The Place


It’s just a dozen more minutes to 2am and I have my eyes glued to the telly watching “up all night, one good comedy I would recommend” and a scene catches my eye!. Within this particular episode, a couple (I can’t recollect their names) is celebrating their 8th anniversary therefore he hires out the place at which they first met in their primeness and also gets random people to do an Acapella to their favorite song-those surprise things!! You can imagine how much the wife screamed and cried and cried (those people can cry excessively also)!!  It’s actually sweet that such love stories exist, well atleast in the movies!!

I am fast getting old (precisely two decades and over) and yet I haven’t seen my parents scatter any romantic pieces or do anything I would term peculiar. Maybe I haven’t been paying much attention but even though, i wonder about their authenticity, how do they express their mutualism, if given a chance to act the way the couples do in the movies, would they??(Well I and you know, we have too many reality shows and instagram pictures to keep up with). Do they do jingle bell dances in the sitting room when the rest of the household is asleep? What do they chatter about when they sit out in the compound with cups of evening tea accompanied with mandazi, biscuits or maize? No they won’t hold hands in places that are not under the house roof, they don’t peck or even go beyond that, he is the guy with news and she is his listener and she is the girl with a  jovial character and  he will be heard bellowing like thunder over something funny. (like as though my research lecturer will want to know what I was doing to fail at my deadline).

Still in that same line of thought, I wonder if my love story would be like the ones shown in the movies or one like my parents’. I wonder if he would complement me every day, take me on those evening strolls, hold me like I am disappearing off the face of the earth, tell me all the silly jokes as we have the pillow fights , manicure my nails, go kayaking and bungee jumping (these have been on my resolution list since the napoleon days) OR would it be that he demands I keep in the house all year long, not talk to those people that have a certain social status, would he demand I cook his food with a particular amount of salt, would he doubt my interaction with all the males in my life?? Would he attempt to scold me for my ambitiousness?, would he watch the kids all night as I sleep and do me breakfast in bed(4/7 days of the week)?, would he keep on reminding me about what society  expects of me?,would he be so carnal we wouldn’t have a spiritual  connection? or would he throw around the house his smelly socks unbothered? 😦 ——- *keeps wondering.

As I keep typing this, I realize it’s not about the show; not about doing what everyone else is doing. Or about getting those likes, loves, and shares.No your story doesn’t have to be like Kim and Kanye neither does it matter if it don’t measure up to one in the Telemundo soaps— No this is not just sheer talk, it is about creating a place so comfortable for the both of you—just the two of you with no third parties (read world) interfering. I know my parents are still together this long because they actually found that place, a place comfortable for them to relate, a place where he will indirectly say he loves her but what my generation may deem  un-macho. *He probably does the best things for her that may be termed classic but are fast being extinct]. A place where the reality of dreams is stamped, a place where we are willing to try when all things seem to indicate danger, a place where we will both kneel down and find common ground in prayer.

Find your place,either in the garden,bathroom, in a foreign country, in the kitchen,in a park or in a fellowship but let it be  one that converges your differences and writes your story beautiful.


With all my heart, I hope he sings as I walk down the aisle then is when I will know I found that place because I will have a tear drop at……That Place!!

P.S— I am no longer staying  up this long… The things we write after 1am!! Cheey


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