Why You Should Marry A Writer.

So just the other day, i scroll through my twitter and while there, my eyes happened on various interesting blogs-very engaging i actually lost track of time(damningly 4hrs of my life that i can never get back) but no point loathing about my experience because the stories were very captivating, some about achievement and marriage, the others tech, love, heartbreak and ooh amidst that poetry featured as well. But one story had me drooling, i should say my confession is i now have an outright crush on this guy. The fascination started with the title or perhaps i clicked to read because i was doing exactly that-READING!!

Started off with some well strewn poetry; something about love and war;

“i hinge my heart to yours, the miles spell devastating, the command to my heart continuously failing me but in the scorch of battle with how i feel, i will wait-wait until everything shall proclaim our destiny”. i could go on and on but i will respect copyrights.

See writers have a way they string their words together to have your imagination hooked and boom; they will drop the suspense bomb on your unsuspecting mind(i believe the most unfair trait in all writivism is that: the questions that emerge are enough to cause a disorganized resonance- how will it end, what happens after time X, is it all roses and no thorns or visa vi! But again what is writing without suspense?.. I don’t know, i wouldn’t answer that..



So back to the part where i tell you why you should marry a writer– These people have the smartest minds( okay don’t consider the guys solving the world’s problems using trigonometry and symmetry lines plus the gradient lines X+Y=Z; hmm those guys are something else but consider that they write it down first). A writer will put to script what they imagine(d) almost enough to cause a volcanic eruption with how simple yet raw words that will cause a turmoil of either happiness, sadness, envy or even hatred for the antagonist. If you have read any material, you will agree it’s more like living in another world( God knows i have at numerous times thought myself in the Victorian Times dressed in corsets and long skirts coupled with a head cap- makes me wonder if there wasn’t any global warming then. (A small voice in my mind saying get back on track) but before that i should give you a testimony from my other life-yes you read that right-In my other life, i wake up to strung music falling into pa with words; more like rhyme and rhythm.

The ability for a person to have their imagination brought to life let alone have a trilogy of follow Up books that emanate from the original story is not for sheer leisure but its such people that revolutionize the entire world. A movie, a song all have scripts and its in those scripts unveiled that the audience derives its behavior, understands their roles and takes on responsibility. Woo-oh sounds like it’s the writers that run the world- i believe so therefore you don’t have to wait until 2021 to become president/first-lady/gentleman [When a writer proposes, say yes without second thought because it’s one sure way to know you can run the world with just your imagination. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


They are geeks and usually have spectacles hanging below their eyes( i actually think its cute), though it is totally not true.

They are introverts; maybe or maybe not. They aren’t talking to you but they are listening to every bit of even the unsaid words. Beware what you say, it could feature as a story.

They won’t pay you attention. REALLY? I read a blog from a blogger who blogged about “The science of attraction-she emphasizes that you fall in love because someone is different and complements your persona; so do not attempt to change him/her or else they could turn out to be the person you prayed to never date” -You could smile again, thank her through me later plus expect these and more stereotypes on your search for a writer spouse/friend/relative.

With this said,let me go bury my head into that book that holds all my silly narratives, where i derive my inspiration and where ink and paper come together in matrimony.


See we are all equal but there is something magnificently beautiful about writers, i will only stop writing when my brain shuts down.♣


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