#UgBlogWeek~ I painted my Valentine Red

Continuing this chain after Shanita that Lynn started~~ Part 3


Dear Valentine,

How i Love you

Don’t you make my nuerones tingle

A single sight of you has a way it disorganizes my organisis

You have a way you fold your index finger onto mine

And just that… I swear just that could have me conquer the world.

I heard you sing this morning as you made that omelet with broccoli soup

Then is when i made up my mind;

I needed to share my idea with you!

My sunset lover,

I can almost see the excitement on your face

You are the way you are because you imagine i am about to clutch my stomach and dash for the washroom

This idea is not like the rest.

In-fact, it is going to sup the red out of those roses you hold.

Is that worry embedded in your eyes?

Mppss… don’t worry much

I will be quickly forgotten like grounds on which you stepped yesterday

My idea, amidst these chocolate-y kisses, lavish hugs and endless cuddling is,

I think we can’t go on anymore

Yes i said i wanna be yours forever and i meant every word~~ BUTwoman-walking-away-from-man

You are just too heavenly good for me

Not that i distrust you but i can’t help notice the other girls stare you up while they roll their eyes down on me

I mean look at me,

I don’t know the next thing about mascara, lip-gloss and face lifts

My heels have so many cracks we have attempted to remove

I am sorry valentine but this is me saving myself from a very obvious future heartbreak

You will heal quickly this i am sure of

But if you don’t, remind yourself that if i let you go, possibly you weren’t mine!!

Isn’t red the color of love? It could also be the color for heartbreak… Continue this chain if you may!!


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