The Mystery Of Time

There is something supernatural about the aspect of time. Wikipedia says it is the indefinite continued progress of experience and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

I associate it with diversity; I mean imagine the different things people are accomplishing this very hour, minute, second. The universe they say is hinged on time; the ticking seconds of what it is.

I want to look at time as a hollow black hole with different drop offs as it is beckoned whilst it continues on a roller-coaster. Bundles of hours is what we have in every lifetime.

Somebody messed my mind and endeared how we are living in the now and also living in the future but the future self is not stable because the choices we make everyday have effect. To the future, now translates as the past. If you don’t agree, how then do you explain the places you have been to and the events that unfold but seem to you like ones you have seen/been to before??

Time can’t be measured and unless you set it up, you can’t catch it and even if you tried, like dust—it would slip through your grasp at a speed uncommon to understanding. Time is like a blanket of clouds that can not be placed in a single place for it moves …tick…tock!


The beauty with time is it offers you chances to create moments, memories, the best that life has to offer; to bask in the orange sun, to place your feet in the water, to pay close attention to food- as in taste it and chew with extra relish. To watch a child grow, to pay close attention to a certain laugh and its deepness or falseness (haha).Maybe we haven’t paid close attention to the supernatural unfold of time that is why we are late for a church service at a church just a few feet away from home or the timely chance to steal a kiss before hell breaks loose or and or and or…

The saddest thing has never been to lose a million dollars (okay this is beyond sad, I wonder what I am thinking but well), the saddest thing is to lose Time. It is haunting to know that you could have been somewhere a little earlier, just on time or maybe a little later.

Time has a way of letting us experience a certain kind of ambiguity. A certain kind of heaven on earth but only if we let it.. It is more like that old wise brother that has seen all things to the end of life and knows the end so he takes us by the hand (only if we let him) and reveals these mysteries long hidden to eyes, ears and mind.

Trust me, I don’t know what I am going on about—I don’t have all the pieces to this puzzle but I know there is something peculiar about life and time. Like the fall of man after creation ushered in a limitation (which it did) and time and this life is a certain kind of manifestation of that truth. Ages B.C, people lived close to forever, time was defied but now time defies us. We live to only be 120.

What would you do if you awoke to a realization that you missed time? That it passed by you like a speeding 2017 Maserati Levante simply because instead of asking for a chance to be given lift, you were busy gaping! 😛 😀

But seriously, what would you do if you found out that you haven’t lived, that the only memories are the ones that ignite hate, fear and nightmares? That time offered you chances of new days and new years and you still settled for mediocrity?


This is one of those posts that I think are unbaked but I wanna read about Time from someone else. I am intrigued about it now more than ever.


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