To win her heart

Two suitors

one taller than his comrade

the latter á la mode with cloth and the former plain

And yet both intentional in pursuit

To win her heart

To influence her choice and emotion

To have her entire being yield to truth

And so as they sprang back and forth like their feet contained springs

One emphasized with a voice so hard-lined

God loves you

And the other in a voice so smooth translated

Mukama Akwagala


The Blogger Recognition Award


With my awed and excited self, i will decide to take a seat as i narrate my excitement on first time ventures lest i trip unlike Amanya who took up the stage in a black blazer or tuxedo only my imagination can strike. See yes, i mean to say he nominated me for the award-My first of a kind on these streets. I wonder if i should write about him and yet my inner soul has wanted so much to elate him or rather that i lift my hand to offer him a queen’s wave and yet how he ushers the verses, sonnets and rhymes will ignite the same feeling you get when listening to that oldie “All my Life”. when first i visited his treasures, i fell upon “Tutee“, “Forlon” aah now if you were chewing on candy, i beseech you find free chocolates upon those two for yet still he introduced us to Thusi and Nandi in “Love: From the Phone Side of Life” (the irony therein)… I wonder if the smile alighting my black temples shall fade soon for a decade later, i want to unearth this one!! Thank you @Mpozii

How i started:

Rather interesting because i have loved ink on paper a long time for the beauty of their matrimony is one of mistakes and make-ups, rub, crumble and unwrinkle. However, it is only at the start of this year that this site swayed in my intoxicated mists, the different stories shared by the persons that spewed inspiration a follow from me they got and it got me thinking this is one way i could express my imperatives. My first post was a poem and the next published in the month of lovers (hahaha– i visit often and laugh). *Clicks glasses for the man behind those spectacles– Joel Jjemba (Do you even know you are an inspiration? Webaale munonga musheija for the numerous shares, some hilarious, some real life events, some are just for just but all i have read for their uniqueness) Pheww, better take me for capuchino and Croissants. kekekeke

To new bloggers:

Read twice as much as you write; it not only helps you polish up your works but also exposes you to diversity. Aim to read something different, not only the writers with whom you agree or only with the topics you that are within your comfort zone. Once in a while, write about tech or robots or ants and banana fibres.

secondly, write for self, write with your own charisma, have a trademark. Often, you may be deceived to think your work may not measure up in the streams of other people’s genuis efforts but keep on, don’t lose who you are in a haste.


Okay this is the part where i nominate 15 souls. And i know some have been nominated before but what is the damage in piling their dashboards with gold accolades for their creativity..

  1. rachealkay
  2. radostdinevablog
  3. paulinemary
  4. Isaac Bisoborwa
  5. allanmwasa
  6. ibrahsula
  7. dziva
  8. Kaweesiana

Now the seven more have disorganised my hair so for now, those will do.

Here are the rules:

  •  Write a post to show the award.
  •  Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  •  Give a brief story about how you started blogging.
  •  Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  •  Nominate 15 deserving bloggers.

Thank you very much y’all and now why don’t you have yourself a noble weekend.

*But Amanya, i didn’t get the award though( inserts thinking emoji).. I also want some gold.

Park Enkadde

So many a time will we have tourists jet into the country to go hike, mountain-climb, kayak, do a bungee jump and all  these various adrenaline paced activities the Pearl of Africa has to offer. I can’t agree more, i have seen with my own eyes even gone the extra mile of doing a few visits here and there to the river shores, mountain slopes, given the zoo a very delightful appearance and also watched various adverts stream across the telly; The wooows these provoke—Sheer ecstasy just..


However for me, the adrenaline is downtown–wali ku Paaka Enkadde. If you board a taxi or to like do shopping, then you have sighted the mighty sight along Burton Street. Cheey; all kinds of people are in the park, you don’t maintain the rather sluggish walk you sway with Uptown because while at it, either a taxi will vroom behind you, a man with muscles as big as Schwarzenegger’s pushing a chart full of garbage or vegetables (depends on what side of the bed you woke up on) will run into you or a pick pocketeer walking stealthily behind you will pray on the right time to rob you of your hard-earned monies or gadgets(they seem to like these the most).

Save the fact that with each day, the number of passenger cars increases and so there is hardly space to walk through, the dust is enough to serve as foundation and the idiom “Break a leg” will only birth accidents rather than good results, the sight of park enkadde is sure comfort of getting home for at the top of their voices, the conductors and drivers make mention of the various destinations they are headed to and as you make that hasty walk therein (mu paaka), you just don’t know who you will run into or better yet who you will sit next to–Yes the old Park has seen the start of beautiful love stories for atop those raised billboards, sits cupid with her arrow.

Now the Tourism board should think of having these tourists touring the park; i bet they have seen too many people in one place, actually not just that, too many people speaking, some shouting, some laughing, some perspired, some blooming [all these emotions in one place]

Meanwhile thank God Park Enkadde is a  no-go area for Boda boda..

Ideas and Grey days


I was told of days such as these, when ideas seem so lost in a sea of turmoil or even in sheer procrastination. When what is written down does not make sense like salt in lemonade. When it is not about the lack of ideas, rather contrary to that, they are plenty- sparked by something as small as an ant crawling the skin and yet even the formation and arrangement of sonnets and verses seems meaningless, like it is void of emotion.

When the constant is a relentless mind trying to find the roots of how it all started and why it started anyway, when inspiration and mentors almost say; please don’t stop and truth is that the passion to go on is stronger than of giving up and yet still, something feels amiss.

When all you need is to bury yourself behind pages of good strewn stories and poems but them the misery of schedule is mystified enough to drain the excitement.

Such grey days pass, yes I was told… I just wasn’t notified how long I have to endure them or sadly what could be the remedy even. Do such days make you better? Or they are only ones filled with mockery and disillusionment? No it hasn’t been that bad, on the contrary, stashed in my documents folder is narration of how my journey to the north was, my interaction with various patients and clients, the beauty of pregnancy and childbearing, various journeys, adventures and exploits even realizations with diversity in culture and language and people and yet regardless of how many times I follow up on my reader to keep abreast with beautiful stories and creativity and inspiration, No!! The burden of publishing does not hit me as much as my constant crave for maize after work.

With such days,I appreciate the exuberance that alights from “introduction to poetry”, X.J Kennedy emphasizes;

“Once it lies within your control

 Adjust it to how you feel

 For the spark of feeling

 Enlightens a story

As would rain on withered leaves”


Now this also shall pass, No? Or maybe what I actually need is to sit next to a campfire with my blue sweater around me and stare into the starry sky… Anybody up for a date?!!

Gifted Differently


Today I met a family of four

The wife was equally colored as her husband

Their two boys weren’t

They were introverted and withdrawn and preferred to keep their hands crossed tightly at their chests

Like speaking would have them feed on some scolding

I watched them not out of sympathy

Because I learned sympathy breeds inferiority

I observed them to try and understand their situation

I don’t know whether it’s because the sun rays scorched them past their will,

But their faces were scarred, with skin peeling off like it was disrobing itself of each one of them

I watched to understand why seemingly their parents didn’t bother

The fast gathering crowd revealed their parents were unemployed

“Fell out of employment those two and now these two have been told to forget about school” they almost chorused

The crowd jeered in sympathy and the corner of my eye saw one of them clutch himself harder and bent his head further more

My heart was giving way

Emotion welling up in my eyes

If only I had extra black skin, I would cover their entire white!!

Never on bright or dull days had have i had a crowd deter my analysis

But here they stood and God knows what their thoughts spoke

I stood and inwardly asked for strength

Rescheduled our next meet and asked to take leave

As I walked past the chief whose permission I had earlier sought,

With a senile smile, he asked “oh! How did it go with the “Albinos?”

My heart crushed, my blood rushed and my legs almost sold me out

That word! That term!

God knows I dislike it.

I find it segregative, even sidelining of the beautiful people they are

I raised my head and between clenched teeth, I managed to say

“Handsome gentlemen they are!!”

Sunday Joys

Yeey…. Here comes Sunday!!

animated-sunday-image-0059Is it just me who walks with a lot more exaggeration every other time Sunday is just a day away or is there anybody else as normal as i? Because yes, I would expect that any “normal” person would anticipate for Sunday not because its void of work but the very feel of  it is totally different from the rest of the week; it’s just that…..Sunday!!

There are like 100 and 1 Dalmatians, no reasons I love Sunday;

First I get to sleep in like really long without any annoying loud alarms or an actual intellectual reminder of I don’t have to be late for the bus to work.

Second; its church day. I wouldn’t trade Sunday for anything else- how the week throws all these burdens at me and I am given privilege to walk into church and strip myself of worries and heartache, be reminded of a love never ending, be in the light of the scripture that says “let the little children come to me for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”, in church I will jump, scream, dance, get slain (Goodness, make sure the church you attend doesn’t make you older than you actually are, having you doze almost ¾ of the service-hehehehe).

Third, the Sunday tranquility—I think I love Sunday for you will sit anywhere and have lemonade with the breeze blowing at your hair and the Hawaiian sun beaming on your shades (okay I saw that in a movie) but don’t you love that Sunday anywhere mostly in Kampala has less people walking the streets? Yes even in downtown; it actually feels like there is more air to the atmosphere, like even if the sun decides to malice our melanin, the breeze will overlap the extreme heat—Even more beautiful is that you won’t spend over 30mins stuck in unpromising jam on the roads or following behind people walking so sluggishly like they seem to do on working days!!

Fourth, don’t you love that music played on Sunday is soothing and mostly classics (guys those days knew what music is all about) and don’t you love that it is song after song without the interrupting speeches DJ’s and presenters give on end to prove their intellect (Msteew.. Let me not incite my continuously buried fury for every other time I have to flip channels when music is interrupted).

Fifth, is it just me or people are more considerate and forward with issuing those invites for the Sunday meal that will either have your tongue tasting of it the entire week or will fill your entire body, organs and neurons you swear to never eat again only to wake up to your mouth orchestrating multiple yawns on Monday morn.(I already have an invite for today meanwhile… Hahahaha).

Sixth, doesn’t the sun set so beautifully with promise of yet another week almost saying; I hand you over to the other six and I trust them to bring you safely back to me with possibly another challenge you want relived.

There are many more reasons but you can drop a few more reasons why you love Sunday. Odawize, enjoy your Sunday beautiful people. Appreciate life more every other time you feel like grumbling…

Until our next date!! Au Revoir♠♠