Don’t we have just too many supermen lately? And I don’t speak of ones that scout rooftops as vigilantes seeking to sweep victims from the sneering claws of danger. I speak of men (thank God women have their sanity in check) bold enough to scale up the city’s most common and tallest buildings in the disguise of need for fresh air. I have a mild phobia for heights and yet even if I get close, I mind that I am not so edge-far. So what person in their right mind will seek fresh air at the edge of a building? Is there a different kind of freshness of air? I should know better than to rant so I will just go on and speak my mind.

Have we gotten so used to the gift of life that we would dare throw ourselves to the ground? Is life that worthless to some people that they would rather jump to their death? Are these people rational as they come up with this decision? Have they taken stroll in hospitals or attended burials where every tear that falls to the ground is prayer for resurrection? Do these people so dumb-founded as to jump know how much a person lying on their death bed with a realization they haven’t lived even a quarter of life wish for a chance at life again? Do they know how many people would rather live in tribulation with life than 6 feet under with no hope at all? Well I suppose they don’t.

My mind wonders at how God feels as he watches these people take the flight of steps (or do they teleport) with a mind made-up in finality. How God did take on a human manifestation and came to earth to save it so he does have a relationship with his people and with a promise of “I will be with you till the end” is taken for granted.. I don’t know!. What runs through his mind I want to know but isn’t it rather interesting that these jumpers ain’t dying!!! (twisted mouth emoji)!!                                                                                 Are they being given chance to meditate about their irrationality? Or is it a testimony for generations to come? You know they say—you only go through certain things so you can learn from them, they make you better.

I did read a tweet that struck as humorous and vague at the same time “GOD is no longer accepting suicide death applications” <–

But seriously…. Let your candle burn out. Don’t blow it off. I have always believed that there are just too many options than that of death. Isn’t hope the anchor of souls? Doesn’t it keep company when all else fades? When electricity does a chuck, as long as you settled your bill, you are sure its just but time before it comes back, haven’t we all gone through times that have left us drained, hopeless, experts at cursing, being pessimistic and irritable but how about you take a mind-trip back to that time when you thought it wouldn’t get all over? I now appreciate a line that cordially disappears in sermons for most of us. “Never let the excite you had when you overcame wane” or “don’t get too used to miracles, they won’t excite you anymore”. Stop living life like it’s a burden. Live it as though its your new relationship (endless calls, dates, excitement, plans, comfort seeking, trips and make-ups—by this I mean, get over your disappointments and stand up much taller than previously.

Dear next superman,
Before you jump off another of those buildings, make sure you have a suit that won’t frail under gravity’s pull. Secondly, supermen save. They aren’t saved. Thirdly we hope you have a reason strong enough to have us believe you—which by now you know doesn’t exist. So leave the superman abilities to television and for any practical, go to the chemistry lab or go actually support our tourism industry. We have quite a number of activities that accommodate jumping without necessarily damaging people’s cars.
♣♣♣Cynthia ♣♣♣

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