Gifted Differently


Today I met a family of four

The wife was equally colored as her husband

Their two boys weren’t

They were introverted and withdrawn and preferred to keep their hands crossed tightly at their chests

Like speaking would have them feed on some scolding

I watched them not out of sympathy

Because I learned sympathy breeds inferiority

I observed them to try and understand their situation

I don’t know whether it’s because the sun rays scorched them past their will,

But their faces were scarred, with skin peeling off like it was disrobing itself of each one of them

I watched to understand why seemingly their parents didn’t bother

The fast gathering crowd revealed their parents were unemployed

“Fell out of employment those two and now these two have been told to forget about school” they almost chorused

The crowd jeered in sympathy and the corner of my eye saw one of them clutch himself harder and bent his head further more

My heart was giving way

Emotion welling up in my eyes

If only I had extra black skin, I would cover their entire white!!

Never on bright or dull days had have i had a crowd deter my analysis

But here they stood and God knows what their thoughts spoke

I stood and inwardly asked for strength

Rescheduled our next meet and asked to take leave

As I walked past the chief whose permission I had earlier sought,

With a senile smile, he asked “oh! How did it go with the “Albinos?”

My heart crushed, my blood rushed and my legs almost sold me out

That word! That term!

God knows I dislike it.

I find it segregative, even sidelining of the beautiful people they are

I raised my head and between clenched teeth, I managed to say

“Handsome gentlemen they are!!”


4 thoughts on “Gifted Differently

  1. Didn’t know the whole length.
    And how they yet remaining still stretched your heart with emotion. It’s that passion with which you identify with the “handsome guys” that I love. ✌️

    I called him “qute guy” haha

    Baka Moses.
    ❤️ it

    Liked by 1 person

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