Uganda’s Heritage!!

Since I slept through the late afternoon and early evening, my eyes are currently wide open; explains why I am having an insomniac night… I should be down on my knees, having sweet fellowship with my Father and yet this– this that you will see has kept me geeked onto the computer!! Seems like it is a journey I will enjoy but not before I share my inaugural project… 









Been a while since I wrote, and a lot of advice has been shared my way on how to break these drought-y days. However one stood out—Do a photo blog.. I did a graphics blog instead, collected a few pictures and added text to them

I would be glad for feedback from you!!


2 thoughts on “Uganda’s Heritage!!

  1. Wow! This so cool. Going against the grind and you didn’t tell me all was going to end up here! I am so definitely taking that lifetime trip… stay to Africa’s pearl with you- Kampala’s finest. Osiibye otya nno

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