Prophets and Prophesy~~Part 1

Who is a prophet?

Often times, people have indulged me with this question and I always shared, a prophet tells prophecies and usually the question that follows is, “how different is a prophet from a pastor?” In the past, I got away with a lot of ummh and you knows but I have come to learn of this difference and please if you may, take a seat as I share my findings.

A prophet has revelatory abilities. He reveals what is to happen in the future. The difference between a prophet and fore-tellers or psychics is that a prophet is the visible voice of God(he/she speaks the mind of God). The latter people(psychics/fore-tellers), I don’t know their tricks… They aren’t my target people.

You realize that in these days, it is hard for people to believe in prophecy or the people ordained prophets(even church leaders) because the people that assumed this title before either conned people dry or all they did was usher out a bunch of declarations>> This explains why people ask as to whether there is a difference between prophets and pastors.


A prophesy is way different from a declaration. To say that “I will be rich in future” is a declaration. For a servant of God to tell you that God recognizes your talent in say writing and says that you should focus on it because it is going to take you places is a prophesy”.

I once was submitted under a pastor who amongst the many growing fellowships in town, warned that we should be careful about them because they were cults. However one thing that he stated that still rings as advise to some of the decisions I make was “Give things time, only time can prove if things are truthful. You wouldn’t want to be on the side that is fighting a revival that God intends—1 Corinthians 4: 5. It stuck! And I must state that time has proved certain things. There are just some people who think have a discerning spirit but what they really have is an overly suspicious mind. Like you see things unfold, things even an unbeliever will call miracles unfold but you still decide to let your suspicion blind you. 

Christians have adopted the habit of reciting scriptures without interfacing with the God behind the scriptures~~ “I have the mind of God, the power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me” but the only description we would give an assessment of their lives is limitations, they hold back…

Now if I may ask, which physical power could raise a dead person to life unless that power be spiritual and supernatural? Which God (the same one that just snapped his fingers, said let there be and creation fell in place) can be limited? Like this God only appears whilst you are in church but shouldn’t meddle in your relationships or latrine business (sadly, some people haven’t acknowledged the fact that God is really omnipresent~~ he is everywhere.. Watching all you do, when you are pooping, when you are praying, when you are eating more pork than you need, whatever you do (Even the things that I haven’t mentioned but are definitely running through your mind,, hehe Yes.. he is present).

The prophetic fraternity has been mired with counterfeits. And the book written by my spiritual father, Prophet Elvis Mbonye clarifies this more. In the book Let the prophets speak, he writes “ counterfeits or fake things are more like the truth. The evil one seeks to taint the evil things with beauty so that Christians can be swayed from the truth”. We spend so much time trying to identify what is right and what is false!

In one of the sermons while we were still at Imperial Royale Hotel, the Prophet said if I may paraphrase, everyone has an agenda. Everyone has a kingdom they represent. Through someone’s speech, you can know unto who their loyalty is. A prophet pursuing God’s agenda will definitely point you to the God they serve whilst the “false prophet” will say and do everything to point you to the god they equally serve.

Yesterday, I went to an office.. I had taken a file to be signed/stamped. The secretary to this big shot had her radio on and she had tuned into one of the radio stations of a one “Pharisee”.. Ehhh… My God!! My spirit rioted. Who boldly speaks the way that man spoke? I spent a full 10 minutes and this very man was explaining how demons rule, he even stated Muyenga people have a demon of lugezigezi (what is this in English?), some places he gave the spirits of divorce, smelly shoes, what what… He kept going on and on. In this sermon, the light who is Jesus wasn’t shined. Not a mention of him. Just a mukama yebazibwe amidst all these telltales… Jesus must be sad for sure!! Well I am aware these things exist because scripture says, we wrestle not against blood and flesh but against principalities and spiritual forces but what about acknowledging the man who gave us the power to trample all of them?.

 If God is the same yesterday, today and forever will be, if that God spoke through his prophets in days before, what makes these days different?

Someone once mentioned that when Adam and Eve sinned, It felt like that was the last time God would speak to man but lo and behold, minutes later, God made clothing for Adam and Eve, He spoke to them and to even their children!! So what makes you think or argue that God can’t speak through his servants? Through you?

Kale Bye… Until the next episode about prophets and prophesy… 

Do you believe in Prophesy?


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