Park Enkadde

So many a time will we have tourists jet into the country to go hike, mountain-climb, kayak, do a bungee jump and all  these various adrenaline paced activities the Pearl of Africa has to offer. I can’t agree more, i have seen with my own eyes even gone the extra mile of doing a few visits here and there to the river shores, mountain slopes, given the zoo a very delightful appearance and also watched various adverts stream across the telly; The wooows these provoke—Sheer ecstasy just..


However for me, the adrenaline is downtown–wali ku Paaka Enkadde. If you board a taxi or to like do shopping, then you have sighted the mighty sight along Burton Street. Cheey; all kinds of people are in the park, you don’t maintain the rather sluggish walk you sway with Uptown because while at it, either a taxi will vroom behind you, a man with muscles as big as Schwarzenegger’s pushing a chart full of garbage or vegetables (depends on what side of the bed you woke up on) will run into you or a pick pocketeer walking stealthily behind you will pray on the right time to rob you of your hard-earned monies or gadgets(they seem to like these the most).

Save the fact that with each day, the number of passenger cars increases and so there is hardly space to walk through, the dust is enough to serve as foundation and the idiom “Break a leg” will only birth accidents rather than good results, the sight of park enkadde is sure comfort of getting home for at the top of their voices, the conductors and drivers make mention of the various destinations they are headed to and as you make that hasty walk therein (mu paaka), you just don’t know who you will run into or better yet who you will sit next to–Yes the old Park has seen the start of beautiful love stories for atop those raised billboards, sits cupid with her arrow.

Now the Tourism board should think of having these tourists touring the park; i bet they have seen too many people in one place, actually not just that, too many people speaking, some shouting, some laughing, some perspired, some blooming [all these emotions in one place]

Meanwhile thank God Park Enkadde is a  no-go area for Boda boda..

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