Latte Art

Time check~12:12am. I am insomniatically awake as i have been the past few days. For some reason, my sleep is far-fetched. I writhe and turn in bed sleepless– Not that my heart has been stolen by a lover; Nope! It is just incredulously stubborn-my sleep i mean.

I have been upto alot of writing short-narratives about every little thing that meets my eye. But that has been happening on other social media platforms and not this one!!

So tonight, i shall share with you what is keeping me awake!!– How to make latte art.


This year, i want to have plenty of exclamations coming my way from my family and friends–I want to be the domestic barista!!. Now that i announced that, i can go back to scrolling through these YouTube videos. I shall leave snaps i took here.


The End..











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