Its Always A Sure Slow Fade

Today second day of #UgBlogWeek and yes I am still going to derive my talk from the Marathon. Not that I really want to be a sadist and all but somethings, you can’t help but notice.<– This is actually a disclaimer!!


So after the sprints, people are spent, their glucose levels waning and bodies only bulging with the water (this is given at the many water points). Among the many reasons people come to the run is to not only support a cause which in this case was “Water and sanitation in schools”, to just hang out with family and friends, but also you can not ignore the fact that some people use this to their advantage— To Exercise. People of all kinds of sizes are running to lose calories and to also improve their fitness. Usually when everyone is back together, trainers do aerobics where everybody interested is engaged in an intensive workout. The trainers who are usually muscled or so freaky fit they don’t get tired receive a lot of praise, applause and ululations once they are done with the session. After such intensity that leaves you anaerobic, people are hoping their reflections will be smaller, slender and possibly more beautiful. These thoughts, you cannot ward off.


Okay hmm; the devil is a liar and walks around in deliciously looking muchomo and countless stalls selling beer and soda and biscuits and this chicken turning in grills to reveal slightly burnt sides that leave you only after saliva is begging to pour out at the sides of your mouth. Like you have no option but buy. It is the slithering sight that steals your made up mind to not indulge but before you know it, a stick turns into 5 oily sticks and then you can not have enough of glasses of a given liquid. It won’t be long Before you are munching like you are having a party. My mom once said to me after she watched me gobble all sorts of food i had found at the kitchen counter right after my morning run sometime back in vacation  “you have eaten twice the calories you lost”.. How heartbreaking can that be? And yet that was the sight after the marathon…


I am actually not only talking about what baffles me at the marathon every-time but I am talking about our everyday. You don’t become fat in a day, you don’t ask out of a marriage in a day, you don’t lose your self-esteem in a day, you don’t lose whatever you lose in a day. It is a sure slow fade. Every small detail leads up to that crumble.

I am not so perfect, we all aren’t. We fail sometimes and it is absurd. We pay more attention to what we want than what we need, what we think more than what we know. There, at that point is when our Titanics start to sink, we lose sight of the shores, of goals, of dreams and delight only on temporary urgency.

It is frustrating to live with a condition we want gone but it is foolish (lacking good sense or judgement) to continue doing the things that lead us down that path. No nobody is stupid (lacking in intelligence) but it is just that sometimes, we are irrational in what we do. We don’t weigh on the benefits of our decisions. You know that saying “Think twice before you speak” maybe it should also be “Think twice before you do”

There is never anything like “The devil tempted me”, stop giving that little man power he has not, whatever happens to you is because you have invested in a habit of letting the symptoms stay, every thing you let go is because you fought none in keeping it and no don’t stop indulging, do so every-time, stop when the bells of conviction ring harder and louder. ♣♣♣

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