Tell Me About Your Prophet!

He who receives a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet’s reward~~Mathew 10:41


My Prophet is Elvis Mbonye. I met or actually got to know about him way back in 2013. Those days, fellowship was hosted at Open House on Buganda road. My mom also got know about him through a friend and when she first went there, the worship took her to heaven. That was her turning point. Never again did she spend Tuesdays fwaa. She had received heavenly plot. So since her daughter was a fresher at Campus and was doing a lot of idling after lectures, she invited her(me) there. Fellowship,in this case the idea of church on a Tuesday didn’t seem fancy or even welcome. I didn’t want to be labeled “thou art soo holy”. So I came up with all sorts of excuses really.

Her next baits are ones that moved me actually. She said this fellowship was frequented by only corporate men and since we were now in the age to date officially, these men sold out to Christ would be an ideal choice(Insert laugh). When I shared this idea to my roommate and best-friend Daisy, her excitement almost blew our hostel roof off. Mom had equally said, every Tuesday, transport and any other miscellaneous charges were on her account. This was a great deal. So the next Tuesday, we were set to attend– to see these men and to get pocket money!!

When Daisy and I walked into open house the next Tuesday, the first thing that hit us was how our clothes didn’t fit in here.. My God, the people that came here were very corporately smart, legit and the English was more Britain than Ugandan. They even looked more taller which made us feel like midgets.. We stayed by the door a while until an usher walked toward us. She smiled so beautifully and asked “is it your first time to come fellowship with us?”, We affirmed. She then hugged us, handed us a bottle of mineral water each, envelopes and walked us to our seats. We felt like VIP. That is when the music started playing.. I have never felt so much heaven in one place… I wondered whether I was attending a jazz concert. This music was so good.. The kind that you only find at pompous concerts and tea parties. But here it was in church!! As a lover of such music, this was the bit my heart was first wooed into this unusual atmosphere.

In walked Prophet.. He took a seat at the front as the choir carried on in high praises and later worship. In all honesty, when Prophet preached first, I didn’t get a thing. People around me laughed at jokes I either didn’t get or didn’t find funny.(Like I missed it like that).. Meanwhile, Daisy had a strong bias. This is a story she even no-longer wants to tell… Like how???

We came not very often, only on days when we wanted that financial boost from mom. We got into service halfway the sermon and in a few minutes, Prophet would conclude. And off we would go.. No word whatsoever. Just a tad more rich to buy promotional pizza. We spent a whole semester void of this place.. We weren’t buying into any profusely tongue-speaking people… However, the next time we went, fellowship had shifted to Labonita and the number of people in attendance had increased. When Prophet preached that day, we wanted more. Back at hostel, we mediated on how silly we were to have spent the time we spent upholding ego and naivety. So when next Tuesday came, we scampered to Labonitah. The numbers of people attending started sky-rocketing. The word every Tuesday became bread so it didn’t matter whether we sat on the stairs or in the carpeted corridor.. (We hoped for a prophesy from the Man of God).

Since then, I don’t remember ever missing Zoe fellowship. (Well save for the times, Internship in Gulu called–those school things!!)

What are some of the things that intrigue you about Prophet Elvis?

His lifestyle…. My God, you should listen to his kind of inconveniences!! 

His laugh… I could hear him laugh and I would go on a roll… His jokes…. My God his jokes are spiritually funny. Like you will laugh with no conviction whatsoever.

I am equally intrigued by how he has sought the face of God diligently without letting obstacles deter him and every Tuesday, he is sharing a principle on how to get intimate with God. Over time we have seen leaders of spiritual institutions keep to themselves certain principles to live a fully satisfied life—maybe because they think when they exhaust everything, their flocks will then leave them but like Daisy likes to say—‘If you know your spiritual stand with God, why should you be worried about people leaving your church? Like why would you care about numbers unless you are motivated by stagnation and selfishness?”

The reason people love Prophet Elvis(ohh yeah, you have no option but love Papa) is because long before, people have been looking for a deeper perspective of who God is and lo and behold—God anoints a man that shall be/is his mouthpiece.

I like when he boasts.. See boasting is not bad,, depends what about or in whom you boast!! I have learnt to boast about the things God does whether for me or the people around me.. Like yeahh… My life is on a another level because I know who I am and whose I belong to.

How has prophet Elvis Changed your life?

First off, I shall state that he is my Spiritual father… Now as a child, you learn by imitation and who better to imitate than a man that has coffee talks with our savior?(If I may put it).

Before Prophet Elvis, I read the bible for religion’s sake. I am quite sure the angels rolled their eyes and told me I was missing the point(Which of-course I couldn’t hear)..Like the scriptures Prophet reads now, I HAVE READ BEFORE but my God!! I missed the revelation they carried. All that while.. It is baffling how he will explain a scripture that you read before… Like my God—I want this kind of spirituality.

I could write forever about my spiritual father because I love him very much♥♥.. he is a gift… And gifts are not to be taken lightly…. My story can’t be written without entangling it to his. I love God♥♥♥♥ with an obsession only known to him and I. It is a good feeling to be in love and its most rewarding if it is with the Lord God most high.

People that bring an impact that forever changes your life are worth celebration and today, being his birthday, I thought back to how I met this man that is very unapologetic about the anointing he carries because this very anointing is shaking the city that once reeked of religiousness or should I say “spiritual” hypocrites that are against the very revival they prayed for!!… For more insight, refer to Prophets and Prophesy and Does The World Need Prophets?

Happiest Birthday to My Prophet Elvis Mbonye. I celebrate Him today!!

Ah me my life is no-longer one of fwaaa…. Everything, I see with the spiritual eyes and this is like the coolest thing ever… I am Heaven’s Spectacle. The very Remnant Of God.

P.S–>> Hi Reader, tomorrow fellowship is on at Kyadondo Rugby grounds, .. bYE!!♥♥♥♥♥


5 thoughts on “Tell Me About Your Prophet!

  1. WOW, U gal!! “His lifestyle…. My God, you should listen to his kind of inconveniences!!

    His laugh… I could hear him laugh and I would go on a roll… His jokes…. My God his jokes are spiritually funny. Like you will laugh with no conviction whatsoever.”..thought was the only one intrigued by that LOL! not forgetting the way he imitates people and situations ,his sense of humor is way beyond.I love my prophet
    cynthia with this master piece, i speak another encounter between you and Prophet not just in fellowship,but a conversation between you two and God over a cup of coffee. Be blessed my dear.

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