My Experience

Today I woke up at an island

The beauty surpassed what words could mold

At the hour of ten on a boat cruise exhausted

This creation I paid no attention


My flinched mind tells me if I go any nearer

I just might jump in                          

So at a distance shall I stand and awe

When I thought I had beheld enough beauty

I had seen but an ounce of the possibilities of nature


My geography does fail me

For as a requisite for promotion, I crammed

Crammed never stays longer for its just but to meet an emergency

And yet today I did learn a few things

What a crater lake meant and how in existence it came

I hope you do recall the geographic diagrams we drew

In books too many during levels of O’


I watch its waters

Inquisitive how far off they flow

The torrents not as strong as of falls

But equally not still

Waves emerge from center to the shore

Many a men had shared an ugly truth about this expanse

“It is deep” they emphasized “second deep in East Africa”

My mind did retreat to the experiences I have had in the swimming pools

For gravity always decides to play an untimely game when I adventure to the ends of deep

So like Donald duck, my survival destination comes with multiple flapped feet and outrageously thrown arms

“Have you had episodes of people falling in?” I asked for my mind

“Quite many” the boat captain seated with relaxation at its rising tip replies

“Do they survive?”

“No they don’t because majority are always light headed” he says as a matter of fact

I did react as anyone would; pushed towards the center, towards the guy with whom I shared the seat

I didn’t help for he had equally had been attentive of the dialogue

And when I thought I had found my knight in shivering armor, he recoiled

Captain did notice our suddenly alert and stiff posture and did assure

“You can’t fall in. you are the safest people in the world right now”


Safest people we were really

Clad in cloths our choice but life jackets compulsory

A freedom assailed my heart and let me loose

I let my hand glide into the water

Ooh>> not ice-cold like the wind around us

On the contrary, it was warm

A shiver did spread to my teeth

Tattering not from Kampala Coldness but from winds of the Bunyonyi Lake

I feel really favored (I feel like doing an envious video similar to the range rover girl but I will keep calm and write on)

Our boat cruise did come to a stop 15 minutes later

Exhaustion covered my body in a blanket

Warm bed and pillow so soft

I was sure only after 10:00am would I wake

But here I am up earlier than everybody else

Writing my first day experience to Entusi.

                             Kale bye….


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