She has failed once.. No twice.. aah… many more times than you would mind count

She has hurt before… not even close to finite but yes she has

He has cried before.. salt filled drops he thought would freeze the world

He has hit the wall.. in a bid to relieve himself of an anger

I have broken down several times, the floor gave me a blanket

I have been such a poor unguided soul that I wondered into the desert where temptation came lurking when my bones crashed, lips dried and emaciation became me

She has sought hope where a turmoil caused a wave of defeat in her inner self

She has looked not beyond but only until where her eyes could see

He has slapped himself from what he ultimately thought was a day dream never to manifest

He has procrastinated at the things he knew he should be doing, at passions not bodily, at joys unprejudiced and peace unexplainable

I have taken for granted what should be treasure only discovered in the sands of Jupiter

I have looked as ugly and yet beauty is all that I am. Beauty on the inside, beauty on the out

She has failed at her own house cleaning, she wonders if new or old a broom would she manage sweep

She has scratched at her scars for ruining her beauty

Burnt down the bridges that would bring the best of all bonds

Frowned when all that was required was even the tiniest flinch of a smile

He wonders whether the cursing shall make him better

It will rather pinch his esteem, fog his destiny

But then I wonder; is this all I have had in life

Na-aah… not really

I recently found love

So deep it gripped my heart without my knowledge

It is pain but the sweet one

One that brings tears (yes I cry) to my eyes

Sometimes my body can’t contain it

Sometimes I feel like I am floating

Unusually sweet… But rightly paramount

The smile doesn’t have to be hidden or forced from the core

Because well she laughs… the hard resounding laugh you will hear echo in the willows

She dances.. the kind of tango you would mistake for a waltz

Prince charming came striding not from the same region as she

In-fact further off, a land she only heard from the storybooks did he alight

Oh this prince charming is why you are smiling right now

Anticipating His description

But since power has left my premise,

A dot of his love shall I let you think of.

But why a dot, Have him if you can find Him, he did find you already

Offered you a rose of bent knee, or was he seated up that kingly horse

A prick of the thorn he took and offered you red velvet

So His RED VELVET, the loveliest of all creation does he call you…



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