What would you do with a million dollars?

Would you buy a Chevrolet, Porsche or latest Range Rover?

Would you start a poultry farm, rear horses or venture into animal husbandry?

Would you go ambush all uptown clothing shops and to get the latest designs or open up a store downtown?

Would you start up a firm or co-operate company?

Would you start up an organization or offer it entirely to charity?

Would you take a world-wide tour to all your favorite destinations or rent out a condo in a country away from home?

Would you gamble all of it away or would you proportion it for all the street beggars?

Would you stash it in a bank and quit your job or would you have a safe built into your house to avoid the interest rates?


You possibly have a thousand thoughts streaming your mind relating to accountability of this huge sum.

Maybe you have even been at a point in life where you wished to have an encounter with a bagful of money or maybe if only a wishful stranger could be polite enough offer you the amount your heart so much sought.

Sometimes we are not prepared for the tremendous things we ask/wish for? (God Knows we aren’t when we think we are) because worse we may lose sanity to those things if granted us early…

A million dollars is a lot of money, In the Ugandan currency that would be close to 34 billion (or even more). But apart from appearing more frequently in court to explain in-depth how you ended up with a sum as huge as that, What would do with a million dollars?

“Most times, what we want does not translate into what we need”



  1. joseyphina · September 9

    Hmmm… Take out my tithe, invest in myself, donate some to a good cause and save the rest.

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  2. Myles Butler · September 14

    Travel, travel, travel. Oh yeah, pay off my student loans as well. Can’t forget about those haha

    Liked by 1 person

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