Happy Anniversary Mother



Nine months down the road and Jaaja had you

She says you were chubby and jolly and truly a girl to bid her word

She says you liked to sing and read (I know now why I love to read too

She says you strived to keep the family together

And best of all, you were the only girl among her gentlemen


Your first day at school was unlike the other kids

You held onto your book and pencil and walked enthusiastically

You didn’t cry but instead waved her a goodbye

She forgot to pack you break that day-No she actually didn’t pack you break because she thought the others kids would belittle you about the leftover food

None the less, that evening, like a nightingale you came singing the vowels and consonants and adding 1 to 1

School became an option when grandpa passed on but you kept hope alive

Juggling the gardens, market and school

And now the English you speak still baffles me. You keep wondering why I have a book and pen around you— Well because I always learn a new word


Fast forward, 3 lovely girls to call you mama

15 and still counting cousins that call you aunty

10 awesome uncles that will cross the ocean for you

Village tales that will sing praises about you

Challenges that did and still do deem you a victor

Sometimes I look at you and know  I want to be as strong as you are but you won’t want to hear of it because like you say “ I raised you to be stronger and smarter than I am, I raised you because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did, I raised you because you will make me proud”


Should I shed a tear?

Should I count myself lucky?

Should I borrow megaphones, connect them to  amplifiers and let the whole world know you are the best thing that surely happened to me, to us?

Its high time I did, because God chose you for me

He knew only you would handle my tantrums

He knew only you would make me appreciate this gift of life we’ve been given


So apparently, I write this because its your birthday

Celebrating life, celebrating achievement, celebrating happiness

I celebrate you mum today on your sweet 22 (hahaha) aging

I was still thinking how different this one should be from the previous

And so last night, I hijacked a plane, did wire-matics and so I will be flying to you later today—hihihi

About grandchildren and your son-in-law, we shall talk privately about that and also jot down a list of what you should ask him.

He has to afford those things and arrange for the reception to be at the Louvre Pyramid.  You didn’t raise me on peanuts


Happy birthday Moma

I love you and you know that

Happy corporate aging

Ama hire a band for you as you munch on the pizza

Thank God you have a sweet tooth,I hope you have a cream tooth too, the cake is that legit

Your smile is priceless and its what i long to see today,  Joyous Anniversarie

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****Lastly, I can’t wait for your criticism on this… hihikeke and no I didn’t open up any encyclopedias

Yours truly,

Your first daughter

what you get Cynthia


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