Being Empowered to be a Witness

We need to be prepared beforehand because opportunities will always knock at our doors,, the defining  however will be if we can execute whatever responsibility it requires of us. Yesterday I sat through a sermon listening keenly to what the lord would want me to take home as message for my soul to meditate upon. The pastor stood at the pulpit and paraphrased as well as recounted the series of sermons we had the previous month “It was about the Holy spirit, how we get baptized by the Holy spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, why we need him” he went on to emphasize like it had been done the previous month “Having the holy spirit is a personal experience for as Jesus planned to leave earth for heaven, He promised that he would send a helper; who would be with us, quicken our intellect, counsel and comfort us, who would dwell in the inside of us, him who would intercede before the throne of God on days when we are lazy to communicate and adorn his majesty, him whose gifts are love, patience, faithfulness peace, joy, humility, kindness—(Galatians 5:22) over and over the pastor asked us to “Desire the Holy Spirit” and continued to say the out-pouring of the Holy spirit on us starts by “Speaking in tongues” but he also queried why most Christians stop at that and yet what the Lord wills for us is to spread the gospel.. the whole truth. To be a witness, To stand out and stand firm for the gospel. Therefore yesterday the pastor spoke of being empowered to be a witness. He defined a witness as a person who testifies to other people what he has seen, heard and experienced.

Now yester night as I flipped through channels on telly in search for what to spend my insomniac night on, I landed on Yusra Mardini, who is competing under the International Olympic Committee flag as part of the refugee team in the Olympics (now only the legit people are following these 😉 ) she at 19 (i wonder what i was doing at 19 in August) won the first heat in the women’s 100 meter butterfly.. Now there are dozens of amazing teenage athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, but nobody has a story like hers– Many people have their lives thanks to the efforts of Mardini and her sister just over a year ago. The sisters were fleeing Syria along with 18 other people when the refugees’ dinghy began sinking in the Aegean sea during a trip to Greece. The motor had failed, nobody on the boat could swim except the sisters. It’s a story that often ends in tragedy, but they ensured that didn’t happen. The two women leaped out of the boat, into cold waters and pushed the boat three hours in open water to prevent it from capsizing — eventually making it to land. It was a move that not only saved the lives of the 18 people in the boat, but ensured the sisters lived. Read more–>


How you smile when you know you are the cool kid at the Olympics!!

Apparently if your mind hasn’t caught the idea I am trying to drive home, please ask the Holy spirit to quicken you (desire for his power). See you are in a particular place at a given time, doing a particular job, speaking to those people even herding cattle and goats (leave the 10bn story out of this) for a reason, better yet for a season–(when the rain wets the trees, eventually when the sun shines, the leaves glisten more) that when that time is past, you have been groomed, certified to face bigger challenges—Opportunities come to those that are prepared; Oui I believe so too. That only when you stop tirelessly searching will things come to you, that you maintain your loyalty that even when the is furnace turned 7times hotter, you will not be burned. Yes I am speaking of a couple of various things intertwined—Here is where I tell you about patience and endurance for attitude is what people think you are and character is what you are, so what attitude do you exhibit? And yet we are all into scramble and partition- we sometimes want people to be tolerant of us and yet we are never willing to return the favor!

How about you stop walking with that serious “am out to accomplish the tasks on my schedule” look and extend a smile, a word of encouragement, share something peculiar and charming about why you are thankful for life, about why you love God for you can’t begin to understand the psychology behind our interaction with the people around us.. You have status?! Great—use it to benefit the people that look up to you. Abeg don’t start saying you are not sure when and how to start sharing about the kingdom of heaven— Every morning when you wake up, that is your mission as long as you have been blessed with the gift of life and most interesting is every time has been planned out, every hour is a product of the previous, every action has a reaction says Newton but must you need spanking to share about Salvation? Nay, Salvation is meant to be shared harmoniously, beautifully and empirically.

Now how about you smile at whatever it is you have set out to do this week, your job may be more boring than a day without electricity, your boss may be the cause of your constipation, expenses maybe running out of your constrain.. Share that frustration, there is a person willing to listen, even stay up the night with you as you weep, better even keep a secret without fear of it getting out of the comfort of your privacy. Sharpen your abilities, your loss is going to profit you some day but above all testify about what you have seen, heard or experienced.. No you don’t need a pulpit—you need a listener and anyone can be that listener.

Happy new week people..


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