On single schools

#UGBlogWeek  Day2

I personally believe the idea of single sex schools started in the United Kingdom because that is the Queen’s country and girls there need to be groomed in anticipation for the throne. Yes even the boys as well. Have you watched the elegance with which the men in movies whose originality is England or Britain carry themselves? Yes that is what was intended when single schools were introduced in this our beautiful nation. They were to teach poise, elegance, grandeur and appropriate behavior among the ladies and gentlemen in that the end product of that molding respected time, dressed decently, kept a natural aura and an unforgettable presence. That they ate 12 forks of jabbed food, tolerated no nuisance or lazy talk and were to be great sports men. That they sat and made sure their skirts covered all flesh on their legs. That it was a man’s responsibility to woo the lady and  the lady didn’t not have to be suggestive in anyway—matter of fact she was supposed to be curt and assertive..

I am sure if you have studied in a single school before, the tale isn’t entirely that smooth. I attended a single school boarding section twice.. once in primary; that was from p4 after I had cried to be taken there because the shopping my elder sister was given amounted to a full suitcase (all things pertaining to a child’s eating imagination—not after watching Home Alone and seeing how Kevin played with biscuits, chocolates and sweets). The second time was from senior 3 all through to end of my A’levels. Now in Uganda, yes some parents will ensure to take their children to certain schools because of the tradition known of them but also ( this is trend now)—parents take their children to single schools for fear of them being “spoilt” by the opposite sex..  I studied there because of the latter.

In both schools, we didn’t walk swiftly with heads stiff neither did we eat manya 12 forks( eehh I know people that would walk to work because of this food injustice). We ran carelessly with skirts being lifted  by the wind mindless of our fading inelastic panties, we asked for double (you guys haven’t seen food mountains yet) of posho and weaveled beans some of which was  kept for later in the night after night prep—we called it “cold power”. We talked with food in the mouth and used our hands as we sat on dirty the dining floor—licking at the mashed posho filled soup streaming down from our fingers to the backside of our hands. We laughed loudest uncaring of a fly anchoring in our mouths, we gossiped into the night, we dressed to cover our nudity and not impress, we were late and even though we knew the repercussions, we still lagged our feet, we dressed our feet in slippers even on compound, we took the ground to be disciplined by bamboo without nothing as much as muffle (hmm the heroes we were). We didn’t make up; what for?—we just smeared Vaseline. We didn’t bum force neither did we have anything on our backside anyway. The boys didn’t shower; they just perfumed their “kavuka” body scents. This list is an endless one…

All I am here to say is, schools made us no better (okay atleast me). We didn’t buy into what they were selling us—we lived by our preferences (ain’t that so?!)  Be there nodding in denial yet you only used to be the neat humble and well kempt kid because apparently the boys were coming to your school or because the girls were coming for a seminar so you pulled your school blazer that was the cloth you put between the suitcase base and your items so you wouldn’t have them rusted.

These single schools though…..*holds a placard …My money…


3 thoughts on “On single schools

  1. I wouldn’t have made it through single sex school. I would automatically have been sodomized for I didn’t just behave like, but I looked like a girl!!!! Yes looked like😂😂😂😂😂 you wouldn’t tell my sex

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