The 10th Snatch~`Part 2


I have wanted to continue Roland’s story because i feel there is much intrigue to it than meets the eye!! This is part 2, Read Episode One to know the whole plot twist and where you can join in. Its #UgBlogWeek~~Chain stories episode!!



People tend to say, 38 is all you gat and 39 will always get you arrested but hardly half-way through my luck and i am regretting why i didn’t take heed to what the charlies’ had said. I can hear her screaming. Damn woman has been screaming since the flash second i snatched this giggling smurf from her bosom.

I have never been one to abscond to fear but here, running destination-less(well atleast for now), my heart is pounding in my chest, my eyes are stricken and i have started attracting looks of suspense on those faces that seem to never have run with their children on the streets– on after thought, i decide against this whole running idea and settle for walking or else i shall be in a police cell like that camera-obsessed Dilman was last week.

I slow my pace and even stop to thrust the laughing thing into the air just for people watching me to blow a phew. See i am an ordinary person its just that i have girls trailing me like i am a prize to win(which i am but right now i am keeping all these factors constant as i ponder which one of these campus novices would agree to sneak a baby who is now suckling its finger into their hostels. I decide to stop by that new place 2k restaurant to get this baby to eat food–not that i care, [i dislike emotions, they are overrated]. I just want this chubby saliva oozing thing to have its fill lest it starts wailing for its mummy. I wonder whether to stash it under the table but then, i have been promised a good USD. 1000~~ It is flourishing business unusual for me. I snicker because my realistic plans shall be achieved as soon as i hand in “chubby”. I make up my mind to call Regina–she has been sending me sweet nothings and telling me to engage on #PostYourQueen hoping it would be her i post and tell the world about but thing is, on my priority pyramid, she is at 998 but today, i need her and she wouldn’t let me down, atleast not black-short Regina.

As i dial the number and look-up to scrutinize “chubby”, i stop mid-way:

Chubby has pricked ears!! 

Damn—I loudly hit the table a waiter runs up to me. This isn’t going as planned!!



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