The Final Arbiter

The world is a stage and we are performers, “something” will tell you when you need to somersault and when to juggle and when to walk on a string from one end of the hall to another and when to just bow down and accept the standing ovation from your audience. This could just about sound as easy as it is written here however, it doesn’t go as easy as we think it does.



There is a mystery about listening to that small voice that is pronounced every time we require to make decisions even as small as how much sugar we should add to tea, or what cloth will suit you just fine or where you should invest your monies. More often than not, we pay attention to it incognito. However this is when we are as young as lilies. Like a voice to help in our discovery of self, it conducts our thought process.



Fast forward to the point when we confess how we are too mature we don’t need help making decisions, we are more rational and rush to decide and ignore the small voice that fights so hard to make certain we stay on destiny’s lane. And then little by little like a candle burning out, it fades into inaudibility.


Its been a while since I wrote but I must say that’s because I read a book that challenged my intellect, my imagination was swung into dynamic motion. This dear book is Paulo Coelho’s The_Alchemist_(novel). I write this post with reference to an except where the King of Salem is seated at a bench with the boy (if you haven’t read it, i am trying to let you know you have spent such a longtime at one end of a bridge-you need to cross over). So yes, the King of Salem is telling the boy how many people have been stung by the bug of conformity and yet I wonder aren’t we all? Usually there is an illusion that when we achieve a certain kind of fame, the bank accounts get heavy, the friends pat our shoulders with praise rolling off their tongues, we have reached! Writing this very statement, I like to think that if we get to this stage in life, if only we could treat it like a step to get to the next (harder) level like the angry birds game offers.

At this moment, the boy and the King are watching a baker who was supposed to be a shepherd but chose to bake because it’s what society calls the “White collar”, it would earn him a sit among the rich statesmen. But everyday, we too are faced with the same darn choice; to either choose what our hearts beat for or to chase what will not make our struggle a prolonged epidemic.

I would bet a dollar if you haven’t heard just too many stereotypes about choice and career; like pursing a music or ministry career is nothing but a waste of effort!!

It is often on paths not strewn for us that we lose ourselves, lose out purpose and lose our being. Life is a long stretch and almost every person that gets to the end of it wishes to have stuck to the path where their passion lay like a bride on white sheets, where struggle would only be met on entry into a door that would reveal daily steps of discovery and growth and prosperity.

Each heartbeat is a mystery of communication and yet we ditch the place at which our destinies come to life, where our lights are unwavering.

If you have to listen for anything in your life, it should be the small voice that speaks within you every single day.. 😉



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