“The economy is hard, it is drained, it is scorching” is all you will hear from people nowadays. In days when the veil was upon my eyes, possibly i would have joined the charade but now that i chose life, even when it is an olfaction of all sorts of fifty shilling coins, i will at-least have a 10k… Yes you berra believe!!

Okay that aside, recently on one of the prominent national tabloids, the headline boldly read “Fresh graduates to offer mandatory free National Service for a year” before they are liable for employment. The brains behind this move state¬†that education as it is imparted in schools, colleges and universities, leaves something to be desired and it is necessary to supplement it with programmes which would arouse interest and the social and economic reconstruction of the country. But you do realize that these very parliamentarians feel that the number of graduates is on a rise compared to the number of jobs the country will ever offer!! Jeez–i feel like a lecturer and i can see your head drop to your side as you struggle to pay close attention. You are wondering when i will make my point. So well here it is (I would like you to feel like you are hearing it over the radio with me voicing ūüėõ :P) >>

Are you an innovator? Do you have a health solution that’s stuck with you only because it requires funding? Then your preparation has been waiting for this grandeur. The package includes;

  • Funding
  • Mentorship
  • Business and technical training.¬†


A year ago, young people merged into teams and formed apps called Safepal and GetIN which offer solutions to sexual and reproductive health challenges. Your innovation could emerge winner and seed funding in Dollars (Dallars) could be prologue of your story.

Now that i have given thee background, please feel free to stroll through here–>¬†Up Accelerate¬†and see how best you can nudge your mind to push you forward. I will be on the end that uses your innovation.. Oh btw, Deadline is 22nd December so even if you didn’t have an idea, you have quite a number of days to sleep over it with a group of friends.

P.s Creativity is thinking of new things whilst Innovation is doing new things so go Innovate; go come up with something that people didn’t think they needed¬†*Winks

For More Info Check out the Facebook pages; Up Accelerate and Outbox… Kale bye


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