, showing face once in a while and then slowly drifting back to the cognitive. Today it crossed my mind when a close friend opened up about his “trying to get into a relationship” ordeals.. He sounded hurt with his revelation. I listened because sometimes all that people need, is a listening companion and not one that will take them back to school of encouragement and comfort. Most times when we prove to know it all, we become a nag and deny the person spilling all a chance to grieve..

He mentioned that he wants to get into a relationship like any natural emotion-filled human. He needed to be loved, to flaunt and be flaunted, to not be the odd “single” guy among his gangos. “But even the girls that seem to promise, the ones that seem like they have given a green light just end up vanishing after a date, disappearing like what happened before was a fad.”–He shared thoughtfully

“It is all bed and roses in the inbox until after a physical date is set up. The sparks disappear.”

When he narrated this, I realized this has happened before… I have seemingly gone on speaking into the phone for several hours with a person on the other end and it seemed like he is the one, only for a date to happen and bam!!—Nope, not this one.. And just like that, you thank him for thinking up the idea of a date. This is you being polite because well, he didn’t spend peanuts while he was impressing you– this thank you note also marks the last days of the late night calls, love filled texts and possible flirtations.

After this post, possibly men shall share why they seem to rethink their idea of spending forever with a girl after a date. For now, I shall speak boldly for the girls.


First, It matters where you are going for a date. Is it the loud place or the serene place. Between these two, I would choose the latter—why? It is the first time you are meeting therefore it counts that you aren’t interrupted by loud music or various strings of activity. To request to take a person out on a date depends mostly on their likes and character and never yours.. it doesn’t matter whether you don’t like it, it is their needs before yours.—This is called the Impress her mode. In all honesty, my friends are really the kind you will find deeply rooted into church and their first date stories just killed any possible hopes of ever dating the guys that took them out.. First because the person did not recognize their Christian values and secondly because while in the loud places filled with “mr big boom and agataako”.. The scripture from 2 Corinthians 6:14- Do not be unequally bound together with unbelievers [do not make mismatched alliances with them, inconsistent with your faith]. For what partnership can righteousness have with lawlessness? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? Is a constant reminder that their hosts are a bad choice. This case is closed!!

Second, I am personally the kind that will go out on a date and determine to listen(this is because I usually do not have as much to talk about like I often do—haha).. Any how, while at it you will realize that ideologies are not a match at all. There is no cross roads between your kind of ideologies and his kind of ideologies, it is clearly two parallel roads not able to meet anywhere.. See the Bible clearly states that “Out of the abundance of the heart, a man speaks”.. Never take lightly what someone says, it has not just been formed by the tongue but it is something they have meditated upon, yes even in a micro second. Luke 6:45- A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

Third, you can know a person that is putting up a front that they will not be able to sustain for a longtime. Yes, we are meeting for the first time and we both have our insecurities.. Will he like me and the dress I put on? is mostly what’s going on in a girl’s mind. Dear men, you don’t have to overstretch your budget, you do not have to tell me of exploits(that haven’t been a personal experience yet) just to impress me. Do not blow me up too much just to inflate me with a prick of a needle in the future. In the moment, let us focus on you and I. let us be as genuine as a stain on white linen.

Fourth, aren’t some guys just careless with their words? Please when I walked into the restaurant to meet you, I was not seeking self-esteem from you. I walked in with it in full throttle! Therefore do not lower it with comments like Omg, you are fatter than I thought, Oh shit, you should have worn purple lipstick to match your dress beautifully, why don’t you wear mascara for your eyes—are you even girl at all?? Aaahh for those whose eyes are bulged, hmm yes we have guys that have bolder balls… Their guts are very unexpected and un-thought of.. Who would like to be in a relationship where their levels of esteem will be diminishing every new day or worse, losing oneself just to keep up with the expectations of a man that seems to have shown interest.  Nope— this earns your name very fast erasing!!

Fifth, It is equally a turn off to go out with self-centered men. Everything is about them. They have been everywhere, achieved everything. 85% of the conversation is about them and your contribution only consisted 15%… Do not get me wrong, there is no harm in talking about you but on the first date, can you get to know each other?. The first date, if all goes well is an affirmative for many more chances to open up about your achievements but for now–let it be the 50/50 first date please!.. Now if these guys aren’t talking too much and blowing their trumpet, they are picking up numerous calls, scrolling through various chats. Gosh.. it is even hard keeping up with these.


Lastly, meeting a guy and finally putting a face to the sweet texts that come in from Specie S, you realize he doesn’t meet your expectations.. Hhahaha… Where you expected tall, broad, brave and whatever it is that the text messages paint, you are met by the total opposite… Not to really burst this bubble but more often, girls will not keep interested if their expectations were not met..

There is pretty much left that will leave the girls not returning your texts or staying up on the phone with you like initially but if anything should be known,  it is that Men have only one chance—To like is as easy as to unlike. The English proverb “The first impression matters” holds much sense in such a state.

To the guys, if a girl ever leaves you for endless reasons, Mister, do not be offended or dismayed.. Each one of us was made for someone.. Pick up your bags and go on to the next. If you are worried you have to spend a fortune in yet another repeat mode, adopt dates where you don’t have to spend too much.. Go out for an evening walk, to the movies, to a picnic out somewhere nice.. Am I supposed to give thee ideas??? If yes, go read a book by the falls… This is a very exciting venture!! 

Okay Bye really..♣♣♣

Advice— Make them remember you!meercat

I would be very glad for feedback as well as opinions!! Thank you a bunch for passing by


Our attention is either taken by our smart phones or by our music lists. Never the person beside or before us.


We always need to check out the latest update, the latest follower, the latest number of likes. Yes, we could be moving towards the social marketing/networking era where social media is very imperative but have we forsaken the traditional strings that bond relationships—authentic relationships with the people around us.

A time back when I was really stocked about having a smart phone, it is all I maneuvered, chat this, downloading app that to an extent I missed more than half the things my parents said to me in conversation. On various dates, I missed catching the expressions(I am really the facial expressions girl because they hold emotion, they hold meaning and speak louder than what words may not  say). This was the trend until I decided I wasn’t going to be foolishly addicted to bending my head over a phone—To stick to this decision took/takes discipline.. Discipline to go out with someone and they are scrolling their phone and you are staring out at them like you have no phone of your own.

I once went out with a friend to a pizza place. We hadn’t seen each other in a longtime and the excitement over the phone was almost palpable. We did go out, ordered that pizza and nojitos but I could swear all we said were pleasantries and possibly me asking questions now and then, once she would lift her head up and shake it rigorously and then she just wouldn’t. The silence gladly embraced us when I decided to just stop prying. When the pizza—that seemed to be our only rendezvous was finished, we each packed up, smiled widely, spoke of how exciting it had been to catch up and then went our separate ways…Boy, I have never felt so empty or is the word ignored?—Maybe even annoyed, because I paid for the Pizza..


I keep wondering, have humans become lonely that the only “people” they can trust are their phones? Because it just makes no sense how you travel miles to meet a person and then end up each scrolling your phones—restaurants can attest to this, there is no eat-out place where you will not find more than a couple of people sharing a table each minding their phones.

Relationships are built on intimacy and I find that this intimacy can not be found on social media—most of the time, I send out laughing emojis to things I have actually not laughed about, I have erased several messages for a fear of how I will be considered by the person on the receiving end. How then can people trust these gadgets, messages and notifications they receive thereon at the expense of an actual person in-front of them?


Just the other day, I read a meme that for many will hit a wrong note. It said “Your boyfriend is single in his crush’s inbox”.. Hahaha, okay this is sick but devastatingly true How many guys tell you sweet nothings and then easily move on in a blink of an eye? Like whatever he was emphasizing before did not matter and just like that, swoosh he disappeared!!

Maybe I should get over this— I used catch taxis in the good old days and people would be sharing great joy(of-course some taxis are inauspicious some days) and banter until you got off at your stage. Lately, a taxi feels like a cemetery—silence, creepy nudging silence, with people nodding away at music blasting in their ears… Nothing, no talk, don’t you dare say a word!! Sadly that is life now…

We don’t talk much do we? We are about posting the latest picture on Instagram, checking how many Facebook likes we earned and making those various videos to earn a huge following on snap-chat and that is what life has become!!

Guess, it is now okay to be an introvert because relationships are no-longer necessary unless we are going out to an event or to eat-out. We don’t mind cuddling our pillows as long as our phones are right beside us, we don’t mind staying up late–there is a lot on social media not worth missing. Is there any such thing as finding out the color of the eyes of the person that’s seated next to us anymore?                                                                     I believe the fights in relationships are tremendous lately because unless she says something first, I am going to ignore her because well–I have quite a number of “severals” to fit in her space on social media..

It is grueling, It is tiresome… Life is only about social media now and never the person next to us.. We don’t talk anymore–Maybe we do, but not as much as before!


Joogoo’s Made It To My Blog!

Today morning, I was awakened by the persistent crow from Joogoo. Joogoo is a roaster. A neighbor’s roaster. Aside from the chairman, this roaster is the most famous. He walks very bossily, showing off streaks of feathers protruding from where he poops. His comb is a fiery red that stands out very boldly when he decides to adopt the crane’s pose.

His feathers are between black, brown, a shade of white and a bit of purple-ish reddish!! He belongs to Mr. Ssali.. Mr Ssali is something close to a farmer, its just that his kind loves to dig. You can tell a person that is doing it precariously and one that will carry his hoe on his shoulder with such pride–Like it is a new found blonde. He asks around to help dig gardens, trim compounds or just care for the banana plantations. He hates it when the garden is “shabby”, dry leaves about, banana fibers protruding just anyhow.

Everyone around home talks about Joogoo and it looks like hens equally want a share of him. He only chases after them for 30 seconds and they will be cloying under him. Mr. Ssali says Joogoo is a pirate of sorts-he has escaped death and kidnap several times. This he usually narrates to kids that attempt running after Joogoo.. They never get him and this has birthed in him a pride very nonsensical. It shows in how he walks, in how he stays put even when someone shows him he is unwanted in a particular place, it also shows in how he crows.. SMH

I am not one to mind Joogoo really because I mean, everyone else gives him such importance like he is kingly. Maybe I would mind as much if he were headless like the historic mike. And I think he has noticed everyone else accords him exaggerated importance but me.. So today’s morning, my alarm didn’t ring at the usual 5:30am and so I slept on until 6:25am but I woke up only because Joogoo crowed like it was the last day he was doing so. Beside my window, he went on and on and freakn on—I wondered whether he had flown over the perimeter wall, squeezed under the gate or just supernaturally found himself there. How in Heaven was he there?

He literally screamed so loud that I thought to myself “Mr Ssali needs to take time off and actually help Joogoo deal with his ego. It is eating him up, slowly he is becoming a nag. Somebody is going to send armed boda boda chicken after him and Mr. Ssali will lose his only companion”.

See Mr. Ssali will eat beans and greens all year long– these he asks from the owners of the gardens in which he digs) than slaughter his Joogoo. I am sure because Mr. Ssaali will not eat him, man people spend their days dozing out… Sleeping out.. Having one lazy day at their places of work!

But look at me writing a full post on Joogoo.. Guess he is famous after all because he made it to my timeline-both in narrative and his award-winning photo.


This is Joogoo. I am sure his pride makes him think he can be a crested crane too!! He won’t run even when you come threateningly close to him!! This Chicken needs a DC!!

Consciousness: Your Door to Reality.


If I were, in one word, asked to give a reason why some in life seem to walk the extraordinary or transcendent road while others remain enslaved to the dictates of natural forces I would answer –‘consciousness’.

Consciousness is the state of being aware of what is going on around you. Consciousness is therefore awareness.

In the beginning, man was created a living being; with a body outside to contact the natural material world, and with a spirit inside to be in touch with the spirit world of God. With his soul, man would be conscious of either of these worlds to the degree he wills. The human soul, therefore, is the seat of consciousness or awareness.

Taking this a step further, your consciousness is what dictates reality to you. There’s nothing real but what you are conscious of .Whatever you are unconscious or unaware of is unreal to you.

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MTV Shuga: The Fifth Season Premiere In +256

Last week Thursday 11th May 2017, I was privileged to host the premiere of MTV Shuga season 5 in Uganda. The show is an award winning series that made its debut in November 2009. It was first shot in the streets of Kenya with now celebrated Holly-wood star Lupita Nyongo staring therein.(Many say this was the show that catapulted her acting career-but that’s for you to decide)..


Emmanuel Ikubese who stars as “Femi” in the series since season 2 says the show was then moved to Nigeria and dubbed Shuga-Naija. The current which was premiered last week at Sky Lounge, Kisementi was shot in South Africa-the very reason it is called Shuga Down South.

I am the kind that used to watch too much of television, the difference now is that schedules out weigh the time to actually sit in-front of a telly and enjoy a worthwhile show. But while the days were still young and staying up late to watch television was an achievement, I caught episodes of Shuga—it was(impeccably still is) one gripping show. As I watched the premiere episode, the difference that stuck out for me was how evident the change in video quality, color and verve there was compared to the previous episodes. It had me engaged.

Maureen Andinda, the M & E chief with Reach A Hand Uganda stated that as an organization, their main intent is to influence behavioral change among youths so that the sky-rocketing numbers of HIV/AIDS, Teenage pregnancies, early child-marriage, cross-generational relationships are eliminated and put an end to.


Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga, an HIV/AIDS activist said that when he first came clean about his HIV status, he was abandoned by everyone. He was told that he would pass away in 3 years but he is now a year away to 70 years and has lived a positive life for 31 years. “If I were to die today, it wouldn’t be because of HIV, it would be because of old age”. He said amidst sighs of awe from the audience.


Pamela Adong, the chief marketing officer at NBS Television said that it is in the station’s interest that their viewers catch on to such shows as Shuga that have an educational aspect coupled with entertainment to them because beyond just programming, the station’s values are to reach out to the audience with bold, accurate and authoritative content.


Finally, Emmanuel Ikubese(who is awesomely taller in person *winks), who stars as Femi in the series said he first got tested for HIV when he watched Shuga. “I am proud to have been part of the drama series as it is positively impacting lives of the youth across the continent.” He further shared that the reason the series kept changing location is because it is important to appeal to all youths across the continent.


When the panel made its way down, everyone plugged their headphones onto their ears, glued their eyes onto the projected screen and watched the premiere episode that was silently screened. Episode 1


The night was crowned with loads of interacting and networking.

P.S–> Just if you are wondering when to watch this new series, tune into NBS Television every Tuesday during the hour of 8:30pm and you will get acquainted.


Uganda’s Heritage!!

Since I slept through the late afternoon and early evening, my eyes are currently wide open; explains why I am having an insomniac night… I should be down on my knees, having sweet fellowship with my Father and yet this– this that you will see has kept me geeked onto the computer!! Seems like it is a journey I will enjoy but not before I share my inaugural project… 









Been a while since I wrote, and a lot of advice has been shared my way on how to break these drought-y days. However one stood out—Do a photo blog.. I did a graphics blog instead, collected a few pictures and added text to them

I would be glad for feedback from you!!

Akinsa, the Village Sun-II

They walked back. Slowly to the unbudding Namugooye. Not many people left the village and those that came back didn’t live long. Ahead walked the girl that taunted his dreams. She was so gentle in her walk yet her pair of buttocks seemed like two balloons filled with water. She was the epitome of beauty. Kizito longed for Akinsa who seemed not to mind a bit of his pursuit for her. He had done all that his male friends had done to the women that now carried their visible fruits of copulation and still all Akinsa did, was jeer like she had a railroad and a train squealed in there.  Akinsa was very verbal about how unappealing he looked, she often said no woman would desire a man whose chest stretched in the part where most men had hunter’s bodies. In her presence, he flagged a smile but late in the night, as he lay on his matted bed, he wept. Cursed at why the creator would have him look the way he did.
Do you care? He often asked.
If you do, why then don’t you make me as appealing to Akinsa’s taste?
All the company he got, were hungry rats running about in search for anything they can munch on.. But before he slept, staring at a picture Aunty Tayeeri had given him was his prayer. If anything, the mother believed in them spending forever together than Akinsa ever held onto hope.


Akinsa walked, each step on the look out for thorns but every thought wondering at why today, Kizito was quiet. It was odd. He spoke more often of his dreams. Even when she couldn’t imagine them together, she appreciated that whilst many men looked at her with a desire entailing lust, Kizito spared a minute to tolerate her somewhat introverted temperament. Sometimes she felt the need to open up to him but what would he do? He barely knew how to push his fist into the air. Often on this walk back to the village, he said;
“Akinsa my wife, if you married me” and a whole lot of dull promises followed.
And even if Akinsa wanted to find out why, she was not about to start a conversation. So she looked straight towards Namugooye that had started peering at a distance!!
Duty was as usual every other time she responded to her mother’s call. Tonight was fish and crashed millet and tomorrow would hold another story in itself-more less the same but not before night scorers heavily dwelled on her.


Night lingered and soon her nightmare would come haunting her. Her mother would enter her small stuffed room, she had learnt to stay awake as she anticipated this moment. It was one that would wear her out but then her mother had initiated her in the vice long before telling her refusal would disgrace her!!
Tonight, it was the stocky man that smelt heavily of the local brew. He had come several times before. He liked to play with her like she was a chessboard. And tonight, she was sure he would do alot of pinching and pulling and lots many more things and she would be the dummy that stays still as her mother came to peep between intervals to check if everything was going as agreed.


Akinsa of the night wasn’t Akinsa of the day!! She readied herself and knew the night had taken to the same old iniquity!!


I decided to write this series story to conjure society. And this is it!! I shall await feedback from you on what you think about it or thoughts on where you think it will end up!! Read Part 1 here–> Akinsa, the Village Sun

The Plunge

He never knew how it felt like to fall in love at first sight. He was actually angered by the mention of the idea. However as fate may have it, he did. And he was the most sheepish man that ever wore the garment of affection around his heart.

He said his vows and later wiped much more than a tear.

“I dived from a cliff so high unaware of whether life waited for me at the bottom of my irrational jump. But then I plunged into cool waters and while there, safe hands anchored my unbelieving self from drowning”.

Clear Dive

“How did it feel?” The pastor asked

“It was life. From then on, I lived.” He euphorically shared

Church laughed.. It was a journey to happily ever after.

Tell Me About Your Prophet!

He who receives a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet’s reward~~Mathew 10:41


My Prophet is Elvis Mbonye. I met or actually got to know about him way back in 2013. Those days, fellowship was hosted at Open House on Buganda road. My mom also got know about him through a friend and when she first went there, the worship took her to heaven. That was her turning point. Never again did she spend Tuesdays fwaa. She had received heavenly plot. So since her daughter was a fresher at Campus and was doing a lot of idling after lectures, she invited her(me) there. Fellowship,in this case the idea of church on a Tuesday didn’t seem fancy or even welcome. I didn’t want to be labeled “thou art soo holy”. So I came up with all sorts of excuses really.

Her next baits are ones that moved me actually. She said this fellowship was frequented by only corporate men and since we were now in the age to date officially, these men sold out to Christ would be an ideal choice(Insert laugh). When I shared this idea to my roommate and best-friend Daisy, her excitement almost blew our hostel roof off. Mom had equally said, every Tuesday, transport and any other miscellaneous charges were on her account. This was a great deal. So the next Tuesday, we were set to attend– to see these men and to get pocket money!!

When Daisy and I walked into open house the next Tuesday, the first thing that hit us was how our clothes didn’t fit in here.. My God, the people that came here were very corporately smart, legit and the English was more Britain than Ugandan. They even looked more taller which made us feel like midgets.. We stayed by the door a while until an usher walked toward us. She smiled so beautifully and asked “is it your first time to come fellowship with us?”, We affirmed. She then hugged us, handed us a bottle of mineral water each, envelopes and walked us to our seats. We felt like VIP. That is when the music started playing.. I have never felt so much heaven in one place… I wondered whether I was attending a jazz concert. This music was so good.. The kind that you only find at pompous concerts and tea parties. But here it was in church!! As a lover of such music, this was the bit my heart was first wooed into this unusual atmosphere.

In walked Prophet.. He took a seat at the front as the choir carried on in high praises and later worship. In all honesty, when Prophet preached first, I didn’t get a thing. People around me laughed at jokes I either didn’t get or didn’t find funny.(Like I missed it like that).. Meanwhile, Daisy had a strong bias. This is a story she even no-longer wants to tell… Like how???

We came not very often, only on days when we wanted that financial boost from mom. We got into service halfway the sermon and in a few minutes, Prophet would conclude. And off we would go.. No word whatsoever. Just a tad more rich to buy promotional pizza. We spent a whole semester void of this place.. We weren’t buying into any profusely tongue-speaking people… However, the next time we went, fellowship had shifted to Labonita and the number of people in attendance had increased. When Prophet preached that day, we wanted more. Back at hostel, we mediated on how silly we were to have spent the time we spent upholding ego and naivety. So when next Tuesday came, we scampered to Labonitah. The numbers of people attending started sky-rocketing. The word every Tuesday became bread so it didn’t matter whether we sat on the stairs or in the carpeted corridor.. (We hoped for a prophesy from the Man of God).

Since then, I don’t remember ever missing Zoe fellowship. (Well save for the times, Internship in Gulu called–those school things!!)

What are some of the things that intrigue you about Prophet Elvis?

His lifestyle…. My God, you should listen to his kind of inconveniences!! 

His laugh… I could hear him laugh and I would go on a roll… His jokes…. My God his jokes are spiritually funny. Like you will laugh with no conviction whatsoever.

I am equally intrigued by how he has sought the face of God diligently without letting obstacles deter him and every Tuesday, he is sharing a principle on how to get intimate with God. Over time we have seen leaders of spiritual institutions keep to themselves certain principles to live a fully satisfied life—maybe because they think when they exhaust everything, their flocks will then leave them but like Daisy likes to say—‘If you know your spiritual stand with God, why should you be worried about people leaving your church? Like why would you care about numbers unless you are motivated by stagnation and selfishness?”

The reason people love Prophet Elvis(ohh yeah, you have no option but love Papa) is because long before, people have been looking for a deeper perspective of who God is and lo and behold—God anoints a man that shall be/is his mouthpiece.

I like when he boasts.. See boasting is not bad,, depends what about or in whom you boast!! I have learnt to boast about the things God does whether for me or the people around me.. Like yeahh… My life is on a another level because I know who I am and whose I belong to.

How has prophet Elvis Changed your life?

First off, I shall state that he is my Spiritual father… Now as a child, you learn by imitation and who better to imitate than a man that has coffee talks with our savior?(If I may put it).

Before Prophet Elvis, I read the bible for religion’s sake. I am quite sure the angels rolled their eyes and told me I was missing the point(Which of-course I couldn’t hear)..Like the scriptures Prophet reads now, I HAVE READ BEFORE but my God!! I missed the revelation they carried. All that while.. It is baffling how he will explain a scripture that you read before… Like my God—I want this kind of spirituality.

I could write forever about my spiritual father because I love him very much♥♥.. he is a gift… And gifts are not to be taken lightly…. My story can’t be written without entangling it to his. I love God♥♥♥♥ with an obsession only known to him and I. It is a good feeling to be in love and its most rewarding if it is with the Lord God most high.

People that bring an impact that forever changes your life are worth celebration and today, being his birthday, I thought back to how I met this man that is very unapologetic about the anointing he carries because this very anointing is shaking the city that once reeked of religiousness or should I say “spiritual” hypocrites that are against the very revival they prayed for!!… For more insight, refer to Prophets and Prophesy and Does The World Need Prophets?

Happiest Birthday to My Prophet Elvis Mbonye. I celebrate Him today!!

Ah me my life is no-longer one of fwaaa…. Everything, I see with the spiritual eyes and this is like the coolest thing ever… I am Heaven’s Spectacle. The very Remnant Of God.

P.S–>> Hi Reader, tomorrow fellowship is on at Kyadondo Rugby grounds, .. bYE!!♥♥♥♥♥