My Lover

I had a romantic encounter yester-night

It wasn’t like the usual ones in the dark

It was in full blown light I worried the invisible would see my blush

We kept moving

At rhythm only known to me and my lover

I felt tingles… I still feel them now

Umqombothi played loud on the stereo

I writhed

He stared from under his lashes at me and shrugged

I shifted alot more for comfort

For Africans have been endowed with prodigality


PhotoCred; Myself and endless filters

The moon shone a certain bright from where I could see him

* Sigh

For many a past have I thought him guardian

Never drifting out of sight

Shedding his light resolute

Caressing only where he knows fit

Complexion shying away from black to a color moony

Conductor, Balancii wange!!

I walked on oblivious my lover still watched from a distance

Luminous that i may not stumble

And when he was sure i was safely tucked in

He still stayed where i could see him until Twilight!!



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