Sunday Joys

Yeey…. Here comes Sunday!!

animated-sunday-image-0059Is it just me who walks with a lot more exaggeration every other time Sunday is just a day away or is there anybody else as normal as i? Because yes, I would expect that any “normal” person would anticipate for Sunday not because its void of work but the very feel of  it is totally different from the rest of the week; it’s just that…..Sunday!!

There are like 100 and 1 Dalmatians, no reasons I love Sunday;

First I get to sleep in like really long without any annoying loud alarms or an actual intellectual reminder of I don’t have to be late for the bus to work.

Second; its church day. I wouldn’t trade Sunday for anything else- how the week throws all these burdens at me and I am given privilege to walk into church and strip myself of worries and heartache, be reminded of a love never ending, be in the light of the scripture that says “let the little children come to me for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these”, in church I will jump, scream, dance, get slain (Goodness, make sure the church you attend doesn’t make you older than you actually are, having you doze almost ¾ of the service-hehehehe).

Third, the Sunday tranquility—I think I love Sunday for you will sit anywhere and have lemonade with the breeze blowing at your hair and the Hawaiian sun beaming on your shades (okay I saw that in a movie) but don’t you love that Sunday anywhere mostly in Kampala has less people walking the streets? Yes even in downtown; it actually feels like there is more air to the atmosphere, like even if the sun decides to malice our melanin, the breeze will overlap the extreme heat—Even more beautiful is that you won’t spend over 30mins stuck in unpromising jam on the roads or following behind people walking so sluggishly like they seem to do on working days!!

Fourth, don’t you love that music played on Sunday is soothing and mostly classics (guys those days knew what music is all about) and don’t you love that it is song after song without the interrupting speeches DJ’s and presenters give on end to prove their intellect (Msteew.. Let me not incite my continuously buried fury for every other time I have to flip channels when music is interrupted).

Fifth, is it just me or people are more considerate and forward with issuing those invites for the Sunday meal that will either have your tongue tasting of it the entire week or will fill your entire body, organs and neurons you swear to never eat again only to wake up to your mouth orchestrating multiple yawns on Monday morn.(I already have an invite for today meanwhile… Hahahaha).

Sixth, doesn’t the sun set so beautifully with promise of yet another week almost saying; I hand you over to the other six and I trust them to bring you safely back to me with possibly another challenge you want relived.

There are many more reasons but you can drop a few more reasons why you love Sunday. Odawize, enjoy your Sunday beautiful people. Appreciate life more every other time you feel like grumbling…

Until our next date!! Au Revoir♠♠


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