Why you have been Zoned!

Lately, the trends have changed and within  this scope of existence, are all kinds of “zones”- the friend zones, brother zone, uncle zone, granpa zone, boss zone…..the list goes on and on; Oxford is trying to acquiesce on an average term to describe all that entails the zones.

Recently over an exaggeratedly loud radio in a taxi to our different residential destinations, our ears couldn’t help but listen to whatever station the driver had decided to tune into. What transpired is what sparked loud conversation. The “norm” ( I say this because some of the passengers stated it) usually is that it is always the women calling into radio to wash their dirty laundry as well as rant and rave about an issue so odd or one that listeners will sneer at them for having failed to endure.

The story                                                                                                                                                    So on this fateful drive, a man called in to WEEP!! Yes he did; his voice started by breaking and before we knew it, he was crying out loud and shouting endless curses on national radio. He lamented about how he had gone out of the ordinary to please a girl close to his heart, gone ahead to spend a fortune in a bid to secure his undying love. He did mention a loan close to 2.5mil (you are allowed to gape) he had acquired from the bank to “invest in this relationship”. He kept saying he loved the girl so much nothing could convince him otherwise. What got him into this downcast was recently while they were out together on what he presumed was a date, she received a call inviting her to another date with a one eddy. In his presence without remorse, she accepted adding that she was currently hanging out with her chubby friend who cared and spoilt her more than her brother ever could. Again he wept… eehh I swear at this moment, I laughed for I perceived this as one of those set-ups to sell the show. Now you should have heard the opinions that erupted after the silence was past.

But anyway, our focus is on why you have been zoned;


Dear men,

Girls ( disclaimer;I don’t speak for all of them but well at least the majority) are sharp (digest that), they aren’t waiting to be shown direction, on the contrary, they know to where they want to sail. See girls love a good love story and nothing beats the passion with which they narrate a story where they are the character. Even better, their listeners are always their best friends with whom they easily chat anything; even the minutest detail of what is going on in their beautiful lives. That includes; the man in their lives and how he let the cat out of the bag about how he feels about her. These are all steps of a strategy, you miss a single one— Fixation happens.

The sadness that comes with assumptions is haunting. To live on “maybe” is not appealing at all. It has never been. Those things of “he is being nice, possibly we are dating, what if his nice is just that…. Nice?” so dear men should be aware that the same way they may apparently dislike assumptions/mixed emotions, girls like guys that are straight with their intentions. If you don’t ask that which you seek, ahbeg, there are several people trying as much to please her as well. And that qualifies you to whatever zone she will feel fit to place you and because you haven’t put a distinction, in the long run the constant pop ups of your unendless familiarity will breed a contempt or rather a zone…

This even brings me to the question, since when do men shy away from stating their intentions? Going as far as being indebted?! Tsk– Girls will accept gifts with an “awwhh, you are so sweet” and the blushing that will light your face will be the foundation of your coward heart-breaking (In future).

You are only being nice if you don’t state your intentions. Otherwise be wise to gellout of the zone.. some of you are chilling in the Granpazone and you are there being hopeful… Hahahaha 😀 😛

P.S—thank me later


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