Talk To Me About Your January


Hello beloved,

How are you? Thank you for taking a stroll here today.

How is January going for you? Is it one jolly ride or a snail fracas?? This is January for me!!

The Prodigal Customer!!

I had planned not to have the Rolex this month, but like my shallow pockets decided, I did. Last Friday, I just could not afford that fancy chicken Luwombo at Finex’s Restaurant or that cozy desert served at Seven Seas Restaurant. So I walked up to my Rolex guy’s stand the moment I alighted from the taxi. He looked at me, his mouth agape and after a while, I decided break the silence with “gyebaleeko sebbo“. In reply he said— Nga ombuuzeeko, mbadde manyi toli nam’ Uganda eno (translated as, I haven’t seen you in a while, I thought you are not in the country). I smiled gawkily and before i could order, he said leero otwala Chapati billi ne amagi ku bill yange(today you shall take with you a Rolex made of two eggs and two chappatis on my bill). The shock, the inner happiness and the exhaling knowing a miracle however small, happened right before my eyes— If I should add, it is not everyday you meet such souls and therefore this is really me glad I was the prodigal customer whom the Rolex man welcomed back with open hands..

Why’s January so long?

My face scrunched up in shock just last week when I got an alert. In the middle of one of those conversations, a friend mentioned “We have only been a full two weeks into the year??” I have usually regarded people that say January has an entire “360 days” as ridiculous but I might as well agree… 2 Weeks?? People I feel like I Have lived 3 months into this new year; And it is not that it is getting hard in any way whatsoever but honestly…… 2 weeks???

But then, don’t mind me.. That is just my freckled mind and I. Father in Heaven, I thank you for thus far we have gotten into the year!!

Goals and Baskets

So what is it about this year, first off, I am very excited for the kind of posts that will be appearing(featured) here. I feel that the Lord has somewhat placed within me a deep need to expound relationships and the depression that comes from some of them.

We will be reading stories of the people that have walked that path and also getting to know what solutions they offer on how to be happy, content and maintaining a positive outlook on our environments.

I would like to leave a sense of wonder on what to expect from this blog this year, but you can get to suggesting so that we are partly in-charge of the plot twists this year, 2018..

P.S– As long as it is still January, HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!

  1. Talk to me about your January or what you think your year’s going to be like
  2. Speak to me about what kind of posts would you like to read
  3. What topics would you be interested in reading here?

For all feedback, I thank you!!

It’s The New Year!!



The year’s started out, I actually mean to scream— “It is 2018 People”. It is exciting for the fact that we have yet another chance to perfect the art we started painting last year, but even much better, Start Over on A fresh page. 12 Months of lessons, challenges and wins. It is like taking that “amazing race challenge” where you have to wade through mud, below sharp edged fences trying to avoid any scratches and finally make it to the finish in time. Does it matter whether you get there first? May be but mostly maybe not. What really matters are the lessons you receive while the challenge pushes you to tears, to giving up, to straining some muscles and deep scars that will always evoke a pain.

This year is basically about start overs. Failed attempts are never what they seem. Failure has lessons attached to it, hurtful losses and painful experiences however, Success they say, comes from several attempts at failing. Maybe it is true and maybe it is not. Whatever the case—- START OVER!! 

Competition enables growth, but the moment you miss a stair intended to elevate you just so you can be at the same level as someone else is venom in itself.. Missing a stage in your metamorphosis is a definite fall that will influence stagnation at your work place, home, relationships,… it.

Always have it ingrained in your memory that, a missed step is a lesson unlearned. Live through your life’s journey, do not be intimidated. Be a tortoise where you need to, and a cheetah when the time calls for it. Ask to learn from the answers offered even when you risk being regarded a fool—it will only last a few minutes. Walking away with an uncertainty will make you a fool for a very long time, if not forever.


I would like to find out what you look forward to this year. Comment below, share tips you think we should hold onto for a magnificent 2018 ..