I Knew

Behind the tall wall fence we stood

The sound of toads and crickets surrounding us

Begging our attention but receiving none

We spoke in muffled voices and whispered

The promises of undying love we said

I love you and i love you more the most spontaneous

The darkness did more than hide us, it shielded the proof of the love we shared

My right hand he pinned to the wall and my left hang onto one of his broad shoulders

His other hand was at the small of my back exerting a force that pressed my body onto his

It had been this exciting for a fortnight now

Flashbacks of our love merry were the last thing i thought about when i lay my thin mosquito-bitten body onto the straw made bed and the first thing that caused a blush to my cheeks when i stretched at dawn

He did to my body only what experts would♥♥


  But today i watched

Watched as my biggest fear played out before my eyes

Watched with contempt, misery and realism that made my eyes burn with salty fury

Watched as he fondled the girl i grudged the most

The girl that belittled the rest of us with her natural endowments

The girl that spoke English like she was chewing worms

He knew i didn’t like her- He Knew

He knew this was our place- He Knew

He knew we were to meet tonight- He Knew

He knew we were to be together till forever- He Knew

He knew i loved him deeply and would do anything for him- He Knew

He knew he was the handsome boy that would get any girl toppling over him- He Knew

I was the girl supposed to dust his beddings, serve his food and shine his shoes- I Knew

And i should have known better than to believe him- I Knew.


Image by Littlerii_rii


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