Dear Mistress

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With a calmness only known to Venus; the goddess of beauty, she got her inked nib and scribbled what she had long wanted to say on a parchment.

Dear mistress,

I must applaud you in your conquest to take the place that is rightfully mine

In the fate that I may have the affections of my man only known to me,

You won him over


I slide this paper into his side pocket because I know with your slithery hands,

You will find it

In monotone, I write it because I know you exist

You ask how? In what manner do I know this?

The walls have ears, they say but my walls are his sense organs

His eyes have lost the sparkle they had every other time he looked at me

His nostrils no longer etch for the lavender, peaches and daisy scents that linger around my neck and in my hair

His ears pay no more attention to my lush whispers in the night when my body aches for him

His touch is now detrimental, detached, uncaring about how i would hurt and yet unresolved

His lips do not devour my bosom anymore!!

Do I feel unappreciated? Don’t wonder much because inevitably I do

For the effort that I employ with my ball gowns, the smile I wear when we step out from our utmost into the grandeur gatherings, the interviews I sit through on how we have managed to keep the marriage going for this long

For the decor in the house with all of his best colors tailored and draped together and yet he never notices

He now walks with a bounce onward to the library feigning weariness and single mindedness

Ha-ha. I clap my hands and applaud you mistress for you have stripped me of my ego

Slowly washed my dignity, now wounded, soared and belittled it is-my little possession, my only treasure

Possibly you now have a victorious sneer or maybe you are feeling a little remorse

Perhaps you have even heard the whisper carried by the wind

No I am not wasting away; I am not heading to the black hole either– atleast not yet

I should let you know now that the affections of the man we share are dots of a past I may share with your present

Your expectations were mine then, your traps I laid in seductive solitude

If you have any ounce of courage which I presume you don’t,

Because like the mistress you are, you pay heed to when he wants to unzip his belt and quench his muscle rigidity

Have him. When you tire of him delighting in your fervor

Send him back. I will be waiting; for when I thought I was rational, I chose him a worthy mensch

When it dawns on you that you will stay hidden for a lifetime, that no fellow will accept your promiscuous history, only then will you understand what you currently read now dear mistress.


 Written by; 

Lady to the Aristocrat


And when she was finished, she sat still with her veil covering her left shoulder and arm under the cedar tree and gazed afar; this tree had seen both the good and bad times; around this tree had they hidden and sought out each other, around this tree had she wept a several nights when she lost child and still around this tree had she known her husband had his Dear mistress!!


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