The Midwife

let us take a moment and focus on the midwives, how they fall into character and all they do.

                           Imagine a world without midwives??

A midwife is a traditional or trained care provider for mothers and infants. They are equiped with expertise and skills in supporting women to maintain healthy pregnancies, have optimal births and recover after birth.

Maternal Health statistics in Uganda show that every year, close to 50% of women give birth without the support of someone with recognised midwifery skills. The high number of maternal mortality and morbidity, 438 deaths to be precise that occur as a result of pregnancy and childbirth every year could be prevented with proper midwifery care.

Back in the day (though i am sure it is still present), communities had that one woman women were comfortable relating with all through their trimesters and would later proceed through their child birth time when they were due. It is not any different from the modern day-midwives offer family planning services where pregnant women get to be made aware of the various contraceptive methods present, child spacing and most importantly also offer antenatal care which entails guidance and counselling, follow-up on their health status and also test for any sicknesses like anamia, blood pressure, hepatisis B, HIV/AIDS and any UTI’s.

Take a walk into a maternity ward and you will notice all these women dressed in uniform running east, west and centre of the corridors, sending for this and that, here and there trying to deliver a healthy baby, someone could brush it off as “that is their job anyway” but the relentless screams coming from the mothers can not go ignored-some hurling insults and getting nervously restless and all the midwife will do is show gentility, compassion and humility and go about the proceedure as calmly as possible. (i believe someone has had a bad experience with that midwife that got negatively verbal and possibly got aggressive-slapped you so hard the eyes almost fell out of their sockets, here is my argument, we are all human and have our breaking points, there is no single person that will not succumb to the effects of stress-Let not one bad shade of colour spoil the whole picture for you!!

As we celebrate the International Maternal Health Day, i would like for us to applaud the brave women that have seen all kinds of haemorrages, have endured the long hours of birth procedure, women that stay behind the curtains sometimes, women that may not get to be invited for the various birthdays of children they help bring into the world and that we may get to encourage and empower various young girls to pursue a career that not only benefits them but the nation and world at large- Remember, you save a mother, you save a nation.

The government is also urged to implement training programs that will not only equip women with skills that will favour both the disabled and non-disabled women like communication with the deaf pregnant mothers through sign language but also increase the number of health workers-midwives attending to mothers that are due-This is a good strategy to decrease the number of pregnant women that die everyday !!

#celebratingMidwives #IntlMaternalHealthDay #GenderHealth


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